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Altstadt, Hamburg City, Germany | Established. Jan 01, 1982 | SELF

Altstadt, Hamburg City, Germany | SELF
Established on Jan, 1982
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Joel Havea's natural talent shows nicely"

New York - As an Australian musician living in Germany, Joel Havea has experienced a range of different music scenes and pulled from a number of different influences, particularly reggae and pop. It also helps that he’s a natural talent when it comes to songwriting, singing, and playing guitar. After releasing his first album, You Make Me Believe just two years ago, Joel has been hard at work touring around Europe and Australia and recording his new EP, Strings & Wood.

The new EP won’t be released until next month, but until then here’s a video of “Going through the Motions,” one of the tracks on Strings & Wood. Look for Strings & Wood to be released May 24th. Just so you don’t forget to pick up the album, go follow Joel on Facebook and Twitter for links to buy the album when it’s released.

While you’re waiting for May, check out Joel’s first album, You Make Me Believe, on Spotify or check out some of the other music videos he has up on Youtube.

Joel will be touring across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Denmark this spring to promote the new EP, as well as streaming a live show for all to see online on May 5th. He’s also planning to tour the U.S. for this first time this upcoming fall. Find out more about his live shows at - Digital Journal // Wesley Butler

"Joel Havea – “Simple Things”"

Walking through the cold streets of Hamburg, An acoustic song of Joel Joel HaveaHavea’s Australian homeland is the last thing you’d expect to hear. Havea recently relocated to Germany in hopes to warm up the land and show that you can take the boy out of Australia, but you can never take Australia out of the boy.

Joel’s musical style is pretty simple. Although his songs may feature a drum or two, they are all based on acoustic guitar compositions. Therefore, his audience is narrowed down to a pretty specific niche of soft folk and soft pop. However, in the song “Simple Things,” you get the sense that Joel is completely content with that role. In this song, Joel croons about the simple things that he appreciates in life. For Joel, songwriting is one of those things. Although the cello arrangement at the one-minute mark makes the song a little more interesting, Joel’s focus is on the positive energy he receives from the least complicated aspects of his being.

I’d be interested to see what kind of reception Joel gets in Hamburg. Germany is the mecca for electronic music and all things weird, but I’m sure that there are many Germans who long for the warm beach and sunshine. For those people, Joel’s music has to be refreshing. He’s a relic from a country where all cities are basically beaches. If Joel can make a living off of the simple things he loves so dear, he should continue doing so. - Soundcloud Music Reviews

"Joel Havea's Strings & Woods"

Joel Havea's Strings & Woods
Rating: 5 Starts
May 27, 2014

Soulful alternative singer, Joel Havea's Strings & Woods EP is full of tuneful songs that demonstrate his many cultural influences and musical styles. A six cut EP with two bonus songs, Strings & Woods, may find listeners comparing him to Ben Harper or Jason Mraz, but Havea is different - making a mark on the alternative scene all on his own.

The opener "Going Gone" strolls into the speakers as a lively upbeat coffee house number. With an acoustic guitar and vocals, Havea is dynamic and impressive and with this song proves perhaps that there is no lyric he can't sing. On "Going Through The Motions," the mood becomes much more R&B sounding with both pop and reggae elements that Havea acknowledge is extensively infused into his blend of stirring and moving rhapsodies. The lyrics are relatable and introspective. With "Fading Away," Havea captures a similar inflection but is more measured with his approach allowing his vocal intonations to fall within the rhythm.

The two bonus tracks "Find Your Way" allows Havea to show his alternative vibe that feels like a combination of Jack Johnson, José González and Raul Midón. The song is a sing-a-long and listeners will find themselves humming along with the simplicity of the melody whereas "Thankful" is a forceful and solemn cut where Havea shows his gratitude.

Originally from Australia but currently living in Germany, Joel Havea has toured across Europe and in New Zealand. In 2012, he released the debut album "You Make Me Believe," which was well-received my critics. As a result, Joel decided to create a new EP with a live acoustic sound and Strings & Woods definitely achieves that objective.

