UnderRated Hustle

UnderRated Hustle

BandHip Hop

Two 18 year old artist very chill and relaxed music. Very versatile, and talented. Here to give Pittsburgh a new and elevated sound that can change moods. Inspiring nothing but positive and hear warming attitudes towards who ever the listener is. Let us bless your ears.


UnderRated Hustle (URH)

Consist of two main artist that go by Pk Delay and Kellem. URH has other artist such as $hmi who sings on various hooks and verses, there is also Ikey who features on a couple records as well. These young individuals are all inspired by great people who the base their music actions off of.

The group has been around since April 9th 2009. They still have a long way to go, but there music gets better every song that is released. They are currently under no management besides self management.

URH members grew up together in the city of Pittsburgh. Pk Delay, Kellem, Ikey all grew up in the Hill District area. $hmi grew up in the Homewood area.


Pk Delay - Revelation
Kellem - 41,2

(Available on Datpiff.com)

Single, "Sunkist" available to watch on youtube.

Sunkist has been played on two local radio stations.

URH group tape coming soon.

Set List

Varies depending on event.