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Akron, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF | AFM

Akron, Ohio, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative





Joe Vitale, Jr. has released one of the coolest, classic rock albums available this year
with, DANCING WITH SHADOWS. This 13 track project is a powerful demonstration of Joe’
s command of the rock and roll genre, and on it he leaves no gaps for anyone to doubt
his understanding of the history of the genre. Joe’s talents are reminiscent of great rock
artists like Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, and more recently, Sugar Ray. So, when you get into
this album, just expect a ton of music that makes you move and sing.

DANCING WITH SHADOWS is comprised of a number of excellent songs, but if I had to
pick a favorite (hard to do with this album) it would be the title track, Dancing With
Shadows. The reason I chose this song is because I really enjoyed the early 90′s rock
and roll feel to this song. The melodies are incredibly catchy, the vocal arrangements
and performance is top notch, and the music is very well produced and played. This isn’t
the kind of rock song that’s being made anymore, which is why I love it. Also, it’s got
every element in it that made the earlier mentioned rock artists so awesome. Vitale outdid
himself on this record and I’m glad I got the opportunity to hear what he’s bringing.

Overall, DANCING WITH SHADOWS is a must listen, must purchase release for anyone
who loves great rock and roll music. With so much music being released these days, it’s
great to finally hear someone give me a taste of great rock and roll music. I can’t imagine
that you wouldn’t agree with me about Joe Vitale’s album, especially if you claim to enjoy
rock music from before 2005. - I Am Entertainment Magazine

"Sound Check: Joe Vitale Jr.’s band to perform at Akron Civic Theatre"

Joe Vitale Jr. is a second-generation rocker.

His father, Joe Vitale Sr., may not be a household name but the music he’s helped write and/or make — including tunes with Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Crosby Stills & Nash & Young, the Eagles and many more — is definitely heard pretty much anywhere classic rock is played.

Vitale — like his father — is a multi-instrumentalist but Vitale Jr. fronts and plays guitar in his own band, the Joe Vitale Jr. Band, which will perform on Friday night at the Akron Civic Theatre.

Vitale and his band — Trevor Wozniak on guitar, Ryan McDermott on bass and Dylan Gomez on drums — will be playing music from his solid 2008 album, Dancing With Shadows, as well as a few of his recent singles and a few choice covers including some tunes by his dad’s old buddy Walsh.

Vitale, a 1996 graduate of Jackson High School, spent time growing up on the road, but unlike some other kids who grow up on a tour bus and get caught up in the very adult rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, he heeded his parents’ advice.

“Growing up on the road was quite an education in itself,” he said “My parents always raised me to know what was right and wrong and to stay away from drugs and so forth.”

For the young Vitale, traveling with CSN, the Eagles and others wasn’t a school-skipping, rock-star adventure; it was just, you know, life.

“For me, I loved being on the road, and, yes, it did feel normal. I didn’t really realize the significance of who my dad was playing with until I was in high school,” he said. “To this day, I still discover songs my dad has played on I never knew he did, one of which is Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo and it’s one of my favorite songs. I had no idea it was Dad playing on that until one day in 2000.

“But for me, every band was like another family. I learned much of what I do with my own band from those years.”

What he does with his band on Dancing With Shadows is a mélange of melodic arena-rock riffs and moves mixed with some ’80s dance rock synths and a dash of funk rock.

In these genre-mashing times, some indie and EDM-loving folks may find tunes such as the simmering mid-tempo title track with its lightly funky bass, soft-verse-loud-chorus and wah-guitar licks and screaming solo to be too much like “standard rock,” but fans raised on “standard rock” should find plenty to nod their heads to in tunes such as the bouncy Beautiful Girl, the light-hearted It’s Not Me, It’s You, or the driving ’90s riff-rock-flavored You Make Me Feel Alive.

“I still very much believe in rock,” said Vitale, who lives in the Canton area.

“When I write music, I draw from a large myriad of influences. … I have had a lot of classic-rock influence, but I also draw from a lot of contemporary artists as well,” he said.

“A lot of my guitar styling comes from listening to Joe Walsh, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, etc., while my vocals and harmonies come from CSN and the Eagles. My electronic and synthesizer influences come from artists like Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, Thomas Dolby, BT and other electronic artists.

“My style is a blending of classic rock, modern rock and industrial. While some of these are far and wide from each other, I love to bring them all together to make something unique, while at the same time stay relevant with something people can relate to.”