Final Grade: A

For more on Joel Havea, take a look at these pages: - // Kyle Jarmon


Joel Havea was originally born in Australia and currently lives in Germany, where he’s cultivating his own musical expression. Joel started playing music as a part of the Havea Brothers Band when he was younger, cultivating a talent for playing the guitar, singing, and songwriting while performing alongside his brother Dave. Eventually, he transitioned into a solo artist and his personal style developed into a pop/reggae/acoustic musical blend that is unique yet feels really natural and acquainted at the same time.

His first album You Make Me Believe was released in 2012, and he went back to the studio in 2013 for work on his new EP "Strings and Wood". The Strings and Woods Tour kicks off this spring and then will be followed by a U.S. leg in the fall after touring all over Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

As a way to connect with his fans, Joel shot and posted a documentary video on YouTube as an introduction to the EP. The quick chronicle gives some insight into the EP, with him commenting on his thoughts behind some of his songs, showing off his skills, and putting on a brief performance. The video gives a really sweet glance into his personality and the real guy behind the music, as opposed to just what the music is built to share.

The EP is a mostly acoustic record with guitar and percussion, so it sounds similar to how it would be performed live. This style is sticking close to the way he grew up playing music, but with a sensibility that has grown up with him.

The song “Going Through the Motions” demonstrates his acoustic pop talents that could fit right in alongside popular music artists but with an international edge. Close your eyes and you’ll have a hard time not imagining that you’re sitting in an intimate outdoor music venue listening to Joel live.

Keep up with Joel on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and his Official Website. - Young Hollywood // Kate Ferguson

"Joel Havea - Strings & Woods (Self-Released)"

Soulfully and passionately exploring the emotional solutions to the impeding obstacles that are sure to hold you back, most notably in romantic relationships, can be a challenging aspect in life. But singer-songwriter Joel Havea, a skilled and resourceful musician from the cultural capital of Melbourne, Australia, who now resides in the versatile city of Hamberg, Germany, powerfully developed his own mix of soul and reggae infused lyrics and instrumentals in his new EP, ‘String & Woods,’ to more readily find those solutions.

In the wake of his well-received debut album, 2012′s ‘You Make Me Believe,’ Havea’s new acoustic EP skillfully uses guitar, percussion and double bass to implement an enthralling sound that’s the perfect example of his dynamic live acoustic performances. ‘String & Woods’ starts off with its most captivating soulful song, ‘Going Gone.’ The musical entry instantly draws listeners in with the musician’s enticing acoustic guitar introduction that is just as expressive as Jack Johnson’s signature sound. The song is becomes emotionally fueled by Havea’s relatable telling of the hurt he felt by someone close to him, even though its infliction came as no surprise. In the powerful and emotional anthem, the singer declares his new-found energy to move on with his life, and not wanting to waste anymore time on the person who hurt him, who is sure to get what they deserve.

The other emotionally driven and grand song on ‘String & Woods’ is ‘My Wings,’ which instantly and uniquely changes the mood of the EP with its passionate and dark guitar introduction. Havea commands the message that its important everyone supports themselves in their time of need as they grow and mature past the pain they have experienced. The song is a gripping, memorable declaration of not allowing, or blaming, anyone else for holding them back from what they truly want to experience and achieve in life.

The other diverse and commanding songs on ‘String & Woods’ also emphasize the importance of moving pas the negative aspects of life to focus on what truly matters and is important. The gentle guitars on the song ‘Simple Things’ support the powerful but understated lyrics about striving to make life worthwhile. Havea also shows his commanding range of voice in the reggae-fueled ‘Going Through The Motions,’ in which he realizes he wants to improve himself. He captivatingly professes that not truly embracing life and what you want isn’t the best way to live.

The EP’s intriguing last song, ‘Fading Away,’ which alluring captures listeners’ attention with its soulful guitar, isn’t just another song that explores the uneven dynamics in relationships. It also offers a personal and telling glimpse into how people at times feel like their own distinct personality fades when they’re in a relationship. So it implores people to truly accept who they are, no matter what type of relationship they’re in.

