Joe Putman

Joe Putman

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I write contemporary, radio-friendly Country and Christian music...

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Just Wonderin'

Written By: Joe Putman

Hey Girl…
Got some questions on my mind
I’ve been meaning to bring up for a while
When you see me
And you eyes look into mine
Then you give me that little girl smile
Is it nothing new, just you being you?
Nothing I should make anything of
Or are you falling in love, just wonderin’
Do you think you’re falling in love?

When I daydream…
About us all the time
Can’t seem to get you out of my head
And I keep waiting
For something to go wrong
But my feelings just grow stronger instead
Does it mean that much? Are the two of us
Something I’ll someday grow tired of
Or am I falling in love, just wonderin’
Do you think I’m falling in love?

‘Cause I’ve never felt quite this way before
So I might be reading everything all wrong
But it feels like we’ve started a lasting thing
A story that goes on and on

When I hold you…
At the end of the night
Like one day I just might not let go
Girl I wonder if you share the same feelings
Is there something we both want to know
Does it only seem we’ve got everything
That all our dreams are made of
Or are we falling in love, just wonderin’
Do you think we’re falling in love?

Losin' My Blues

Written By: Joe Putman

Girl you left and left me down-hearted
Been a while since I've been out like this
Checkin' out a wall-to-wall party
All by myself, but you know I've missed
The sweet times that I used to have
My loud mouth swagger and country boy laugh
Are gonna come out, gonna come out tonight
I’m feelin’ alright, I'm...

Losin' my blues
Gettin' past gettin' over you
Ready for the next thing to come along
Well I've done my time
Looking back through what went wrong, and I'm
Losin' the blues girl that losing you brought on

Used to think gettin' back together
Was what I wanted more than anything
But I guess I should have known better
When it's done it’s done, now I’ve seen
The light, I’ll be OK
I’ll live to love another day
If you’ve gone your way, that’s just fine
I’m going mine, I’m…


Lookin’ at that girl in red her
Guys wonderin’ ‘round like he’s ‘bout to forget her
Not sure but I might've met her
A few times back when we were together
My oh my, if I didn't know better
I caught her eye, I'm gonna get her
Number on a matchbook before I leave
You better believe I'm...