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The best kept secret in music


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"The Bored Syndrome"

There are few things in life that are quite so fine as good music. It is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. I buy it continuously. I steal it online. I seek it out live. I follow it around the country. But this – this album actually came to me, remarkably free of charge, with a request for my review. Though flattered, I reserve a healthy skepticism towards self-produced artists. For the most part, I find that they are self-absorbed, low on talent, high on personal opinion, and cursed with too much time on their hands. In light of my cynicism, you can imagine my delighted surprise at Joe Nacco's, ‘The Bored Syndrome.’

If you're looking for a fresh new artist with talent up the wazoo, you've found him. For a kid that got his humble beginning in the Capital District in Upstate NY, I am astounded by the eclectic influences he exhibits in this work. Talk about your diamond in the rough. Joe successfully weaves pop 40 alternative edge with original sound. He's a grunge guy by nature, having his impressionable years scored by the likes of Nirvana and the Seattle Garage band scene, but he naturally incorporates the spicy flare of the early British Invasion. It is a unique flavor, and represents all that is good about Rock 'n Roll.

‘The Bored Syndrome,’ as a collective work, is an impressive first release for any independent artist. Unlike other primary endeavors, this album manages to stay invigorating all the way through. It is mixed well, keeps an attentive eye on the order of delivery, and has a genuine flow. Likewise, it holds together well as a compilation, and serves as a window into the extracurricular pastimes of ‘The Joe.’ There might be an underlying sub-textual theme here, kids, so be sure to pay close attention to the lyrics on these licks.

But, if you've got an ADHD attention span, be sure to check out ‘The Blue Law,’ a sure-fire radio release, ‘I Am Me,’ bound to improve your mood, and ‘Into Your Arms,’ a guaranteed chick fav. So, take some money out of your mom's purse, the beer fund, the church collection plate. Trade in something crappy. Go anywhere you can get a little dough and buy it. Buy it now. You won't be disappointed.

– Meghan Reilly is a freelance writer for Impose Magazine, a music magazine in NYC, and Artvoice Magazine, an entertainment magazine in Buffalo, NY, as well as for several other publications.
- Meghan Reilly


The Bored Syndrome, released October 3, 2003, contains the monster hit, 'Breathe', as well as 'The blue law', 'The fear', and 'The haunting'. All four songs have been in radio rotation all across the northeast area of the United States.

The Head of a Monkey, released September 10, 2004, is a 10 track disc containing re-recorded versions of Joe's favorite songs he wrote for his first band, 'Head.' This album contains the radio hits 'Can't you see,' 'Down,' 'Dirty little girl' and 'I'm an Alcoholic.'

Three new songs professionally recorded for inclusion on the next CD are 'Lovelight,' 'Sandcastle (in the rain),' and 'Slow Down.' This album will be released by year's end.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Joe Nacco Band is an independent, three-piece, genre-bending, pop-rock, original band that doubles as a party-cover band and hails from Upstate New York. The originals and covers both range in varying styles from hard-rock to adult contemporary and span the eras from the 50’s to today. Joe Nacco and his band possess the versatility to perform shows ranging from: solo acoustic shows at the historic Caffé Lena in Saratoga, NY; college shows with national acts, G. Love & Special Sauce and Rahzell (the “Human Beat Box”); original showcase shows in NYC including South Street Seaport and CB’s 313 Gallery; and party shows all over the region at places such as Jillian’s.

Joe Nacco was born in Orange County, California, and currently resides in Scotia, NY. Joe is a founding member of the defunct local party band, HEAD (1999-2002). In the summer and fall of 2002, Joe toured California and Florida playing solo acoustic shows. In the spring of 2003, Joe started the Joe Nacco Band and, on October 3, 2003, released his critically acclaimed solo debut CD, "The Bored Syndrome." Joe Nacco has been featured in several newspaper articles and TV shows throughout the state. Joe has written fourteen songs that have been prominently featured on radio, tv and film throughout the Northeastern United States and has released seven albums throughout the span of his career.

Featured in this band is Paul Salamone. Paul is widely considered the best drummer in Upstate NY. Paul has played in several bands, including 'The Brits,' a national Beatles tribute band. His roots with Joe date back to the beginning of HEAD before he left to join 'The Brits.' Paul's style of drumming is very reminiscent of Ringo Starr and John Bonham, a perfect fit for Joe's songwriting.

Also featured in this band is Josh Herzog on bass. Josh is a session musician, who also owns and operates Cat Trax Recording Studio in Schenectady, NY.

“Armed with a strong sense of lyrical dexterity and creatively both paying tribute to their influences and improving upon them, the Joe Nacco Band is likely to be one of the best shows to come into town in a long time.” - Scott Levine, Hudson Valley Newspapers

“This album [‘The Bored Syndrome’] is excellent. Every song, tracks one through ten, is excellent. Definitely, if you get a chance, pick up this album.” - Andy Scullen, WEQX 102.7FM

“I know hits ‘cause I’m a DJ and that’s what I do. And ‘The fear’ [from ‘The Bored Syndrome’] is a hit!” - Shawn Kelly, WKBE 100.3FM

“If you're looking for a fresh new artist with talent up the wazoo, you've found him. For a kid that got his humble beginning in the Capital District in Upstate NY, I am astounded by the eclectic influences he exhibits.” - Meghan Reilly, Impose Magazine

“He has a Beatlesque songwriting style that is all his own, combined with a distinctive voice that is instantly recognized.” - Linda Fenoff, Greenville Press

"It was a pleasure having you play at the Boardwalk this summer! The crew, the patrons and I thoroughly enjoyed you and your musical talents! What a way to end the summer & Thursday night fireworks with your rendition of "God Bless America!" Classic! Best of Wishes and much success to you. Hope to fill some dates with you next summer Stay in touch."
- Mich, Manager of The Lake George Boardwalk Restaurant & Marina, Lake George, NY