Soulfully embracing your true emotions and feelings about the way a person treats you in a passionate, yet turbulent relationship, can be a challenging task for many people. But the versatile and talented Havea, who proved his musical skills in the powerful ‘String & Woods,’ which is now available, wasn’t afraid to openly express his discontent about moving past the negative aspects and relationships in life that were only holding him back. While some people are afraid of letting go of the past, the passionate singing and instrumentals throughout the endearing EP prove that truly moving on in your life can be the best option.

For more information on Have and ‘String & Woods,’ visit the singer’s official website, as well as his Facebook and Twitter pages. - Shockya // Karen Benardello

"Joel Havea “Strings and Wood”: Underground Examinations Music Review"

Some musicians want nothing more than to make music and share that music with the world. Joel Havea is an individual from Melbourne Australia that began playing music in a group with his younger brother Dave Havea. Along the way Joel has played around the world and refined his musical abilities. Now, following the release of his debut album ‘You Make Me Believe’ in 2012, Joel Havea prepares to release his new EP Strings and Wood. Strings and Wood releases May of 2014 and will be followed by a spring tour in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Come Autumn, Joel Havea will be touring the U.S. and Benelux. With the emphasis of this new EP being on a realistic sound, the live performances will likely play like the EP, but with more energy and stage presence. The album starts off of the right foot. The track Going Gone features a purely guitar intro that develops as more instruments jump in. The highlight, is of course Havea himself. The vocals feel very reminiscent of the blues, but they are very inviting at the same time. The mood behind some of these songs demonstrates that Havea wants to do a number of different things with his musical abilities. For example, the second track Simple Things makes use of the calming hum of Havea’s voice combined with the smoothing pluckings of his guitar, light drum foundations, and some touching violin. It feels like James Taylor more than anything else. Strings and Wood by Joel Havea Other tracks like Fading Away are pulsating with rhythm in a very different way. Havea’s voice is still calming but it does not bogart the attention of the track. Some very subtle drop offs include the vocals stepping aside for backup vocals along with drums and guitar. All synchronicity is done with the intention of keeping the track on a smooth undisrupted flow. With each track in this EP Havea solidifies the promise that no matter the content, each track is soothing to listen to. The Strings and Wood EP illustrates a subtle understanding between all instruments. When a new instrument is introduced it does so without disrupting the current flow of the track. Each new addition is present because of the importance it adds. Such soothing additions compliment the acoustic and blues-like atmosphere well. Many of the lyrics on this EP focus on getting the most out of life, some of these examples are brought about through mistakes and reflection, while others lean more on a positive note. The deluxe version of Stings and Wood comes with an additional two bonus tracks, both of which stand as inspirational and sentimental. Joel Havea has been sharpening his musical skills with live performances and tours ranging around the globe. His new EP Strings and Wood brings a feel good mood with soothing vocals and smooth acoustic guitar. The EP is short but can easily leave you wanting to restart it the moment it finishes. Some debut albums have a hard time being surpassed, Joel Havea clearly demonstrates that he has more than enough to pull from to keep creating enjoyable music that is easy to listen to and share with others. - Guardian Liberty Voice // Garrett Jutte

"Joel Havea - Strings & Woods (Self-Released)"

Joel Havea is a singer-songwriter originally from Australia. Currently located in Germany, he is released his new EP Strings & Woods, aptly titled for, well, the dominance of the acoustic guitars and occasional strings. Overall, it’s an album typical of the folk genre today, but his soulful vocals and personality add a lot of individuality.

“My Wings” is probably the highlight of the album. With an intro similar to “Blackbird”, it grows into a beautiful meandering melody replete with more strings and gentle harmonies. It does seem when Havea is fully exposed and at his most fragile that he truly comes into his own.

