Joe Sierra

Joe Sierra


Joe Sierra, currently the #1 most listened to artist at, has brought to the music scene a mixed bag of musical genre such as Techno/Trance, Jazz, Latin-Jazz, New Age, and Asian. All 1100 + musical tracks within 52+ CDs have all been composed and produced within the past 7 years.


“Come On” is but one bright facet of Joe Sierra’s music

Los Angeles, CA – Music artist Joe Sierra is set to steal some glory in the music industry with his single “Come On” is a high-energy, danceable and tripworthy slab of electronic pulsing. But Sierra is quick to point out that his art encompasses a broad range of styles. His music displays surprising diversity, ranging across a variety of styles, including trance, dance, new age, space music, bell-based music, vibraphone jazz and Latin, classical, world music (with Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American and Celtic influences) and blues and rock guitar.
“Come On” is a shining example of Sierra’s work in the realm of electronic dance. There’s a strong focus on textures, with Sierra creating a rich and lavish but always streamlined bed of sound across which the beats can race. The rhythms and grooves are as tightly constructed as the textures and the melodies seal the deal, luring in the listener’s emotional commitment. “Come On” beckons and does so with a compelling insistence that’s hard to resist.
Sierra’s history with music goes back a long way. In the 80s, he worked as a DJ in London for a number of years. He also played the famous Studio 54, gigging as a guitarist. He’s now turned to self-produced electronic and world music, and Sierra is constantly evolving his sound, refining and defining and honing his considerable skills.
Sierra records, mixes and masters his own music. Rare is it that a day goes by without him working on new music, be it writing, recording or both. He’s also getting ready to go back to the stage to share the latest stage of his musical career with a live audience.
He’s currently working with A&R Select, the world’s leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA.


As the #1 most listened to artist at, I have already put together 52+ CDs all containing originally composed musical tracks with many more still in production.

CD Albums Released

01.Manic Compressions
02.Living Soul
04.TranceDental Gasps
08.Alien Trash
09.Nasty Girl
10.Spooky Nights
11.VooDoo Sessions
12.Mouse Trap

1.My Latin Fix
2.East Side Shuffle
3.Cool Sessions
4.New in Town
5.Sweet & Mellow

Easy Listening Jazz:
1.Le Petit Salon
2.Musique Jolie
3.Continental Divide

Asian/Middle Eastern Techno:
1.Nippon Seas
2.Knowledge, Music, & Peace

New Age by Category:
New Age Angelic/Spiritual:
1.Conversations with God
2.Spiritual Wellness
3.End of Times

New Age Nature:

New Age Piano/Romance:
1.Starlight Sonatas
2.Moonlight Sonatas

And so much more

Set List


Come On, I believe, 5th House on the Left, Velorium, Touch the Sky, On Tonight

Techno-Trance Albums:
Nasty Girl
Dragon Trance
Vicious Love
TranceDental Gasps
Manic Compressions
No Fizz No Pizz
Living Soul
Techno Nights
Alien Trash
VooDoo Sessions
Mouse Trap
DarkWalker 24 (By James Sierra)

Cool Sessions
Sweet & Mellow
No Where to Go
My Latin Fix
New in Town
East Side Shuffle
Continental Divide
Le Petit Salon
Musique Jolie

("New Age Spiritual")
Spiritual Wellness
Conversations With God
End of Days

(New Age "Space Themes")

(New Age - Mysterious)
Looking for Atlantis

("New Age" Ambient/Romantic)
Moonlight Sonatas (Piano)
Starlight Sonatas (Piano)
Mountainside (Accoustic Guitar)

(Blues, Guitar Rock "Guitar Solos")
Forever Blues

And many more.....