Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Edgy pop / rock dance sound combined with killer vocals, solid production and intense riffs leaves you wanting more. Catchy bass lines and beats will lead you from one track to the next, so catchy that "All Good" has had requests by 2 radio stations to be used as stingers for their show intro's.


Gotcha Records recording artist JOELLE finished touring Western Canada June, 2013 with Chris Vrenna from NINE INCH NAILS!

JOELLE released an exclusive single, "Bizarre Love Triangle" May 2012, with the release of her third music video for it.

Watch for her new single release "Butterfly Magical" April 15th, 2013!!

JOELLE is currently filming on set for the t.v series on AMC network, with rap star Common, Colm Meaney (Conair) and Anson Mount (crossroads, Britney spears) in "Hell On Wheels" and has landed a big role to sing on the show in episode 2 of season 2!

JOELLE released her Christmas single "Christmas to Me" in 2011, as well as toured Australia, showcased at Junofest, SXSW, and opened up for artists such as Karl Wolf, Boney M, Adam Gregory, Bill Champlan (80's band Chicago) Steve Archer and many more.

With traveling back and forth to Nashville, JOELLE was excited to show off her new creation of her second full length album “Pillar of Stone”.

JOELLE was Ecstatic by the news of securing her first U.S top 40 charting song, which happens to be her first single release of her song “Pillar of Stone” as well as working on a project called "The Gratitude Project" for our Troops with Gene Simmons himself!

JOELLE has been able to capture some of her creative ideas by shooting two pro music videos, in which her second video is to a song called “Natural Beauty” that she released in the summer of 2010. This song was also used for an international video for the suffering people of the Haiti disaster.

Most recently JOELLE formed a Christmas project called “JOELLE'S NOELLE”. JOELLE created the second Christmas concert, helping to raise money for the Calgary women’s emergency shelter, adopt-a-family program. JOELLE has released two Christmas singles to national radio called “Lights of Christmas” and "Christmas to Me"!

JOELLE has been writing up a storm and is back in the studio recording her third full length album.

New website, video and single coming Spring 2014!!




Tongue Tied

Written By: Joelle, C.Omartian, D.somerville

I’m just a girl, like any girl
Look in my eyes
You’ll see a different world
Feel my stair, touch you there
Boy you know
This could go anywhere yeah

I’m getting hot, watch me sweat
Feel me breathing down your neck
You got me hypnotized

You keep me tongue-tied
You put me in a trance
Every time when you push me past the line
Just like putty in your hands
Boy you just don’t understand

Slide over here, don’t be shy
It’d be a shame
To let this night go by
You call the shots, you’re in control
Go start my car
I’m feeling so exposed

Give it to me what you do
I’m dripping wet
Just watching you
You got me mesmerized

When you think that I'm falling
You know that I'm falling
So hard for you
For one taste of your lovin'
I keep on comin'
You got me tongue-tied
You got me got me…

Give it to me give it to me
Oh baby I'm so tongue-tied
Just like putty in your hands
Boy you just don’t understand
You just don’t you just don’t you just don’t understand
You push me so high, I feel so alive
You keep me tongue-tied

Pillar of Stone

Written By: C.omartian,J.sweet, D.somerville

Same story
The telephone rings
And it’s one thing then another
You look for me
To kiss away the pain
Like I'm some saint
I’m not your mother

If you’re thinking
You’re the only one that bleeds
Well I’ve got needs or have you noticed
I’m sinking
From carrying the world
I’m just a girl and all I know is

Its upside down its all turned around
Why is it always me the superhero?

I don’t wanna' be your pillar of stone
And I can’t always be the one you depend on
Cause I'm not that strong

Dig deeper
You’ll see a softer side
Sometimes I cry and you don’t know it
You leave me here
And tell me you’ll be there
But if you care why don’t you show it
Its upside down its all turned around
Why can’t you be the superhero?