There are some nice variations—“Simple Things” is a pleasant jazzy number, with a riff almost reminiscent of the Beatles, and the strings are a beautiful addition—but for an EP with only six songs, there is, unfortunately, a trend towards repetition. It does seem as if every song sounds somewhat similar to the one two tracks before it. But taken on their own and separated, each song does still stand perfectly on its own.

For the most part this is a great EP, and it’ll fit whatever mood your currently in, whether you’re looking for something only to put on in the background, or something you want to settle down with and let it move you. Strings & Woods will be released the 24th of May. - The Big Takeover // Cody Conard

"Joel Havea introduces his new EP; Strings & Woods"

Wow, what can I say other than that I was blown away. Joel Havea has been added to my all time favorite list and he’ll stay there. This young man is extremely talented and his music is addictive.

Originally from Australia, Joel is currently touring throughout Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark introducing his new EP to the world. He has also toured through New Zealand and Europe. I’m sure he’s building a huge fan base and I look forward to his tour of the U.S this year in 2014.

If you love John Mayer, Ben Harper and Raul Midon then you’ll love this magnificent collection “Strings & Woods” by Joel Havea. Tenative release date for the EP is May 25th, 2014 and you can take a long listen at , I know you’ll love it.

An highly talented songwriter and guitarist Joel lends an air of natural born gifts. As you listen and enjoy his music you will be drawn in to the smooth, even tones of the lyrics and as he sings you’ll feel that relaxed feeling that tells you, this young man is the real deal and you’ll be soothed by the fresh, vibrant and uplifting energy produced by the young artist.

He sings softly, passionately and with earnest. Joel Havea is truly a gifted young man. He began his career at young age while performing with his younger brother in Melbourne Australia. The mix of reggae infused acoustic songs excelled the boys into a whirlwind journey of extensive travel around the world.

In 2012 Joel released his debut album “You Make Me Believe”, which was very well received. Not stopping at that he immediately began working on “Strings & Woods which features primarily guitar, bass, and percussion instruments. He has begun to share his amazing vibes with the rest of the world and his album is available next month so check out his new music video for “Going Through The Motions” at and get ready to be blown away.

The pure easy groove of the soulful lyrics and the rhythm of the guitar draws you in. His honesty and sincerity is shown through the lyrics of each song and I’m sure this young man will be an enormous hit in the U.S. - Music & More Nashville

"A Review of Strings & Woods EP by Joel Havea"

It’s hard to say who’s going to be the next major guitar – girls drooling – heart throb after the excitement of Jason Mraz and his predecessor John Mayer has worn off. A worthy contender is Joel Havea, an up and coming musician out of Australia. After a successful debut LP followed by an international tour in 2012/2013, Joel is back with a five track singer/songwriter acoustic EP with comparable sensibilities to that of Jack Johnson and co.

Strings & Wood EP was primarily recorded with acoustic guitar, percussion, and double bass and produced in a way that maintains the intimacy of a live show. From the start with “Going Gone” all the way to “Little Bird” the album is easy on the ears. Joel’s voice is soothing, but rough and rustic with emotion. The instrumentation and composition for any reggae infused acoustic pop fan is all too familiar adding a level of comfort and likeability. “Simple Things” has a nice da kine feel to it infused with a cello accompaniment. “Fading Away” has an upbeat feel, funky rhythm and catchy hooks with nice harmonization.

With a well rounded EP the question remains whether this will make you want to listen to Havea more than your Mraz tracks. We’ll have to wait and see when a full length album is released. For now, Strings & Woods EP is a strong foundation which provides Joel with the building blocks to continue and expand.

Joel will be taking these new songs on the road around Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the Strings & Wood Tour this spring, followed by his first tour of Benelux with first concerts in the U.S. planned for autumn 2014.

Strings & Woods EP will be available for purchase on May 24th.

