Joe Thomson Band

Joe Thomson Band


Joe Thomson is a veteran performer who commands the stage throughout his live shows. He sings pop songs written with wit and insight into the human condition for people who like to think as well as be entertained.


My music is often written from the emotional side of life. I have tried to delve into the complexities of male/female relationships and the minutia of everyday living with your partner of choice. This has helped me create what I like to think are complex but accessible lyrics and melodies.
The Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel have played huge inspirational roles in my musical development as a player and my approach to live performance. Basically these artists have never left me feeling like they gave anything less than all they had when they were on stage.
I like to think that my music can appeal across generational barriers and age groups as we all at some point or another in our lives have wanted to share our experiences with one another. Being able to describe those moments and have my songwriting be the avenue to express those ideas is very cool. I love what I do. ~Joe


1977: Just A Silly Song b/w The Alien (single)
1981: If You Only Knew (LP)
1982: Saturday Matinee b/w Do You Really Believe In Love (single)

(I took several years off to help raise 3 daughters)

2006: Carpe Diem (CD album)

Set List

Being a seasoned veteran, this type of thing can change literally as I walk on stage. There have been (on occasions too numerous to mention) times when the band has fallen over themselves laughing when I do produce a set list because they know there's very little chance we'll follow it.