Natural Beauty

Written By: J.sells, D.somerville

I never tried to comprehend a simple sunrise
Or hold the colors of a rainbow in my hand
But you make my spirit dance like fire upon the water
And I don’t pretend to understand

Something so easy as a tear that wells from laughter
Something so small that means so much
There in your eyes it turns my river to emotion
Something I feel but just can’t touch

It’s your natural beauty
Shining like a light
Super natural beauty
Burning from inside
Try as you might you just can’t hide

Easy and tender like the due falls on the meadow
Moving and rushing like the ebbing of the tide
Deep in my soul
I know the wonder and the magic
A power so strong I can’t deny

Some chase it
Some hold it
Running to the ones that bought and sold it
Just to watch the glory slip away
But when forever’s found you
I know that love around you will never bend or ever fade

All 4 Me

Written By: Joelle, C.Omartian, D.somerville

Been on the bubble
Been charred and burned
Iv felt the sting of your whip such a lesson learned
Now I see double
There’s know where to turn
Still it’s none of your concern

You look right through me
Don’t give me the time
I Wont let you screw me cause I've got to much pride
The way you do me
Just blows my mine
But I'm still doing fine

Watch me carry on and on and on and on
I wont stay on my knees
Cause yesterday is long gone and I'm standing strong
This time its all for me

I can decipher the lies from the truth
Tell me who are you to think that id live for you
If you really knew me
You’d know I'm through
Taking all this sh$%* from you

You don’t know me
You can’t hurt me
Walk away
Breath in deeply
I’m completely unafraid

God forgive Me

Written By: C.omartian,L.elias,

Sitting here
Breathing in
The stench of a man living on the streets
To me the scent is so bad
But to you oh God its so sweet
I could share your love with him and pray with him
How incredible that would be
But I don’t have the mind for this right now
No And I don’t wanna' think

Close my eyes to what’s around me
Close my eyes so I can see
Close my eyes to all the suffering
Have I lost all sympathy

God forgive me
God forgive me
For what I know I should have done

No not again
Another friend
Is crying on my shoulder
Because of one mans sin
She’s filled with shame and all I can do is hold her

I promised myself
So many times
That I would reach out
I would be the one

If I wasn’t so distracted by my busy little life
I know that I could help her overcome…

Close my eyes to what’s around me
Close my eyes so I can see

God forgive me
Forgive me I've been wrong
God forgive me
For what I know I should have done
Forgive me
I stayed silent for to long
I know I should have been strong but instead I walked on

In your Dreams

Written By: C.omartian,T.collier,L.elias

Just look at you
You dream come true
You know you sweep me off my feet
It makes me hot
How you blow mw off
You’re every woman’s fantasy

You’re such a star
In your shiny car
You make me sweet just looking at you
You do everything
To make me scream
Ill do anything you want me to

Luck me lucky me lucky me

I’m just a girl who knows her place
If something’s wrong it my mistake
You know that I was born to be your slave
So stay up till half past three
Don’t worry about calling me
Cause I'm forever your beauty queen
In your dreams

You pre-Madonna
I’m not your mama
Do your own damn dirty laundry
Let me be the one
To make you come
Back down to reality
Lucky me lucky me lucky me

I’m just a girl who knows her place
Ill clean up every mess you make
You know that I was born to be your slave
So if you’re tired I won’t speak
Here’s your beer and your fresh pressed jeans
Just snap your fingers cause you’re the king
In your dreams

I’m tired of always towing the line
You look at me like I'm some mail order bride
You’re getting under my skin and I'm though asking why

I’m just a girl who knows her place
Cinderella has been replaced
You know that I was born to be your slave
Ill go to work and you stay asleep
Go buy a copy of halo 3
Ill stay committed while you live free
In your dreams
In your dreams

So Alive

Written By: Joelle,Armando,C.omatrian

I’ve turned down my bed
And shut off my TV.
I lay down my head still I can’t sleep
Thoughts in my mind lead my pen to write you
It’s November 5th
And the nights are growing cold
I'm here by myself still you feel so close
I still hear your voice whispering ill miss you