For more information please visit Joel Havea’s official website:
For social media please visit: - Hear Magazine // Kevin Tshiamala

"Joel Havea Going Gone"

Joel Havea adds some much-needed flair to the acoustic soul/pop genre, one whose ease-of-access makes it routine to sift through a variety of artists to find quality. Havea’s talents are immediately noticeable on the enjoyable “Going Gone”, a track that begins with basic acoustic shuffles before a gentle rhythmic accompaniment eases the lead-in for Havea’s soulful voice. “I’m just so caught up in your world, cryin’ like a little girl,” he begins over the basic progression, before the feel-good chorus seizes the moment. “I ain’t hangin’ around to see it all go down,” he sings here, a clear affirmation of moving on from an overly-manipulative love interest. It’s relatable and immediately infectious, hitting two points of necessity for the acoustic soul/pop genre.

Havea is a German transplant originally from Australia. He’s currently supporting his new release, Strings & Wood EP, by touring in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Denmark. It features “Going Gone” and four other similarly-amiable efforts. Havea has been building a following since the 2012 release of his debut album You Make Me Believe. The new Strings & Wood EP expands his sound and results in his most engaging release yet, all with an arsenal of guitar, percussion, and double bass. The instrumentation choice was designed to mimic Havea’s intimate live performances, something the EP certainly succeeds in. Stream the Strings & Wood EP in its entirety below and purchase it on Bandcamp. - Obscure Sound

"Hoch die Feuerzeuge"

(in German)

Hoch die Feuerzeuge
von Anja Frauböse

Joel Havea: „Lighters Up“ im Club 20457

Wenn man an Australien denkt, fallen einem spontan Begriffe wie Sonne, Strand, Surfer und eine atemberaubende Natur ein. Wenn man an Hamburg denkt, fällt einem – vor allem im November – das Hamburger Schmuddelwetter ein. Der 1982 in Tonga geborene australische Singer-Songwriter Joel Havea lebt in Hamburg. Aus einem kurzen Zwischenstopp auf einer Reise wurden erst einige Monate Aufenthalt; nun ist er bereits seit dreieinhalb Jahren im kühlen Norden ansässig. Seit seinem 14. Lebensjahr macht er Musik; Joel ist in einer musikalischen Familie aufgewachsen. Sein Vater und sein Onkel sind Musiker, auch sein Bruder, der in Melbourne lebt, steht regelmäßig auf der Bühne. Joel komponiert und textet selbst – nicht unbedingt üblich in der heutigen Zeit, die von diversen TV-Formaten, die „Musiker“ hervorbringen wollen, dominiert wird. Auch diese Erfahrung hat Joel bereits gemacht, er nahm bei DSDS teil – und musste schnell feststellen, dass das nicht die richtige Plattform für Künstler ist, die seriös ihre eigene Musik machen wollen, ohne sich den Stempel von TV-Sendern und Plattenfirmen aufdrücken zu lassen.

Mit seinen Texten drückt er sich und das, was ihn bewegt, aus. Das kann dann auch schon mal das Heimweh sein, wenn er ans sonnige Australien denkt. Inspirieren lässt er sich von Soul und Pop, seine Vorbilder sind Ben Harper, Marvin Gaye und auch sein Vater. Seine erste CD „You make me believe“ ist im März 2012 bei einem Hamburger Indie-Label erschienen. Im Gegensatz zu Australien gibt es in Deutschland keine Plattformen für Indie-Musiker, also jene, die nicht bei einem Major Label unter Vertrag stehen. In Australien gibt es zum Beispiel Radiosender, die nur Songs von Independent Labeln spielen. Das soll sich jetzt ändern: „Lighters Up“ heißt Joels Konzept, bei dem Musiker ihre Songs live auf der Bühne vorstellen. Diese Plattform ist für Musiker gedacht, die nicht bei einer großen Plattenfirma unter Vertrag stehen. Am 7. November startet „Lighters Up“; jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat wird Joel zusammen mit einer Band und Gastmusikern im Club 20457 auftreten. Die Gigs sind zweigeteilt: Im ersten Part wird Joel allein singen und spielen, nach der Pause werden die musikalischen Gäste vorgestellt – und es wird zusammen gespielt. Als erster Gast wird Duncan Townsend zusammen mit Joel Havea auftreten. Wir sind gespannt und freuen uns auf einen spannenden Abend – und wünschen Joel schon mal viel Spaß in Australien, wo er über Weihnachten sein und wieder mit seinem Bruder auf der Bühne stehen wird. (AF)

