Joel Stein

Joel Stein


"Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan rolled into one, making rockin' folk music that picks you up and takes you on a journey to Woody Guthrie-land, with stops in Velvet Underground-ville." - Ticketmaster/


The songs of New York singer-songwriter Joel Stein reflect an eclectic range of influences. Recently, his long-time guitarist and collaborator, George Kapsalis, described Joel's new songs as "Coldplay meets Cat Stevens." The Houston Chronicle says Joel “flirts with many musical styles, flitting energetically and effortlessly from Dylan's poetic storytelling to Bowie's epic lyricism to Ben Folds Five's sassy piano-driven jaunts and all points in between.”

A demo Joel recorded in college caught the attention of GoldRhyme Records, and the songwriter signed with the Texas indie label while still a music composition student at Rice University, in Houston. The relationship saw the subsequent recording of three CD's of original alternative folk-rock. Joel and GoldRhyme parted ways soon after the release of his third CD, Marionette, which was recorded with drummer Matt Johnson (John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright), bassist Jeff Allen (Duncan Sheik), and produced by Brad Albetta (Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright).

Joel has been featured in TIME magazine, voted "Best Houston Guitarist" by Ticketmaster/, and nominated "Houston Songwriter of the Year" by them as well. He has garnered six ASCAP Awards for his songwriting, performed at the CMJ Music Marathon and Songwriters Hall of Fame showcases in New York City, and appeared on a national tour with the Three Irish Tenors.

Joel’s live shows range from intimate acoustic folk numbers to full-out loud, rocking renditions. Whether solo or backed by a killer band, Joel is attracting captivated audiences across the USA and Europe.



Written By: Joel

A meditation making some sad sense of where you've gone.
Pray a prayer that brings you peace and warmth on your trip home.
Lived to live and lived to love Love full and strong.
Now these words are words to say "so long"

In my lullaby that I sing for you,
Lullaby that makes me cry.

Smile, child - join the angel chorus singing sweet
For those of us who still can hear, or ones beginning to.
Sing your song so soft and gentle. Quietly
Rest in knowing you're the Love of Loves of

My lullaby that I sing for you,
Lullaby that makes me cry.

Old News

Written By: Joel

Lately I’m a zombie walking ‘round in disbelief
Swimming in the sorrow, drowning in the grief
What we had was good and then I took it like a thief
I disappeared

Saying things that hurt you, doing things much worse
Ignoring every blessing by counting every curse
And now I sit here wishing my bad deeds I could reverse
my dear

And that old news, you can throw it out like the Sunday Times
Old news, read another page with new, better headlines
Old news, you can throw it out, throw it out, throw it out

Tied to my own head, the living dead, far from free
Sinking in a well, a well of insecurity
Know that I was lost, but losing you is misery
it’s all too clear


Talk about the problems, problems of the past
Speak of the impermanence, say nothing gold can last
But our love is forever - the lots have all been drawn and cast

Change for good can happen when we work at it alone
And separate we will walk that ragged road of jagged stones
And then we’ll meet in silence when the two of us have grown
oh so near


Only Sometimes

Written By: Joel Stein

dark day - thinking things over
world weighing hard on the shoulder
so heavy, sad, it burdens the bones
feel weak, hungry and weary
in a land grown evil and eerie
no king will come ‘til you build a throne

and you, always on the run
hiding from yourself
why you give your love only sometimes?

wizards prophets and sages
write words, guide us though the ages
there's more inside here that you ought to know
monster, devil and demon
feed on the scared and the screamin'
slay that dragon, find treasures below

and you, always on the run
hiding from yourself
why you give your love only sometimes?
you, running from the sun
hiding from yourself
why you give your love only sometimes?

don't pray somebody will direct you
don't say somebody will elect you
bring anybody - we expect you
all in good time


2007 - Blanco (Green Zebra)
2000 - Marionette (GoldRhyme)
1996 - In the Time of the Home Parade (GoldRhyme)
1995 - Please Forward (GoldRhyme)

Set List

Joel's typical set is 45 minutes to an hour of original songs with a couple of covers thrown in. Occasionally Joel will play a three hour concert with multiple sets if the venue is open to that format.

Here's a sample set list:
Monday Phone Call - original
Pomegranate - original
Dress of Indigo - original
Party Room - original
Mirror Man - original
Elizabeth Eve - original
Only Sometimes - original
Psalm MMII - original
When the Wealth Abounds - original
Oh Sister - cover (Bob Dylan)
Long, Long Road to Nowhere - original