It’s the way that you touch me so deeply inside
It’s the undying fire that I feel in your eyes
Through the pain and the passion your loves still sublime
It’s showing me I'm so alive
Showing me I'm so alive

Your breath on my neck
When I fall asleep
The warmth of your touch
Still caresses me
It may be a dream but it all feels so real to me

No distance or time can deny

Undercover Girl

Written By: C.omartian,L.elias

Wait a minute
Did I just hear you say
You wish I could be more like her
Now you’re in it
And you can’t just walk away
Without giving me a single word

I can tell you
you don’t know just how to stop
The shallowness you preconceive
Let me help you
To think outside the bow
Let me pull you inside of me

Look at me do you see
Am I the girl that you think I should be
Its just makeup and its only skin deep
Let me show the depth of my world
The undercover girl

If you let me
There’s so much I can revile
I can show you what IV kept inside
You know you won’t forget me
It’s never easy to conceal
All these feelings even though IV tried

All Good

Written By: J.sells, D.somerville

Fearless and free
Come and ride with me
Lay it down baby lets lay back the beat

You know you wanna' fly
You don’t even have to try
Easy come easy go easy on the mind

Right down to the heart and soul
Baby sometimes you gotta' let it go
It’s more fun when you loose control
Boy don’t you know

Cause there’s miles and miles of open road

Cruising down the highway
Nothing but blue skies
If you’re going my way
I’ve got a smooth ride
Take it or leave it its understood
Baby its all good

Let’s slow it down
Before the sun burns out
My wheels are spinning round and round and round

Kick your shoes off on the floor
Turn the music up on the radio
Leave the world outside your door
What you’re waiting for

Cause there’s miles and miles of open road

Your love is (Defeaning)

Written By: C.Omartian

Its midnight Saturday night
Dressed to kill and I'm feeling alright
I should have heard from you buy now
But you left me hanging here one more time
You know I've heard all the talk in town
That say that you cant stop messing around
It's got me feeling like a circus clown
And that's the one thing I wont allow
Oh no oh no

How could I have been so blind
You stole my heart but not my pride

Talk is cheep
Please don't speak
Your words don't mean a thing to me
Just shut your mouth cause your killing me
Your love is deafening

Its daylight no sign of you
Boy don't you know what you put me through
I'm so tired of the things you do
Why don't you go get a freakin' clue
What good can come of this
When I cant live without the things that I miss
So come on baby give me one last kiss
You know you know you know you can't resist

How could I have been so blind
You stole my heart but not my pride

Talk is cheep
Please don't speak
Your words don't mean a thing to me
Just shut your mouth cause your killing me
Your love is deafening

Mesmerized buy all your lies
But now I think ill cut you down to size
Don't apologize
Dear God please set me free
Your love is deafening
Don't think for a minute
That you're back in it

I spent so many cold nights alone
Where your playing games where you don't belong
Do you think I'm a fool
Well get off your throne
You know I'm good at hanging up the telephone

Tell me what good can come of this
When I can live without the things that I miss
So come on baby give me one last kiss
You know you know you know


CURRENT -Joelle releases new single "Butterfly Magical", April 15th 2013!

Joelle joins NINE INCH NAILS member Chris Vrenna on Canadian Doomination 2013 tour!

2012-Joelle signs HMP label deal! Aug 15th.

Joelles Noelle raised $1602 for CWES adopt-a-family this year!

Joelle and her band are personally invited to perform at season 2 "Hell on Wheels" cast and crew wrap party for the stars.

Joelle walked the Red carpet for her first time Aug 12, for season 2 of Hell on Wheels premiere.

Joelle is honoured to be chosen to represent "Hell on Wheels" this year, at the international film festival in Banff this week!!

Joelle had the exciting role this past week of being the hand model for Eva on "Hell on Wheels" AMC tv show!