Joel Havea
„Lighters Up“
7. November 2012
Club 20457
Einlass: 20 Uhr
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr
Eintritt: 8 Euro - Hafencity Zeitung

"Shooting Listening to Joel Havea"

See article (in German) - Der Stilpirat

"Havea good time"

See link, page 9 - Muso Magazine

"Well-travelled Tongan’s in a southern tune-up"

Singer songwriter Joel Havea is no stranger to life on the road.

The Tongan-born musician left his adopted city Melbourne in 2008 and gigged his way across the world.

Havea played countless small gigs throughout South-East Asia and Europe before settling in Germany and recording album You Make Me Believe.

Now he brings his travel-worn guitar and soul, reggae and pop music sounds back to the Southern Hemisphere – with a small tour of the South Island.

Havea says: “I traveled with my brother who is also a musician and a couple of friends.

“It was a big source of inspiration. We were playing obviously because we enjoy it but also as a means to earn some money.

“I ended up in Hamburg and I haven’t left yet. I met my producer [Achille Fonkham] and really started focusing on my music more. I brought out my first album in March this year.

“It’s going well – we’re doing everything independently so it takes some time to build up.”

Havea began playing live gigs around Melbourne in his late teens with guitarist and percussionist brother Dave, as the ‘Havea Brothers’.

But it was in Hamburg that he began to hone his sound, working on new material and a backlog of songs.

The self-financed debut album was released on Fonkham Records and is available on both iTunes and Amazon.

Aussie Havea, 30, will bring his relaxed style and old-school approach to song writing to Queenstown next week, one of four South Island dates.

“You can expect some quality handmade music,” Havea says.

“It’s acoustic, covering a wide range of styles and definitely a good night out.”

Catch Joel Havea at Surreal, Rees Street, this coming Monday from 9pm - Mountain Scene

"Return after 6 years in Germany"

Joel Havea is back in Bendigo

AFTER spending weekends in Bendigo growing up, Joel Havea is returning as a full-time musician.


After spending the last six years in Germany, Joel is on a national tour with his brother Dave .

The pair will play at the Golden Vine with Liam Thorpe on Thursday.

"My dad has lived in Bendigo for 25 years so I'm looking forward to (the Bendigo) show for sure," he said.

"(Six years ago) I was living in Melbourne and finishing university.

"Music was just a bit of a hobby I did when I had spare time."

Joel's passion for music grew when he started travelling and used his talents to busk his way across Europe.

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"I was playing everywhere - the Greek Isles, Turkey and Berlin. I ended up staying in Berlin for six months then got a job in Hamburg."

Joel now does music full time as an independent artist.

"I ended up putting out a couple of albums in Germany and have a bit of a fan base in Europe," he said.

"I've been touring there for two or three years and haven't spent much time back home (in Australia).

"I wanted to come back and escape the German winter to see my family."

Joel is a self-taught guitarist who grew up listening to Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

"I started playing guitar around that grunge era," he said.

"Initially it was just a hobby but over the years it became the only thing I wanted to do.

"It was a gradual thing. My brother and I started with residencies around Melbourne and worked as an engineer for a while but wasn't happy in that job.

"I needed a change and was playing more and more music on my trip to support my travels. One job interview I went to, I took my guitar because I had a gig right after it.

"I'm still independent and fund myself. If you play enough shows I've found you can be profitable and the more you play the more it leads to contacts."

Joel's national tour is in support of his new acoustic EP titled Strings and Wood.

His debut album, You Make Me Believe, was released in 2012 and launched him into th world of touring Europe.

Since the release of Strings and Wood he has played in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands before beginning to tour Australia at the start of the year.