As a songwriter, Vitale forsakes bitterness, proselytizing or political or moral finger-pointing for songs such as Fight It or Self Destruct (“I never will self-destruct, you can’t stop what you can’t control, you’ll never stop me,” he sings with conviction) with positive, uplifting messages — and, of course, a few songs about hot girls.

“I do consciously write to be positive. Don’t get me wrong: there are days I will write some heavier stuff, but with each of the songs I release, I try to make a negative into a positive to give people strength or a feeling of happiness,” he said.

“My entire message of the music I produce is ‘triumph over adversity.’ My faith in Christ has kept me moving forward and strong all these years, and I try to convey that message of strength to others. I also try to keep things light and funny with songs like It’s Not Me, It’s You.”

In addition to his gig as a bandleader, Vitale is also a veteran audio engineer and video director who got his professional start behind the boards in 2001 after impressing Stephen Stills with his audio editing skills on a song called Feed the People that eventually appeared on Stills’ 2005 album Man Alive!

Vitale went on to work on Stills’ next three solo albums and mixed the Live at Shepherd’s Bush From London DVD. Vitale is also a director who helmed a short film, Encryption, written by his fiancée, Mix 94.1 (WHBC-FM) on-air personality Kathy Vogel, which won best drama at the 2012 Canton International Film Festival. Vitale Jr. has also directed several videos for his own band and others.

Malcolm X Abram can be reached at or 330-996-3758. Read his blog, Sound Check Online, at, or follow him on Twitter @malcolmabramABJ. - Akron Beacon Journal

"Joe Vitale Jr. shares take on classic rock at Civic"

Joe Vitale Jr. will perform with his band at the Akron Civic Theatre April 4.
Photo courtesy of Joe Vitale Jr.
DOWNTOWN AKRON —As a child, Joe Vitale Jr. thought he would become an astronaut. That changed the night he stepped onstage at Blossom Music Center.

“When I was real young, I used to go on the road with my dad,” said Vitale, the son of rock drummer Joe Vitale, who has played with the Eagles and Joe Walsh. “When I was 10, he started asking if I ever wanted to come out on stage. One night I played tambourine with Crosby, Stills and Nash at Blossom. When I saw 19,000 people screaming, I thought, this is a lot more fun.”

Within a couple of years, Vitale was taking drum lessons, and eventually he picked up other rock instruments. He started writing his own songs as a freshman at Jackson High School.

Now 36 and a Coventry Township resident, Vitale is performing locally with his band in a special cabaret show on stage at the Akron Civic Theatre April 4 at 8 p.m.

“As of May 30, it’s three years we’ve been together,” he said. “I’ve wanted the past couple of years to play the Civic, so I was so excited when this opportunity came up. It’s going to be mostly originals that night, but we’ll have some covers everyone will enjoy.”

He performs on vocals and guitar with Trevor Wozniak on guitar, Ryan McDermott on guitar and bass and Dylan Gomez on drums.

Vitale describes his music as a combination of the classic rock of Walsh and The Who mixed with alternative electronic music, “like a cleaner version of Nine Inch Nails,” he said.

He started working on Dancing With Shadows in 2000 and released the record in 2008. Now he’s working on new material.

“I primarily am trying to make it as a musician, but I also am a cinematographer for videos and films,” he said.

He added that he and his father have joined another Joe Vitale — a best-selling self-help author and entrepreneur — in several projects.

“I’m doing a music video for his healing music,” Vitale said. “The fun part is he has my dad play on some of the music he’s doing.”

Vitale also has played locally as a member of the Crosby, Stills and Nash tribute band Ohio that saw him playing the drums, as his father did for the band.

At the Akron show, Vitale said his father is planning to be on hand in the lobby to sign copies of his autobiography, “Backstage Pass.” He added he’s appreciated the advice his father has given him about making it in the music business.

“He’s told me to always try something, even if it doesn’t go the way you want,” he said. “Also, always be very fluidic with the industry because it’s always changing. It’s a very tough industry.”

Vitale said the current status of the music business has its pros and cons.

“It’s a lot different than when my dad started out,” he said. “It’s a double-edged sword: It’s easier in some ways, with music software, and distribution is easier, but it’s more difficult to get radio play. While it’s a lot easier to create music and get it out there, the problem is there are a whole lot of people doing that ... and it’s very difficult to get noticed.”

He’s giving it his best shot, though.

“I wear every hat in the group,” he said. “I’m the leader of the band and write the music we do unless we are doing covers. I’m always trying to find new venues to play.”

Later this year, he said he has gigs lined up at Canal Park before an Akron RubberDucks game May 30 and an appearance at Lock 3 Park this summer.

