Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch


I am an amateur singer/songwriter and I recently won the National poetry recital competion in Canberra with a rather powerful piece I wrote for my son when he was serving in Iraq. I write mostly folk songs and last year 2 of my songs were shortlisted to the final 10 in the ASA competition. Thats me


Just an amateur singer/songwriter really. I write and perform poetry. I won the National poetry recital competition in Canberra with "Somewhere over in Iraq" a rather powerful piece I wrote for my son. For 2 years running I performed my poetry at the Fire Event at Woodford to 25,000 people, that worked really well. Apart from that I sing and perform at little folk clubs around Malaney and Brisbane, most people like me, My song "Hey Martin" is well worth listening to.


"Somewhere over in Iraq" is a single I recorded with 'Cloudstreet' a very powerful piece. "Hey Martin" is also a single recorded with 'Cloudstreet' doing harmony. My latest song is called "Cockroach, Crockodile Lament", its a conversation that takes place when we've ruined our world. Hope you like it all.

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I must know at least a thousand songs. I sing a lot of Irish, modern and traditional but mostly I like to sing my own songs and mix it with rather powerful poetry, mostly my own.