Joel Jupp

Joel Jupp

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Singer/songwriter with an ambient, alternative sound. A soothing blend of ballads and grooves. Lyrics are reflective, hopeful, and contemplative.


Joel Jupp is a singer-songwriter, who has performed in numerous states including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and Texas.

Recent albums include The Electric Umbrella (2010) and A Thousand Names (2008), features a glimpse into the mystery, peace, and hope of God. It comes in the aftermath of the loss of several beloved family members.

One of his previous albums, Between Walls, was been hailed by one publication as "a definite sleeper for the most underappreciated album of 2004."

Influences include:
Fernando Ortega, Matt Redman, David Crowder,
The Choir, and The Violet Burning.

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the Electric Umbrella (2010):
Online Release @

A Thousand Names (2008):
Worship EP @

Between Walls (2004):
radio play includes "Crossing Fields," "All You Do," "Firefly," and "Stormfall."
Past releases:
Ornaments (2003)
Solace (2002)

Set List

A typical set list usually ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. In most cases, Cymbolic plays all original music, though exceptions for special events can be made.


Songs include:
* Annabel Lee
* Crossing Fields
* Cody Jones
* And You Laughed
* Autumn Sun
* Let All Praise
* Everything
* All You Do
* At Your Feet
* Make Me a Dove
* Tomorrow
* And more!