Tickets for the show at the Civic, 182 S. Main St., are $15 or two for $25. For more details, call 330-253-2488 or go to or - West Side Leader

"Booked Promotions - "Dancing With Shadows" Album Review"

Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

Joe Vitale Jr. is a hard rock band from Ohio and their album “Dancing With Shadows” is absolutely fantastic. With high quality sound and some incredible instrumentation this is bound to be the next big hard rock band to make it out of Ohio.
The album opens up with “I Don’t Belong Here” which gives a great arena rock vibe that you can tell has the local bar sing-a-long sound to it. Upbeat but simple keeps you listening and wanting to learn the lyrics so you can join in. Then you have “Break!” which is just a stereotypical fantastic rock song. Powerful lyrics complimented by powerful instruments that basically punch you in the face. Two songs in and you can already tell this is a great album. Following right behind is the album title track which has a small blues kick to it but it brings in a modern rock kick to it that screams radio play. If this song doesn’t get consistent radio play I would be shocked. “Beautiful Girl” brings the feeling of the album down a little bit with a well-written track that is just incredibly catchy. The chorus of this song is so catchy listening to it the second time was like I’ve listened to this song a million times. Then you have “I Only Need You”, which, if you can’t tell from the title, is a great love track. A simple slower romance song with some of the sexiest guitar you’ll hear on this album. This whole album has classic rock album written all over it. You’ll tell your kids about this, guaranteed. I want to take a moment to thank Joe Vitale Jr. for writing “It’s Not Me, It’s You”, this is a great for everyone who is breaking up with someone. We haven’t heard a good break up track in a long time. It’s a very simple song from the instruments to the vocals but either way it’s got a slight pop-punk feel to it. “Mysterious” is another great straight hitting rock song. It’s songs like these that make you feel like Joe Vitale Jr. should be playing in arenas, one because I’m sure his fan base will become massive but because I’m sure it would sound fantastic. Following behind is “Never Look Back” which gives off the feeling of an anthem, it just sounds like an ideal song for some kind of sporting event. Then, “By the Shoreline” comes in which brings down the vibe of the album. Mostly acoustic sounding until it picks up a little bit towards the end by this is another great romantic track. “Infectious” is exactly that, an incredibly infectious song that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. It has an amazing upbeat rock kick to it but still leaves the catchy lyrics for everyone to join in on. Another track that gives off a slight modern kick to their classic rock feel is “You Make Me Feel Alive” which will definitely appeal to today’s market of rock fans. Nearing the end of the album is “Fight It or Self Destruct” which is a great way to end an album by keeping it entertaining but still leaving you wanting more so you’ll start the album over again. Then we end with “Dancing With Shadows (Dark Matter Remix)” which is a remix of the album title track which is a great way to appeal to the masses and bring in a larger fan base.
This album has #1 written all over it. It has everything needed to bring in a larger fan base for Joe Viatle Jr. This is an album I highly suggest for anyone who is a fan of any kind of rock genre, these guys are going to be huge. Get this album so when they release another one you can be just as excited as I am.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “She Intoxicates” below. - Booked Promotions

"Vents Magazine Interview - DECEMBER 27th, 2012"

So let’s get started, who’s Joe Vitale Jr.?
I’m the son of veteran rock n’ roll drummer Joe Vitale. I grew up on the road with acts my Dad performed with, such as Joe Walsh, Crosby Stills & Nash, Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles, and many others. I toured as a percussionist with Joe Walsh, The Stephen Stills Blues Band and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

I’m a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards, bass, etc.), a digital audio engineer, and an award-winning director & cinematographer.

I’ve had the opportunity to work for Sony Media Software creating loop libraries (Latin Percussion, Junkyard Rhythms, Organ Donor, and Vital Drums: The Vitale Drum Collection) for ACID. I presented at the 2007 and 2008 NAMM shows as a key speaker for Sony Creative Software™ describing my work on several music videos that I wrote & directed. Also, I did the digital audio editing work on the 2005 Stephen Stills’ album “Man Alive,” which won Stephen Stills a Humanitarian Award from UNICEF for the song “Feed the People.” I was the digital editor and pre-mastering engineer on the Stephen Stills album, “Just Roll Tape,” as well as edited, mixed, and pre-mastered the 2009 Stephen Stills video and CD, “Stephen Stills Live at Shepherd’s Bush.”