Brand new exclusive single release "Bizarre love Triangle" May 14th 2012.

Joelle will be "Bonnie saloon singer, singing on season 2 of episode 2, AMC tv show "Hell on Wheels!

Joelle is filming for a new movie "Diary of a Haunting.

Joelle is back filming for "Hell on Wheels" season 2.

2011-Joelles Noelle raised $1063 for CWES adopt-a-family this year!

New Christmas single "Christmas to me" released worldwide on itunes Nov 28th 2011 and on Canadian radio.

Joelle has been chosen out of thousands, to showcase at Canadian music fest in Toronto in March 2012!

Coming Soon! The new EXCLUSIVE release "Bizarre Love Triangle" by Joelle, featuring Kay L & Alec Zyles

Joelle will be filming for a new movie "Hannas Law" this fall.

Joelle opens up for KARL WOLF in concert

Joelle is currently filming on set for the new t.v series coming to AMC network with rap star Common in "Hell On Wheels"

Joelle is truly honoured and has just been presented with her first award/plaque from the Canadian Progress Club, helping Big Brothers and Big Sisters! Thank you

ROCKSTAR 101 compilation CD will be released on itunes March 29th, featuring "All 4 Me" by Joelle, alongside some of Canada's best rock bands!

Joelle will be opening for "Wonderland" this New Years eve at the living sky casino in swift current, to bring in 2011.

2010- Producing a large Holly Berries Christmas concert on Dec 10th in support of the women's emergency shelter adopt a family

Joelle's duo Holly Berries has released their first Christmas single "Lights of Christmas" to Canadian radio

Joelle has created a new Christmas female duo "Holly Berries"

Joelle is cast in the new AMC t.v network series "Hell On Wheels"

Joelle releases her second music video to "Natural Beauty" Aug 10th

Joelle's song 'Pillar of Stone' will be used in a movie called "The Stone" set to release 2011. The Film will be released to all major outlets via Warner Bros. distribution.

Joelle's song "All 4 Me" has been chosen for BandChi! Productions: Top 20 Compilation CD

Joelle's song "Family Foundation" is chosen 4 The Troops project, called "We will be there" release date May 1, 2010 in support of the Military Family Fund distributed nationally.

Planning a Canadian tour!

Joelle's song "SO ALIVE" will be featured on video, featuring GENE SIMMONS and SHANNON TWEED!
Joelle's song "Natural Beauty" is also featured on the video for our troops in Heroes for Haiti.

Joelle sings for the troops for over 3.2 MILLION MEMBERS.

Out of thousands, Joelle has been selected as a finalist in the 2009 Edition of the 100% Music Songwriting Contest, judged by Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH.

Pillar of Stone video used in upcoming U.S episode of a new TV show featuring up & coming music artists.

2009- Attended CCMA week

Chosen for stand-by list for Indie week Toronto

*Joelle Tours with Starbucks! Joelle was invited to several Starbucks locations, to give some acoustic performances. One Starbucks location asked Joelle to perform for their big grand re-opening!

Born to Fit:Chosen artist to play Live Acoustic Performances in
700+ Gap Stores-featured in Banff AB

Featured artist with 3 songs on AM1060 radio real estate show

Live interview and original song on AM 1140 radio in High River.

Chosen out of 3000 artists for standby list for NXNE festival

Guest performer at Calgary's family fun park "Calaway Park"

Breakfast T.V Calgary- full band set and interview

Shaw T.V Calgary- interview and acoustic song

Winner of Singer Universe, for best vocalist. Front page artical on website with 70,000 hits a month.

My video Pillar of Stone, has been chosen for airplay on PunkT

Set List

4 - 45 min sets - mixture of covers and originals, pop,rock,80's,classic rock, dance
60 min set - all originals
4 40min acoustic sets - mixture of covers and originals

CONTACT JOELLE 403-619-7905
Gotcha music or

Andrew- HardRain Entertainment Group