Joel Willoughby

Joel Willoughby

 Abbotsford, British Columbia, CAN

Catchy guitar-driven indie folk-pop. Great melodies and thoughtful lyrics bring to mind artists like Sufjan Stevens & Josh Rouse.


Canadian singer/songwriter Joel Willoughby has absorbed plenty of culture in his life - growing up overseas with globe-traveling parents gave him a unique world-view. At one time, Willoughby went to an English boarding school in Kenya and while there, was introduced to the influential Brit-pop scene. With such varied life experiences, that well-traveled, world-weary soul can’t help but show up in Willoughby’s songs; Think folk-tinged pop akin to Josh Rouse & Sufjan Stevens. Joel has written & performed in various bands for over 10 years. He spent many years drumming in Vancouver’s critically acclaimed bands Maplewood Lane & Dawntreader before going solo. He's shared the stage with bands & songwriters alike – at folk fests, clubs & coffeehouses around the U.S. & Canada. His songs have been featured on the CBC television show Heartland, & the previous album 'The Radio Friendly EP' has the hit single 'Hazelnut Moon' which was placed on the Hollister in-store playlist and was all over College Radio.


*THE RADIO FRIENDLY EP* (Released Fall 2012)

A collection of recent singles, with remixes plus a new track. Reaches local and regional radio lists.

*CANADIAN WINTERS* EP (Released December 2011)

Limited edition Christmas CD sold-out, now available online.

*RADIO FRIENDLY* Single (Released Aug 2nd, 2011)

Digital single 'Radio Friendly' released on iTunes, reaches radio lists and is placed on the Touch Tunes Interactive Network (Digital jukeboxes) worldwide.

*STAY WITH ME* Single (Released Feb 15th, 2011)

Digital single 'Stay With Me' released on iTunes worldwide.

*RAIN & POCKET CHANGE* EP (Released Feb 23rd, 2010)

Advance single 'Hazelnut Moon' reaches radio lists and is placed on the Touch Tunes Interactive Network (Digital jukeboxes) worldwide.

'Hazelnut Moon' licensed to Hollister International for in-store playlist.

'Rain & Pocket Change' is also played on college radio in North America and on various internet radio programs worldwide.

*DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY* LP (Released July 1st, 2008)

Album reaches radio lists in US and Canada.

Don't Think Twice (Single from: Do You Have Something To Say) placed on the CBC show "Heartland" (2009).


Pilgrim (single from Closer to Home) Placed on the 'Tables will turn' - Unsigned band compilation (2006) Velvet Blue Music.

Pilgrim also placed on the CBC show "Heartland" (2007).

Album reaches radio lists in US and Canada.

Set List

Typical set lists run an hour. Mostly original material, but covers can range from The Verve to Arcade Fire.