Joel Kent Oliver

Joel Kent Oliver


Music for film/television/commercials or for Video Gaming along with several songs with vocals having a variety of sounds and genres. The instrumental songs run the gamut from 'Meditative', to, " Was I really going that fast, Officer?"


I have always felt that songs with lyrics only lead in one direction, which certainly has a valid purpose, while instrumental music gives the audience the chance to visualize and relive a special moment in their lives.
I am a published poet and have been included in 12 anthologies as well as recieving the honor of being chosen as one of the 100 best amateur poets, worldwide, for the past 6 years running, including 2007.
Andy Houston got his roots from being a minister's son so he was exposed to music and singing from birth on. He plays with a passion that appears sometimes to approach pain level, but I guess all lead players make faces when they play!
Andy really is an excellent musician and plays piano for church, but I feel like he was born to play guitar because of the ways that he expresses himself in his lead parts.
It seems almost like a mental bond to play music with Andy because he makes me hear more things than I originally thought about putting in a song.
All I want, is to evoke or revive an emotion from listeners, which is why most of my work is instrumental.
I'd say that we have both been influenced by the musical transitions that have taken place over the past years. We both grew up listening to the late greats, such as, Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, Patsy Cline and so forth. Then, there came FM radio and basically, after that, we soaked up every sound we could find, but nothing has seemed to take the place of raw, emotional instrumentals to evoke the response we wanted.


Never Lonely Lyrics

Written By: Joel Kent Oliver

Never Lonely

Woke up one morning
Didn't know where to go
Then the Lord showed me
Showed me where to go
The road that I must travel
The road to get back home
Nevermore to wander
Nevermore to roam

Now I'm never lonely
Burdened down with cares
I've got the Lord to keep me
I know He's always there

Now every morning
I have a smile in my heart
No matter what the problem
Nothing keeps us apart
You know the Lord is my savior
I let Him freely reign
He handles all my problems
He eases all my pain

Joel Kent Oliver

Copyright ©2007 Joel Kent Oliver

Never Got Anything From Life Lyrics

Written By: Joel Kent Oliver

Never Got Anything From Life

I never got anything,
Never got nothin' from life,unless I took it
And I never seen nothin' marked down
Until it was free
You'll never get what you want,
What you want from life,unless you take it
And that's just the way life will always be

I've always been told that the grass
Is greener on the other side
And I've always been the one to go look and see
It's always been a matter of my foolish pride
Cause the best things I had in life
I left behind me

You'll never get anywhere by chasing rainbows
Or by hanging your hopes on the magic
Of a shooting star
The grass doesn't get any greener
No matter where you go
You can do yourself a world of good
Right where you are

Joel Kent Oliver

Copyright ©2007 JOEL KENT OLIVER

Takin' A Chance

Written By: Joel Kent Oliver

Take a chance and roll the dice
No, ain't got too much to say
Life's a game so take a chance
You don't know if you'll win unless you play

I watched a cloud become a bird
And then it simply flew away
You'll never get back what you put into life
Until you remember how to play

Life is way too short to be so serious
You can't work all the time
If you forget how to be yourself
You've done yourself & everyone else a crime

You Can't Go Back To Yesterday

Written By: Joel Kent Oliver

Looking back won't ever do you any good
nothing ever turns out the way it should
you'd have done more if you thought you could
you can't go back to yesterday
no you can't go back to yesterday

Ain't nothing free, you always gotta pay
gotta raise hell just to get your way
get a new love just to throw it away
you can't go back to yesterday
no you can't go back to yesterday

Yesterday is gone
so you might as well say so long too
If I were a color
I guess I'd say you made me blue
I'd guess you'd say I found out
that I can live without you

All those things you said, they nearly broke my heart
Bad enough to tear it into little parts
Now we’re at the end instead of the start
No, you can’t go back to yesterday
No, you can’t go back to yesterday

Joel Kent Oliver
Copyright ©2008 Joel Kent Oliver

Down The Road

Written By: Joel Kent Oliver

Nobody told me where the road would lead
Way too many signs for me to read
If I get lost I'll let you know
Ain't nobody knows what's down the road
Down the road
Down the road

Every day's a lesson that you've gotta learn
If you don't pay attention you're gonna burn
Hold on tight and watch it all unfold
Ain't nobody knows what's down the road
Down the road
Down the road

If you've gotta love ya better hold on tight
Let your Baby know everything's alright
A memory lasts a lifetime or so I'm told
Ain’t nobody knows what's down the road
Down the road
Down the road

Joel Kent Oliver
Copyright ©2008 Joel Kent Oliver


CD titled- All Hopped Up
All songs copyrighted and All Rights Reserved.
BMI Singer/Songwriter

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Set List

Border Run-ElectroAcoustic Version (Action, Adventure TV or Film)

Fortune's Reign (Meditative Instrumental or Romantic Movie scene)

Never Got Anything From Life w/lyrics (Americana ElectroAcoustic Rock)

Takin' A Chance w/lyrics ( Americana )Kind of Retro feel

Never Lonely w/lyrics (Contemporary Christian)

Riffy (Just plain fun)

Texas Growl (TV, Movie or Gaming)

Took A Turn For The Nurse (Action, Adventure TV, Movie or Sports show)

What A Great Day (Be GREAT for a outdoors( fishing, hunting or travel )TV show)

Border Run - Acoustic Version