Joel Moore

Joel Moore


Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt and the Allman Brothers spawned a bastard child deep in the woods of Tennessee. His name is Joel Moore. He's prepared to fill your bank vault with gold bars. All he asks in return is no financial woes and freedom to create the way he sees fit.


Joel Moore is currently a resident of Nashville, TN USA.
Originally from Tennessee he lived in New York's East
Village from 2000-2007. He moved to Nashville to work
on his next LP.


Scam Of The Clique Bandit

Written By: Joel Moore

It's not a great distance
for disapproving sounds
to find the foolish ones'
drawn bead blistering style
enthusiasm's sass
speaks its gulf publicly
not as a young man groans
to bring his eyes to a close

there is more than one remedy
over and done
the fraud of the scene thief

the vocal mongrel confidante
aggressive lukewarm concern
his specialist adviser dwells
in a ruckus of brassy dreams
his answers censored well
to aid in ease of solving
a chord of characters trend
protest a traditional end

there is more than one remedy
over and done
the fraud of the scene thief

the running mouth pedestal climb
an argumental ailment plea
the end of a hungout night
a break from station dis-ease
there's a contest out on the corner tonight
who can burn down the biggest breeze
their handing out free tickets tonight
to the black site beneath the sea

there is more than one remedy
over and done
the fraud of the scene thief

She Knows

Written By: Joel Moore

It's getting hard to ignore
your face don't look like it did before
shadows crawl drunk across the floor
hard drives crash on the rich and the poor

Ten tons of madness
her sunlight eyes a sadness
grass wont grow in this badness

We're drowning in the eyes of God
We're drowning in the I's of God

Geese fly past the 34th floor
She can't live with herself no more
we've come this far to believe
in nothing more than the art of war

She knows your weakness
your bundle of moons and your cheapness
She should fine you for your sin

Ain't no gravel road you can detour
wasting life now as you speed through
prove me wrong beat your chest again

She knows your weakness
still she says come on in

Gas don't burn in the solar night
Plastic food beckons death by the bite
Stage is set now it's time to go
quarter billion channels of the same damn show

copyright 2007Joel Moore


"Sea Threw": Four song EP released Halloween 2007

1. She Knows (6:01)
2 Penetration (5:24)
3. She Loves In Stereo (3:24)
4. Go Tell It On The Mountain (3:32)

"Pros & Cons": 7 song LP released July 31st 2006

1. Population
2. The Scam Of The Clique Bandit
3. Where has the sun gone
4. Downright Blue
5. Real Estate
6. Love Story
7. Absolution

Set List

His most recent show included the following songs:

Revival at dawn
Class of '05
Canary in a coal mine
Her Eyes( could end the world)
Passing Through(Leonard Cohen cover)

The set is 30 to 40 minutes in length.