Joe Tamaira

Joe Tamaira


A fusion of funk, soul, gospel, groove, jazz, latin, reggae, blues and rock.


In 1999 my song 'A New Sunrise' was chosen as the song to introduce the year 2000 to the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Yep they were singing my song as the sun rose in 2000. I guess you can say I have left a legacy (for the next 1000 years) that too many can boast aout. Some of my songs and soundtracks have been used in Television documentaries and advertising. One of my songs 'Tihei' is still being aired on maori radio since 1992.


Since 1980 I have released two EPs and three albums. My most recent one 'To Whom It May Concern' was released in 1997, and re-released in Australia in 2002 under my owm label Freakwave records. My most successful single was 'Tihei' which stil receives airplay on maori radio stations since 1992