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The Road of Life

Written By: Murphy/Hawkins/Rock

My oh my
Oh how things change
I looked down the road and I switched a lane
the rear view flashed what
I left behind
still feeling the pain from a heart so unkind

I packed up my things and then I hit the ground running
jumped in my truck and I said, "See you later honey!"

On the road of life I got a flat
With no idea of where I'm at
the sun is shining, it's hot as hell
But I can change a tire by myself

I'm a bird in flight not accustomed to ties. You can't hold me down with those fancy lies. I looked to my side I had your favorite shirt, I rolled down the window-threw it right in the dirt.

I had one last thought about you...
You know it figures, right then my tire blew


Yee ha! Eat my dust!!

I had one last thought about you...
You know it figures, right then my tire blew


Never Goodbye

Written By: Murphy/Hawkins/Rock

If I had to Go Away
For a long time
Maybe forever
I would miss you
I'd want you to know
I have always loved you

I can't imagine being without you
If I had it my way we'd never be apart

We complete the circle,
our love the guarantee,
no matter where I am
you'll always be with me
Our love is that strong
it's only "So long"
Never Goodbye

But if by chance I have to go
please know these truths
of my heart
There has never been a love like ours
it was written in the stars

Hold me in your heart
and see me in your mind
Feel the fire of our love
that burns till the end of time


You and I have been truly blessed
Divine love won't fail any test

(Chorus out)