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Jacksonville, Florida, United States | SELF

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Dynamic Duo"

They’ve only been performing as JoEveritt for seven months but Leroy Everitt Copeland and Billy Jo have already recorded an album, won a spot at one of the biggest festivals in town and are getting airplay on Planet Radio. At this rate, the dynamic duo will grace the cover of Rolling Stone by summer, win a Grammy next year and be taping their first episode of MTV Cribs soon after. In the meantime, the boys of JoEveritt are working hard to get their name out there and their music heard. EU headed over to Jack Rabbits last Friday to see the band in action. The guys were kind enough to speak with us after their performance.
Billy Jo and Leroy have been friends for over 13 years and have spent much of that time jamming out together. After honing their skills in other bands for a while (most notably Leroy in Julius Airwave, Billy Jo in Dang!), the two finally decided to join forces and start a band together. Right away they ran into trouble finding other musicians who wanted to join them.
“We couldn’t find anyone to play with us at first,” said Billy Jo. “We’re just tired of waiting on everyone else to figure out what they want to do with their lives.”
A two-man band works out fine in the recording studio but it becomes tricky when they actually play live. Luckily we’re living in the age of the iPod and the guys figured out how to use technology to their advantage.
“It was me and [Leroy] kind of working together to figure out how to do it without a full band and I was like, ‘Dude, I could record it and put it on my iPod,’ and he was like, ‘That’s not a bad idea,” Billy Jo explained.
The set up works out pretty well for JoEveritt, though it can be a bit limiting sometimes. “The only thing is we can’t stop in the middle of a song and talk and then come back into it,” said Billy Jo. “We can’t have the dramatic pauses that other bands get.”
“Who needs that crap anyway?” Leroy quipped.
The guys say the band will continue to be a two-piece for the foreseeable future.
“Everything’s a lot easier with two people,” explained Billy Jo.
“The ultimate goal is to be able to someday hire musicians to play those parts for shows,” Leroy added.
The arrangement certainly seems to be working. Last September, just a couple months after they formed, JoEveritt entered Battle for PlanetFest for a chance to play the extremely popular festival and won. Soon after their album Hear What You Want was released and, most recently, the guys were selected as Planet Radio’s Native Noise artist of the week.
After hearing many of JoEveritt’s songs on their MySpace page, its clear the guys have tapped into a winning formula. Their music is catchy and upbeat, a nice blend of radio-friendly rock and punk that most people, both music lovers and casual listeners, will be able to relate to. Unlike a lot of their rock peers, JoEveritt also brings it when performing on stage, not just at the studio. If you like to see a guy shred on his guitar, look no further than Leroy Everitt Copeland. In fact, he was recently given what he considers a very high compliment after one of their shows at Rebar.
“A kid came up to me and goes, ‘You’re crazy, man.” Not “you’re good” but “you’re crazy,” he laughed. “It was awesome.”
Hear many of JoEveritt’s songs at, where you can also purchase their CD and see a listing of their upcoming shows. The band will be performing at 9th and Main on February 1st so be sure to check them out then so you can say you knew them before they were on MTV. It won’t be long now. - Entertaining U Magazine


Musical duos seem to be on the rise as of late, and spreading across genres from folk to hard rock to indie. For Jacksonville-based JoEveritt, comprising Billy Jo (drummer) and Leroy Everitt Copeland (guitar, vocals), it's straight up rock. though the band is cool with the two-dude arrangement, the seeds have been sown for a full fledged act.
"We're happy with the two of us right now. We started it by ourselves and figured out how to play shows," Billy Jo says. "The ultimate goal is to someday hire other musicians to fill in on the other parts," adds Copeland.
Though they already have a demo out - "Head What You Want," a mix of rock and alternative tunes recorded at Vision Sound Studios in Middleburg, JoEveritt is still in the early developmental stages. Copeland and Billy Jo have been friends for more than 12 years but have been in a band less than one. In that short time, they've written new songs and performed serveral times at local venues.
A quick history lesson: Copeland learned how to play guitar at age 12 by listening to Nirvana, Metallica, and the Beatles. For Billy Jo, it was Green Day(whose lead singer is coincidentally named Billie Joe) that guided his drumming at the age of 13.
With a name like JoEveritt (Billy's middle name is Jo an Copeland's is Everitt), how often are they mistaken for a solo acoustic artist? "All the time - every single time," Billy Jo says. "Yea, everyone thinks it's a guy name Joe with the last name Everitt, but it's actually just us."
While driven to succeed ina finicky music industry, for now Copeland and Billy Jo maintain day jobs. "I work in a restraunt and have for like nine years, since I was 18," says Copeland. "Hopefully soon I won't have to o that anymore. "Billy Jo jokes that his full-time job is the band and he works part-time for money. But it's only a matter of time, says the boys, "This is what we want to do for a very long tim," says Billy Jo. - Folio Weekly


2007, E.P. self-titled
2007, L.P., "Hear what you want"
2009, single, Live! From the garge!
2009, L.P., Just Listen.
2011 E.P., No Fake Rock
2012 E.P., Who the %$&# if Eric Stanfield?!
Coming Spring 2013, L.P. Title TBA...



Through a sea of screams emerges JoEveritt. A trio linked by friendship, music and a love to play shows. Billy Jo, Leroy Everitt Copeland, and De Bass.
They had practiced off and on together for over 10 years while playing in separate bands, but with bigger aspirations were inspired to team up in the early spring of 07' to forge JoEveritt. Billy Jo, the TimeKeeper, and Leroy, the SongWriter, are heavily influenced by early Rock bands such as The Beatles, Nirvana, GreenDay, and Weezer. These early childhood obsessions are probably the reason their songs sound so much like...remind you of all those bands you love...
These guys have went from opening empty clubs to opening for national acts to placing first in the Battle for Planetfest. They've created a good foundation here in Jacksonville, and are now concentrating on playing out of towners, and maybe making some friends and crashing on couches in the process.
So far, JoEveritt has self-recorded and self-produced all of their own tunes. Their first was a E.P. "Self-titled" that was recorded in Leroy's living room, as a promo for their first full length titled "Hear What You Want", recorded in November of 2007 at Vision Sound Studios. Next was a 3 song single "Live! from the garage!", which was recorded in- as you could guess- Leroy's garage. Finally, due out late Spring, will be their second full length which has yet to be titled. It will have 13 songs including, "Hear what you want", "Terms", and "Honey", which are all featured on the bands Myspace (
We are currently waiting for our day in the will be fun...