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"Joe Roncetti"

Anyone jonesing for those empty summer nights when listening to Sweet Home Alabama all night long was the chosen option, can update the vibe with Joe Roncetti's new disc Restoration Plans. Roncetti is an old school D-Rawker, (ex-Modern Day Braves) who now hoofs it around Los Angeles.
He is a balladeer whose style is reminiscent of the Black Crowes, and the fine stoner drifters of Stone Temple Pilots. He has a lighter touch, less bombastic than the usual hairbrained L.A. sound as if his New World mysticism remains intact amid the glare of Hollywood & Vine.
The songs are wide open yet Roncetti plays them close. He has taken that expansive summer sky over the Port and wrapped it tightly around himself like a flag.
Joe is coming up to Toronto July 26th for a rare gig. He will be playing at the Hideout.

- Will Mcguirk

"Joe Roncetti coming full circle in 2010"

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Joe Roncetti coming full circle in 2010
Singer/songwriter to play at Whistler's First Night as he prepares to release new album

Joe Roncetti coming full circle in 2010
Singer/songwriter to play at Whistler's First Night as he prepares to release new album
December 30,2009

Jennifer Miller

New Year's Eve represents a chance for new beginnings, and for L.A.-based singer/songwriter Joe Roncetti, that means a new solo album set to be released in February.

In the days leading up to Roncetti's pending set at Whistler's family-friendly, alcohol-free First Night celebrations tonight (Thursday, Dec. 31) in Village Square, he was reflecting on his musical journey so far. Originally from Toronto, he got his start in rock bands such as Last Picture Show and Benjamin, and the release of Roncetti's upcoming album and some of his current projects have the musician coming full circle.

Except now, as 2010 begins, he's more in touch than ever before with his songwriting voice and he's further refining his craft.

It was at the request of Capitol Records that Roncetti moved to L.A. with his Toronto band, Benjamin. But when the band didn't move forward, Roncetti stayed in L.A. and dabbled in acting and other side projects. A new band, Last Picture Show, followed in 2006 and saw Roncetti touring extensively across North America.

But after two bands and collaborations with some big names such as Robbie Nevil, Barnard Fowler (Rolling Stones) and Don Smith (Tom Petty), Roncetti made the decision to go out on his own. He traded it all in for his acoustic guitar and harmonica, recorded 2008's Restoration Plans, and set out on the road on his own.

"I really, really enjoy the freedom to be able to sort of do what I feel needs to be done," he said.

Looking back at his first solo album, Restoration Plans, Roncetti said he realizes the songs were something he needed to get off his chest. Mellow, acoustic and introspective, he said the album is very personal.

In contrast, his upcoming new album is more accessible in its content, and will likely appeal to a broader audience, Roncetti said. It's also more varied musically, with everything from alternative country to folk, he added. Some of the songs practically wrote themselves, which is a great place to be as a songwriter, he said.

Though Roncetti will be hitting the stage in Whistler tonight on his own, and he said playing solo is both challenging and rewarding, 2010 will also see him moving back towards a band format with his music. Having earned his creative stripes as a solo musician, he said he's finding a new kind of freedom in choosing to collaborate, write and pay with whomever he wants.

Things also came full circle with Benjamin recently, when he and fellow former band member Chad Highgate stepped into the studio together to write and record.

Roncetti said he's anticipating a couple of different band lineups depending on where he's playing, and he's looking forward to reconnecting with friends and former band members while also creating new musical affiliations. He said he loves the idea of allowing his songs to grow and change depending on the context and other musicians, and he finds such an approach much more interesting than tight, well-rehearsed arrangements.

Tonight, Roncetti said he's expecting Doug Fury of Scatterheart to jump on stage for a few collaborative numbers. Roncetti said he's a huge fan of the Vancouver band, which is also playing a set at First Night.

Experience the continuing development of singer/songwriter Joe Roncetti at tonight's First Night celebrations. He's scheduled to play the Village Square main stage at around 7:15 p.m.

The 19th annual Whistler First Night kicks off tonight at 6:30 p.m. and takes revellers all the way past midnight with live music, storytelling, art workshops, street entertainment, dance parties, fireworks and more. The alcohol-free, family-friendly celebrations take place in Village Square and the Conference Centre, where indoor activities and a dance party for youth are planned. A special early countdown to 2010 is offered at 9 p.m. for all the young people who can't stay awake until midnight.

Tickets are still available for First Night at the Visitor Info Centre, with day-of prices $20 for adults and $10 for kids age 3 to 12. Children 2 and under are free.

- Whistler Question


Quiting Time- Last Picture Show- 2005
The Committee- Last Picture Show- 2006
Joe Roncetti- Restoration Plans- 2008
Joe Roncetti-Come Spring-2010



Joe Roncetti is a product of a life lived between locations. Between cities, LA and Vancouver to name a few. Between careers, musician and actor. Between lifestyles, playing hard on the road and being a father to his two young sons. Bridging the gap between all these places is the foundation behind the songs found on 'Come Spring', Roncetti's latest solo effort due out March 2, 2010. Inspiration is found in the corners and spaces of life and Joe Roncetti is taking notice of when inspiration arrives, between moments.

Born in Toronto, Roncetti has always had the fine fortune of creating the best of opportunities and meeting the right people. His first band Benjamin managed by Canadian heavyweight, Chris Taylor, caught the eye of Capitol Records and was what brought Roncetti to Los Angeles. Benjamin recorded a demo and signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell but when things came to their natural conclusion, Roncetti had settled in LA and was ready for the next chapter. Over the next several years Roncetti was involved in television shows, worked in South Africa, worked with Gus Van Sant and acted in The Virgin Suicides. Sometimes music was in the forefront and sometimes it took a backseat to acting but it was always there. He collaborated with big names like Glen Ballard, Robbie Nevil, Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones) and Don Smith (Tom Petty). It was only natural that he would front another band and in 2006 his project, Last Picture Show, released The Committee on Modern Day Records. With Last Picture Show Roncetti toured North America extensively and paved the way for more things to come.

Ready for a taste of something new Roncetti started to split his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. The change in environment was reflected in his music and what started to emerge was a folkier, mellower sound, representative of something a little more personal and grown up. 'Come Spring' balances the freedom and spaciousness of Vancouver with the edginess and sophistication of LA.

Joe Roncetti will be playing multiple shows in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics before playing 'Come Spring' album release parties in Toronto and Los Angeles. He will be on tour throughout Canada and the US this spring.