Joe Thomashefski

Joe Thomashefski


Joe reaches the corners of every genre of music simply and from the heart. His guitar driven songs stem from his wide appreciation for music with no boundaries. Playing as either a duo with his sister Christina, or a full band, his music will impact your soul through lyrics, vocals and sounds.


The worst question to ask Joe is “what kind of music do you play?” Since moving to Nashville from Ann Arbor, Michigan three years ago, Joe has dedicated himself to learning his wily craft of songwriting by making each song unique. The only constant is the sincerity in his voice.

Growing up, Joe loved everyone from The Allman Brothers Band to Pearl Jam and Marvin Gaye. The result is a culmination of music that has no genre. Some call it Folk-Rock, others Indie; Joe calls it “mine.”

Watching Joe perform is a roller coaster ride as he switches musical styles with ease all the while touching beneath the surface of what we call normal.

What makes him unique is both his ability overcome writing taboos and making you believe he is right in doing so.


His latest release “Escape Routes,” is an album filled with love, hurt, hope and redemption. With longing lyrics tinged with his Christian faith and his rustic voice, Joe stands by his CD with joy.

The songs are raw with emotion yet layered with varying depths of accompaniment instruments and complimented by whimsical vocals from his sister Christina, smoothing over any rough edges.

According to Joe, the songs have been “Nashvillized.”

“The feelings I’ve poured into this CD have been expanded upon by the hands of all the other musicians I’ve collaborated with, making each song mine; but also making each song someone else’s idea. It’s beautiful to see other musicians’ talents complete my musical thoughts.”

Set List

I don't have a typical set list, I choose my songs based on the venue and crowd.

I usually play 45 minute sets or so, but can easily play for longer.

I have played venues which require covers, mostly softer rock such as coldplay, dave matthews and tom petty.