joel sprayberry

joel sprayberry


acoustic progressive psychedelic folk rockabilly


For music fans passionate about addictive lyrics and explosive riffs, they’ll find that the songwriting style of Joel Sprayberry is a sweet ride. With his unique style of music, Joel puts on a performance that seems to get inside music fans of all genres and generations. Sprayberry has been writing and performing his own music for over a decade now, giving the style its own moniker: acoustic progressive psychedelic folk rockabilly. Critics have compared him to great acoustic guitar mavens such as Dave Matthews and John Mayer. stated, “Joel Sprayberry is an acoustic wild man who could hold his own playing dueling guitars with any of the current top-selling acoustic artists. But unlike many guitar-intensive artists, Sprayberry has put as much thought and care into crafting his lyrics as he has into creating his finger-flying licks. With the skill of an engaging storyteller/poet, he opens up worlds with his words. ”
His artistic dedication and uniqueness are two qualities that make listening to Sprayberry a memorable moment. “If I write a song that sounds even remotely like something I've heard before, I’ll throw it out,” says Sprayberry. “All my lyrics have something to say and I feel music crosses lines of communication further than any other form of art. I want all my words to be important and clear, but in a respected style. I want my style to be broad enough so that everyone who experiences a show will have a good time.”
Joel has been writing and performing his own style of music for over a decade now, playing in a multitude of eclectic venues all over the country. Joel has shared the stage with hundreds of talented performers including three-time Grammy nominees Pat Green and Trout Fishing in America as well as Grammy and Dove Award winner Mercy Me.
Joel has recently released his seventh album and is currently touring around the southern United States with bassist Justin Tabor and drummer Layci Guyon as a Folk-Funk Trio. Justin has quite an elective resume that includes performing with both punk and country bands as well as working as a studio musician. You can hear his work on the most recent Merle Haggard album. Layci is a recent graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. While continuing to play full time with trio, she also recently earned a spot in the Waco Symphony Orchestra.
While averaging 250 shows a year, The Joel Sprayberry Band has remained a hard core independent act. A hard core independent act looking for more exposure that is.
For more information or to speak with Joel personally, please call toll free 1.877.530.1645
or e-mail at You can listen to Joel’s previous albums Everybody Needs a Tuba and Glow on iTunes.


peter pan

Written By: joel sprayberry

I’ll be your peter pan

Mr. Captain hook you aint got nothing on me
I’ll probably take a ride down to never never land
And see my sweet Wendy

a rainy day conveniently blown away
Whenever she comes near
She can light up your life, turn ya inside out
She makes ya lighter than air~

You make me stronger than I’ll ever be
I’ll do anything if you say “you love me”
I’ll fly across the sea
Just to hold onto your hand
Cause I’ll be your, I’ll be your peter pan

You can shoot me down,
Confine me to the ground
You can do whatever you please
You can shave my head, Leave me for dead
Just as long as I can see Wendy

I don’t need no crocodile with crooked teeth
To try and change my mind
No barking dogs, No teddy bears,
I’d leave it all behind

I’ll be your peter pan
Whenever you’re lonely
Whenever you need a friend
I’ll be your peter pan
I’ll comfort you until the end

I’d walk the plank, maybe rob a bank
Let the lost boys all alone
And if I must, remove the pixie dust
Just to have you here at home

I’d empty out the scabbard,
throw away the dagger and get down on my knees
I’d lose my shadow
Walk the straight and narrow
Just to see my sweet darling

V: C#m – F#m – B2 – E – G#m
Chorus: A – B – E – C#m – F#m – B – E – G#m –
A – B – E – C#m – F#m – G#m7
Br: A - A/G# - A/F# - E

you don't say

Written By: joel sprayberry

You don’t say

I know you talk to me
But I rarely ever see
Maybe there is something wrong
Tragically wrong inside of me

But every now and then like the blink of an eye
I hear just a little bit of what you’ve had to say
I scream out loud for you to answer me
Maybe there’s something wrong
with the way I communicate
Maybe I’m just looking for the things
that you don’t say

So maybe this afternoon
When everything settles down
waiting to hear from you
I’ll listen for the way you sound


I can feel it, I can feel it,
the change inside of me

V: A – Bm – Bm – C#m – Bm – A – Bm – A
Ch: D – Dm – A – A/G# - A/F# - E x’s 2 D – E
Br: A – Bm – A/C# - D

save me from myself

Written By: joel sprayberry

Save me from myself

I thought that I was alone
No one out there that I could call my own
I wondered if I mattered at all
I felt so helpless, I felt so small

Then you came and found me
Lifted me up out of my despair
You tucked me in, you calmed me down
You gave me more, I’ve come around
I’ve never felt like this before

So when I tumble in between the cracks
I cannot move, I touch my broken back
I scream I cry, I scathe my drying throat
I call to you to find a shred of hope

Won’t you come and save me from myself?

But all of a sudden something changed in me
I felt as though I had never seen
My spirit wells up and talks above
It cleans me out and it speaks of love
V: F – G – Am C: F – G – Am B: Am – Am/B – Am/C – D


caffeine and gasoline - april 2007
everybody needs a tuba - 2003
Glow - 2001
Joel sprayberry Band...Live!!! - 1998
if i decide - 1997
puppy love - 1996

Set List

we play many different venuew therefore we have many different sets.
concert: 45 min - 1.5hr
90% originals, 10% covers
bar/pub gigs: 3hrs
50% originals, 50% covers
genre anywhere from funk to alt country to songwriter to 80's tunes revamped.
our cover tunes list:
500 miles – the proclaimers
All the lonely people – America
Bad, bad, Leroy brown – Jim Croce
Box #10 – Jim Croce
Brown eyed girl – van Morrison
Come together – Beatles
Country boy can survive – hank jr.
Crazy – Seal
Daughters – john mayer
Feelin groovy – Simon and Garfunkle
Free Fallin – tom petty
Graceland – paul simon
Guitar Shopping – David Wilcox
House at pooh corner – Kenny Loggins
House of the rising sun – animals
Ice cream man – van halen
I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash
King of the Road – Roger Miller
Kyrie eleison – mr. mister
Lie in our graves – dave matthews
Love without end amen – George Strait
Lucky Ball and Chain – they might be giants
Me and bobby mcgee – Janis Joplin
Only you