Joelle Coret

Joelle Coret


we are very ambitious and hardworking musicians from Mauritius and we have a fusion of different style of music,Jazz,Ballad,Blues mixed with our traditional beat which is the sega.


We have a fuisoin of all styles in our music and a mixture of our tradional song in Funky,oriental,Jazz..etc. We are more than 8 years in hotels,pubs in Mauritius & abraod and many musical programs and festivals in our country. We are a 10 pieces band very ambitious,dynamic and hard working.We have experience in travelling and we are well known in Mauritius.


I have a local album, the songs are in creole. The music is a fusion of Jazz,ballads,Blues and tropical which is called the Sega( our traditional song) in Mauritius.

Set List

My style of music is mostly the SOUL. My repertoire is made up of more than 200 songs from Tina Turner,Sade,Oleta Adams,Anita Baker,Macy Gray,Lalah Hathaway,Shania Twain,Whiotnay Houston...