Joe Luckinbill

Joe Luckinbill


*From the womb we hear music, beats and sounds that effect our sense's and emotions. Everyone has their own interpretation of what it is and what it can be. Here's mine--------------------------------------> 4 more check out or


Born in NYC but lived in L.A, C.T, London, Mass., Chicago and a short time in Mexico. Spawn of 2 full time actors/writers/singers/producers. "I started playing a 2 stringed, busted up Uekalali at age 10 and my parents noticed that I could copy songs I was hearing on the radio and t.v so they bought me my first electric guitar. I then moved to acoustic and bass." *BM from Shenandoah University, Winchester V.A for Jazz Guitar and Recording Engineering.
"I've played with some really fantastic players the past few years. SU has a great jazz program so in the spirit of jazz I play with anyone, anytime and have had too many groups to mention.
I have different tastes ranging from Phish __ Iron Maiden__ James brown_Coltrane_Glen Miller"

***Main goals in the industry: to be respected, as a player and songwriter by my fellow musicians/songwriters...oh ya and get paid for it.
There are so many great players out there and so many great songwriters, sometimes it can be overwhelming. So I write songs that I think will put a smile on people's face's or at the very least just make them want to dance.

Birdland- NYC Nov 18-19 2007
+July 16th-19th 2008
Played in Lucie Arnaz's Jazz Night Club Act.
Wrote music for Idie Film "Facing The Habit"
Written and Directed by Magnolia Martin recently released 2008, (Sundance)
*Wrote, played on, recorded and mixed the song (Photographs) which was chosen to represent my school in the national SHURE Mic competition in 2006 which only 10 schools in the nation get to enter into.

---Employment History / Credits
Graduate of Shenandoah University, VA. with my BM in Music Production and Recording Tech.
A hard working guitarist and multi.

---Interned as a recording engineer and assistant producer to Michael Dellala @ Falling Mountain Music in Northern VA

---Played in the SU Jazz Combo ensemble for two years, Bass and Guitar.
Played in 8 semesters of SU Classical guitar ensembles

Check for a brief glimpse of some current tunes and events. I try to put up new tunes once a week.

Industry Qualifications
*Recording Qualified- Analog+Dig.
*Live Sound Savy, Back and front of house, can run most boards
*Computer Skills-Mac+PC, Electronic Maintanence
*Hard working and never Late

---Studied brazilian and jazz guitar at the drummers collective in NYC for two summers while playing in bands in NY.

---Technical Equipment
SSL 4000 G+, ProTools (everything up to HD), Logic, Reason, Cubase (up to 4), D.P, Finale, Sybalias
Reaktor, Reason, Acid, BFD, Garage Band, M audio Quatro, MPC samplers, DX7's, JV-1080, Rhodes, Hammond B3, Focusrite, Langevin, Manley, Eventide, SPX90,SoundForge,cakewalk,fruityloops,lexicon,
MPX100, Rossetta, Apogee, DA-88, DA-38,SSL, Mackie Boards, Samson Boards, way to many Mic's to mention, Mic placement techniques + Magic Frequencies, Sound Proofing--Auralex--Wireless UHF mic/Instr. body kits, Etc....

---Other Skills/Additional Information
I work hard, love what I do and I am never late. I hate when people are late to meet me somewhere so I don't do it to them. I look for people that I can rely on because I am reliable. I will only work with serious goal oriented people, beacuse life is short. I aim to get things done quickly and efficiently.
more songs at

*Golder Oneil- Advisor to me @ SU, Jazz Bass instructor and head of MPRT program
*Michael Dellala-Recording Engineer and Label owner (of Falling Mountain Music) whom I interned under
*Lucie Arnaz- Performer and mentor
*Steve Samuel-Veteran Drummer and musician (Mentor/Teacher)
*Rick Whitehead-Jazz Guitar teacher 5 years
*Mike Maher- Jazz Piano teacher 1 year

---Home state
New York

---Experienced in
Sight Reading
Recording Studio
Recording Live
Music Technology
Live Performance
Instrument Repair
Computer/Digital Games
Club work
Audio Visual
Artist Management


Composed Music for feature film "Facing the Habit"
Produced, Mixed and released solo CD entitled
"Soli Joe" and have played on a few independent films "IBOGA"+"Nat Disaster:the life and Chronicle's",
Check and
for some current tunes

Set List

We like to start strong with an up tempo tune usually with a funk tune,(all origional) then bring it down with a reggae and/or ballad. We always pick a few funky covers to do,, for example we've done chick corea's "Spain" and Herbies "Camelian", or black crowes "Hard to Handle" ,,on halloween we did M.J's "Thriller" w/horns and synth an everything,,you can see me dressed up like MJ on
our sets are however long we get to play, we can go all night and prefer that actually.

Last weeks Set list
1:Black Hole Sun-Sound Garden
2:Hump De Bump-RHCP
3:Sepaku Samba-JL
4:Stand Up-JL
5:Deep Inside-Incubus
6:Oye Como Va-Santana
7:Angel Of Death-JL
8:Buckle My Shoe-JL
9:Just A Man-JL
10:Rock N Roll-Led Zep
11:Bulls on Parade-RATM
12:Hard to Handle-Black Crows (version)
13:Stir it up: Marley
14:Cocaine: Clapton
15:Spain: Chick Corea
17:Perfect Girl-JL
18:Fan The Flames-JL

We took one break