Joe Sparks

Joe Sparks


Smokey vocals from a strong lyricist backed by a tight band. Mixing rock, funk and soul, washed down big harmonies, guitar and trumpet solos and strong melodic choruses. God I hate writing this shit. Listen to it and see for yourself.


Joe Sparks is a singer songwriter from Windsor. He has a debut album out on itunes called 'Black 26' He performs both acoustically and with his band. The music has elements of funk and rock with good melodies, big harmonies and strong lyrics.


Joe Sparks - Black 26 Released 2010 available on itunes and mail order.

Set List

We can play up to two hour set.
10 songs from the album
5 new songs
countless covers from soul to rock including Bruce Springsteen, KOL, Sam and Dave, Jools Holland and even the baywatch theme. Check out 'born to run, joe sparks on you tube