"I would say I play a lot of sunny and soulful groove-based pop," he said.

"My brother also has his own original band called My Private Dinosaur.

"Dave accompanies me on percussion and backing vocals and i jump in on harmonies when we play his songs."

Joel is in Australia until the end of February when he returns to Germany for spring and music festival season.

Joel and Dave Havea with Liam Thorpe play at the Golden Vine on Thursday, February 5, from 7pm. Entry is $5. - Bendigo Advertiser

"Joel Havea Interview"

Tongan-born, Melbourne-raised songman Joel Havea started gigging his way around the world in 2008. In 2009, he landed in Germany, a place where he found a deep, inspiring connection. Home again to escape their harsh winter, we catch up on six years well spent.

Hey Joel, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with Forte. We understand you have just got back from OS. What was going on for you abroad?

Thanks, it’s nice to be here! Well, I’ve been living in Germany for the past six years and am currently based in Hamburg. I’ve released a couple of albums over there and have been touring around Europe non-stop for the past few years. Right now I’ve escaped the miserable winter by doing a tour back home.

So you are just catching your breath then and finding your feet?

Yes, it’s always strange to come back after an extended period away. I always spend the first few days walking around Melbourne looking at the city through the eyes of a tourist, which is a strange feeling. But it’s definitely very good to be home.

Can you give us a brief insight into your background in music?

I actually studied engineering at Uni but was writing songs and playing gigs throughout my studies. At that time music was just a hobby, but eventually it got to the point where it was all I wanted to do. In 2012 I released my first album in Germany, and it’s been a slow and steady but very rewarding build ever since.

How would you describe your style of music for those that haven’t heard you before?

I’d describe my music as sunny and soulful acoustic pop with an emphasis on harmony and groove. It’ll get you singing, moving and smiling.

You have played gigs all over the world. Where are some of your favourite places to play?

I toured France for the first time late last year and the shows there were amazing. I have also had many memorable shows in my “hometown” of Hamburg and all around Germany. But honestly, you can have a good show anywhere as long as the audience is with you.

For those keen to check out some of your music, where is the best place to have a listen?

Just go to my website or the usual places – SoundCloud and YouTube.

You have a few gigs coming up in regional Victoria, in many areas Forte covers. Have you been out this way before?

Actually, these will be my first shows in regional Victoria and I’m really looking forward to it, especially Bendigo where my Dad has been living for over 20 years.

What is life like for you on the road? Nice and quiet, or are you known for getting lured back to a few after-parties?

I certainly have been lured back to a few parties, but usually I try to keep my voice in good shape by taking good care of myself and not drinking too much.

You are playing Odyssey Tavern. Have you played Odyssey before? Are you looking forward to getting down and seeing Grant and the crew?
No, first time at Odyssey. My good mate Nick Deman, who I met while we were both playing music on the Greek island of Ios in 2008, is now living down in Torquay and booked the shows. He’s an Odyssey regular and we’ll be doing a double-header there on Australia Day Eve.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just that I hope to see you all down at a show! I’ll also be bringing my brother with me, Dave Havea, who plays in a band called My Private Dinosaur. Check:

For the bargain hunters out there, that’s two Havea’s for the price of one! Don’t miss it! - Forte Magazine

"Joel Havea – Strings & Wood EP (2014) (In German)"

2010 suchte Joel Havea noch die Bestätigung seines Talents bei Deutschland sucht den Superstar.

Absolut unnötig, wie der australische Sänger heute weiß. Der Sänger brilliert nun mit seiner Strings & Wood EP. Toller Pop, welcher sich mit Elementen des Funk verbündet hat, sind darauf zu hören. Unüberhörbar ist ebenfalls seine ozeanische Abstammung. Logo also, dass die Akustikgitarre nicht fehlen darf. So befindet man sich selbst schnell als bärtiger Gitarrist an einem Strand in Australien wieder, wenn man bein Hören seine Augen schließt.

