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"Press Review"

wacht on this link for Press Review ( in Italian )!/album.php?aid=46354&id=123020764416297 - Il Mattino


Vesuvius 2008: single + videoclip watch on this link

Rockammorra 2009: LP + videoclip watch on this link

Ciro e Giuvann 2009: single for prize "Botteghe d'Autore" watch on this link

Mena 2009: single for prize "Note Scordate" watch on this link

EmergenzaSOS 2011: single + videoclip watch on this link



Luca Petrosino, aka Joe Petrosino, became known for the production of DVD media "Vesuvius", video of the title track co-written with the singer of popular music singer Francesco Tiano, sadly passed away in April 2008, just after presented the work that remains the last output record that he is the protagonist.
This work is chosen as the opening theme of Rhythm Festival 2009, World Music Festival which is held for three days every year Pagani, in conclusion of the Feast of Nostra Signora del Carmelo called "delle Galline", an event that attracts fans and curious people from all part of Italy and beyond, an event broadcast live on satellite channels.
The song is the theme of Vesuvius, a symbol of life and death and the vehicle of music is a fusion of electric guitar riffs with a loop of tammurriata: a new genre defined by the same authors
Joe participated in many summer festivals for the promotion the DVD, he won first prize at the national festival of music copyrights "Botteghe d'Autore" with the song "Ciro and Giuvann" and is a finalist for the Prix DeAndrè 2008 with the song "Gente Strana ". Then he produced his first LP, released on April 7 this year, entitled "Rockammorra", which sees the participation of great artists and friends, including Nando Citarella.
Join the Rhythm Festival 2009 and prepare a tour for the promotion the disc, which contains 11 audio tracks (including "Vesuvius") and a cd-rom track with the videoclip of "Cyrus and Giuvann ".
Participates as a finalist in the "Notes Scordate2010" organized dall'ANMIL E INAIL to build a song on "Women, Work, Accident" theme and won the Web Award with the song "Mena".
In May 2010, a guest at the Terra Mater Festival at Teatro Keiros (ROMA), presented the Joe Petrosino Trio in which popular-traditional music blends with the pop author's music with the accompaniment of electric guitar,tammorra, mandolin and his voice, naturally.
Joe Petrosino Trio is the synthetic formation of Rockammorra Band who will accompany the opening of concertone Melpignano of the Notte della Taranta 2010.
Joe offers a live music showcase where the italian traditional music re-lives on author's music an so on.
All arrangements follow the same path: the fusion of popular music with
rock music.
The show also provides a screening-performance audio video clips
"Vesuvius" and "Cyrus and Giuvann '.
We expect up to two hours of entertainment.
The aim is to bring the audience to listen and be transported by the rhythms of music
traditional assumes a value of not only entertainment but also therapeutic in front
the anxieties and sorrows of everyday life.
In particular, the tammurriata is the expression of
traditional country, and currently represents an escape from the hectic lifestyles that we
modern society requires.
The personal positive energy will join with the other through rhythm.