Joe Macnamara

Joe Macnamara

BandChristianAdult Contemporary

I am a solo artist and songwritter

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A Bit of Alright

Written By: Joe Macnamara

Well I've had a day like I've had no other day.
I was just walking down just going about my way.
Wasn't doing anything extra special just being me.
I dunno how it happened but now she's in love with me.

t's alright, uh oh oh, don't you know'
It's a bit of alright, if that's the way it goes'
It's a bit of alright

Now when we go, when we go walking down the street.
I get a little nervous with this pretty woman next to me.
And you'd worry too if you were as ugly as me.
But she's see's my heart and that''s alright with me


Now even in the dark when it's my darkest day Baby.
I just think of you and you seem to light my way, Lady
You are the one who makes my world go round Sweetie,
With you in my life, With you in my life, Everything, everything, Everything's gonna be alright. (TO CH and END)