Joel Price

Joel Price


My music is like a conversation. I think in a lot of ways I'm like a modern day psalmist. My songs seem to be more like prayers at times. I just write about life and struggles, alot like King David.


Joel Price Music

I’m not really into saying what I don’t mean or building up some fake idea of who I really am or what I’m really about. So, here are the facts. I’ve been playing music since I was 12 years old. I have been writing and recording my own music for the better half of 19 years. I got my first recording contract when I was 19 and I have been writing and recording ever since.
I just recently released my first solo CD entitled “Starting Over” on which I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and played everything with the exception of one song. My music is a blend of a lot of different things and influences. I grew up on the tail end of the “Breakfast Club” generation and on the fore front of the progressive metal and grunge era musical enigma. I was heavily influenced by the commercial pop sound as well as heavier bands and that is what I think contributes to the uniqueness of my music. I have been striving for a very long time to develop the sound I hear in my head and I feel like I’m getting closer everyday. I have been trying to melt, if you will, all of the things I love about heavy music with all of the melody of the commercial 80’s pop sound to create my own style. I would describe my music as “chunky melodic pop rock”, music that’s real and has true heart. I believe my music is spiritual, intense and full of emotion. I hope that “Starting Over” will be the beginning of a long musical journey into a realm of music exploration that will move people’s hearts.


Starting Over 2005 (Rolled Penny Records)

Set List

Right now, all I'm doing is writer rounds where several writers get together in the round and each play songs they have written. Usually 4 or 5 a piece. My set varies depending on my mood and if I have new material to play.