Musik die zum Träumen anregt und auch nach wiederholten Genuss nicht auf die Nerven geht. -

"Joel Havea: Strings And Wood EP (In German)"

Joel Havea ist hierzulande noch ein recht unbeschriebenes Blatt. Dies soll nun geändert werden und von dem Singer/Songwriter wird die „Strings And Wood“ EP nun noch mal beworben, obwohl diese schon vor ein paar Monaten veröffentlicht wurde. Manchmal muss man eben am Ball bleiben und Hartnäckigkeit zahlt sich ja auch oftmals aus. Im Falle von Joel Havea ist das aber auch gerechtfertigt, denn der Mann ist nicht nur sehr fingerfertig an seinem Instrument, er kann auch mit seinem samtweichen Gesang überzeugen und auch das Songmaterial ist nicht von schlechten Eltern.

Der Tongaer wuchs in Melbourne auf und das hört man seiner Musik an. Mittlerweile lebt der Mann zwar in Hamburg, aber seine Songs versprühen schon eine gewisse sommerliche Leichtigkeit. Sein Debütalbum hat mittlerweile zwei Jahre auf dem Buckel und nun war es an der Zeit für neue Musik. „Strings And Wood“ besteht größtenteils aus Gitarre, Percussion und Kontrabass. Was macht eigentlich Jack Johnson so? Er muss jedenfalls aufpassen, Joel Havea könnte ihm nämlich den Rang ablaufen. Das forsche „Going Gone“ hat dann noch gehörig Popappeal und auch „Simple Things“ gefällt mit einer unwiderstehlichen Hookline. „Going Through The Motions“ ist die Ballade, die Mädchenherzen schmelzen lässt. Das lässige und entspannte „My Wings“ hat gar jede Menge Soul zu bieten. Mit „Fading Away“ wird es dann zwar etwas langweilig, aber „Little Bird“ verwischt diesen Eindruck dann ganz schnell. Solche Songs würde Lenny Kravitz gerne schreiben, kann es aber nicht (mehr).

Fazit: Joel Havea haut mit „String And Wood“ eine lässige EP heraus, die zwischen Soul, Pop und Singer/Songwriter mit handgemachter Musik vollends überzeugt. Den Songs scheint meist die Sonne aus dem Allerwertesten und erinnern ein wenig an Jack Johnson. Einen Lenny Kravitz lässt Havea mittlerweile ziemlich alt aussehen. Auf voller Albumdistanz muss allerdings noch ein bisschen mehr kommen, sonst wird es zu eintönig, aber da braucht man sich eigentlich keine Sorgen machen – Talent hat der Mann ja! - Dream Out Loud Magazin


- May 2014, Strings & Wood (EP)
- March 2012, You Make Me Believe (LP)
- March 2012, My Dear (Single)
- February 2012, Joel Havea Unplugged (EP)



Joel Havea is no stranger to life on the road. The Tongan-born, Melbourne-raised musician left Australia in 2008 and gigged his way across the world, playing countless small shows throughout South-East Asia and Europe.

He decided to stay in Europe, eventually landing in Hamburg in the summer of 2009, where he immediately began integrating himself into the cities dynamic music scene. It was in the harbour city where he really began honing his own sound, writing lots of new material inspired from his travels, and fine tuning the great backlog of songs he had written over the years. The result was his debut album "You Make Me Believe" which was independently released in March 2012. 

Joel headed back into the studio in 2013 to record an acoustic EP, backed primarily by percussion and double bass, capturing a sound more reminiscent of his dynamic live performances. The resulting EP, Strings & Wood was released in May 2014 to strong critical acclaim online and Joel has been touring constantly in support of the release throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland. 

The records were both 100% self-made, self-financed productions and touch on his varied musical influences, from soul and pop, to roots and reggae, naturally with his own percussive acoustic touch and an emphasis on harmony and groove. Joel Havea is bringing back an old school approach to song writing, no fancy gimmicks, just good songs, strong melodies and a simple message. Come down to a show and check it out for yourself! Tour dates at: or 

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