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Joesf Glaude

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When you sit back and relax, this is the music you will need to revive the soul. The sound generates a desire to unwind with a glass of wine and be enveloped by the smooth waves of intrinsic truth. An indisputable truth which will show the path music has laid down for us all.


Guitarist/composer Joesf Glaude draws on a wide range of influences to create an instrumental art form of textures, moods, and melodies. It is an improvised music based on very structured ideas. He is a gypsy spirit in the truest sense. He has spent his life traveling all over the US and Canada, Central and South America, Western Europe, India, and Africa. His musical influences are just as varied and include African guitarist Ali Farka Toure, sitar player Ravi Shankar, jazz artists Duke Ellington and Eric Dolphy, and classical composers such as C.P.E. Bach and Stravinsky.
Joesf knew he wanted to play music the first time he heard the Beatles. That Christmas he received his Grandfathers tenor banjo and a harmonica. After hearing Scotty Moore's solo on Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel, Joesf knew he wanted to be a guitarist. Joesf's father enrolled him in lessons with local jazz guitarist Charlie Johnson.
As a teen, Joesf’s first true musical venture was as a guitarist with the punk band “Tropical Skin Disease”. By his senior year in high school he was playing tenor guitar and dulcimer in the folk band “Oracle”. He continued his exploration of various forms of music playing five-string banjo, mandolin, guitar, and bass in the country/bluegrass band “90 Proof” and 12-string guitar in the folk rock band “Clipper”.
By college, Joesf discovered a real passion for the guitar, theoretical as well as practical. As a guitar major at Christopher Newport College, he played classical guitar with the Williamsburg Chamber Orchestra as well as electric guitar with the jazz combo “The Wiz Kids” and in the swing band “Duke”. His longest running band was the jazz/fusion group “Mirrors and Changes” in which he played guitar, keyboard, and bass.
Joesf became head guitar Professor at ORU. He left ORU to pursue his music exclusively focusing on small groups, solo acoustic, and harp guitar. Joesf helped design his primary Harp guitar with Oklahoma guitar builder Glen Morgan. He first used this on his CD "Perfect World"
“From Classical I learned the importance of structure and melody, from Jazz I learned freedom and from World music I learned to challenge myself with new ideas. Music has as much to do with who we are as where we are in life. We are influenced by our experiences as well as what we hear."
--Joesf Glaude


Mysterium Rosarium - 1999
Love and the Real World - 2002
Perfect World - 2005

Set List

Little Red Dog
Wall Around Your Heart
Face of an Angel
The Ladys Voice
Llevo Del Fuego
Mollys Blue Day
Bad Dog Blues
Spanish Cat Jazz
Suger in the Raw
Felis Domesticus
45 to 50 min set