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Written By: Joel Muston

This is more than I can take
I have to tell ya
I made such a big mistake
I wrote a letter
things are different
I'm getting better

The sentence,
For doing wrong when I was young
I've paid my penance
Better to give than take a life
or lose a loved one
I hope that someone
will come and see me

I let you go
you may be the only one I'll ever love
Why I did it I don't know, don't know

Is not the easiest to do when you are hurting
I wish that I could have stayed true to my feeings
I gave in to envy

There's a god above kind enought to save me
Will the friends I had now disown me
I'm lonely, my baby.

When I was a young lad
never saw my own dad
hardly knew my moter
or learned how to uncover
things that would excite me
things that would inspire me

staring out this cold cell
dreaming I am old now
walking outside the door
looking for my lady
run for my life