Joe McCourt Live

Joe McCourt Live

 Matthews, North Carolina, USA


Hey Everyone! I am an up and coming Singer/Songwriter, who began my career in the small town of Angola, NY, just outside of Buffalo. From playing the bars around Buffalo to Fredonia where I went to college, I debuted my musical talents on two of Western NY's favorite radio stations, 97 ROCK and 107.7 THE LAKE in the past few months with a new single "Still Dreamin'". I spent the past two years performing solo at the World Famous Planet Hollywood bar in Times Square, New York City. I was also flown to Paris in September of 2004 to sing for two weeks at a huge International Festival held in nearby Caen. "Face To Face" became my first song I felt was ready enough to take into the studio. After it was finished and on CD, I sent it out to the fans. "Face to Face" seemed to be a success to almost everyone I let listen. After that, I recorded two new songs to accompany "Face To Face". "Still Dreamin" and "Closer To You" are my latest recorded songs and are currently being pushed around the world to everyone and anyone who will listen. You can find me now, singing at various places across Charlotte, around the world and every now and then back in Buffalo for the hometown crowds. So, whether you live there or are just visiting, co# me out and hear me sing, who knows where I might be tomorrow!

# Joe McCourt Live, is currently in the studio and should have a full length CD finished in the next few months! I am also currently looking for management and label representation.

# Anyone currently in the realm of entertainment management or production interested in what you hear from these musical samples, please contact me by clicking here

# If you're in the Charlotte region and know of a venue with similar talent that has available show slots, please contact me immediately.



Written By: Joe McCourt

When you think of love
And the feelings that you have
What kind of picture comes to mind?
Inside that picture is where I see me and you
Is that the same thing that you find?

When you think of forever
And everything it brings
Do you see just what I see?
Growing old and holding hands
with our love still burning bright
Best friends forever you and me

From the days of secret love and wondering who’s around
To the day I took your hand with one knee on the ground

Whenever rain is fallin’
Whenever skies are blue
When all the stars are shinin’
I’m gonna be with you

Whenever there is trouble
Or maybe you’re feeling blue
I promise you that forever
I’m gonna be with you

Heroes and fairy tales
Have nothing on our love
For happy ever after we will be
All I need is you and all you need is me
Just say you love me, set me free

To have to hold to, to touch, to love
To wake up to the mourning doves
To trust to keep, to laugh, to save
You’re the only thing I crave

I promise you that forever…
My heart lives with you
Til my dying day
My life, lives with you and starting on this day..

Chorus repeats