After ten years of writing and recording, I completed my first solo album, “Dancing With Shadows.” My sound is a blend of rock and industrial influences. The album reflects my struggles and triumphs over adversity with the tracks: “Fight It or Self Destruct,” “I Don’t Belong Here,” “Mysterious,” “Never Look Back,” and “Break!” My relationship issue songs include: “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” “Beautiful Girl,” “You Make Me Feel Alive,” and the title cut “Dancing With Shadows,” giving the album a full emotional range. While my album is biographical and secular in nature, my faith in Christ, which has kept me going, is woven through the entire album.

In September of 2010, I released the single “Jingle Jingle,” an industrial remake of the popular Christmas song “Jingle Bells,” and a somewhat comical music video. That same month I started working with Smooth Stone Productions™ on a post-apocalyptic thriller film called “SAFE” released at film festivals in 2011, winning honorable mention at the Myrtle Beach Film Festival. I composed the soundtrack and was the Director of Photography for the production. Also, I worked on soundtracks for several other films including “Making Friends” (2011) and “The Teacher’s Lounge” (2011). My music video “Never Look Back” won Best Music Video at the Canton Film Festival. In 2012 I directed the short film “Encryption” which won at the Canton Film Festival.

In 2011, I formed The Joe Vitale Jr. Band to perform my original music and I’m currently touring. My band consists of three fabulous musicians: Ryan McDermott on guitar/bass, Trevor Wozniak on guitar, and Dylan Gomez on drums.

How did you get started in the music scene?
I got started at a very young age. My family never pushed me into a career choice. They always let me choose what I wanted to do and supported my decisions. When I was a boy, I wanted to become an astronaut. However, when I was 10, I had a chance to play tambourine on stage at Blossom Music Center (in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) with Crosby Stills & Nash on their song “Teach Your Children.” I was so nervous because I didn’t want to throw the band off even though, if I remember correctly, I wasn’t even mic-ed up. The sold-out crowd went crazy, and from that moment on I decided that I wanted to become a professional musician. Growing up on the road gave me a unique perspective of how the music industry works.

What are your music influences?
Because I grew up watching my dad on tour all my life with a variety of styles combined with my own band likes, my musical influences are fairly vast. I draw a lot from The Who, Joe Walsh, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jimi Hendrix, and even more modern groups/acts such as Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails, Thomas Dolby, and Gary Numan among many others.
How it has been to tour with acts such as Crosby Stills, Nash?

It was always a great experience. They were like a second family to me. I played Latin percussion as well as doubling on drums when my dad would play keys. I always approached my performances as a serious job. Every night I would record the shows on a tape cassette (yes, that retro) at the mixing board, and then after the show I would listen to my performance back and see where I could make corrections. I always wanted each night to be better than the last. I wanted to do my best to make their live performances sound like the original recording. I took the same approach when I performed with the Stephen Stills Blues Band, and was always mindful to what Stephen wanted for parts combined with my style of playing.

What you enjoy doing the most, be a director or make music?
Along with writing music, directing film is almost equal. I played around with my paren - Vents Magazine

"Vents Magazine CD Review "Dancing With Shadows" JANUARY 5th, 2013"

The fact that this album is amazing should not come as a surprise to anyone, considering who we’re talking about, a man who met, learned from, and shared the stage with a number of music legends from an early age. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet the father, let me introduce you to the great son.

Dancing With Shadows by composer and guitarist Joe Vitale Jr. is the type of rock album that unfortunately society today can’t really find in the mainstream music scene, having to look in other old bands to know what pure rock and awesome music is all about.

“I Don’t Belong Here” is everything that rock should be and is. Powerful riffs, fun and ready to drive you crazy without breakdowns or anything like that. The bass lines and drums are felt from the beginning to the end, along with Joe’s vocal that really remind us of yesteryear rock bands. The sound is like a cross between Foo Fighters and Rush.

“Break!” continues the wonderful line of hard rock we have been delighted with since the beginning, along with elements of what appear to be synthesizers, in the middle of the verses that add an epic touch to the track. The guitar solo and rhythm guitars are just amazing, making it clear that “You can’t break him down” … and that is clear in the course of the entire song.

“Dancing With Shadows” has some of that Rush type of sound. It also has this funky vibe while still being pure rock n ‘roll. It’s a song for dancing, commercial, entertaining, and funny, and the guitar effect before hitting the chorus is simple, and in my humble opinion, makes me want to listen to what’s about to come next. The solo, again, is just amazing.

“Beautiful Girl” and “Mysterious” follow the same line as the track mentioned before. The rhythm guitars are so simple but work perfectly with the great bass lines and drum beats. They have a touch of what seems to be Poison or Def Leppard.

“She Intoxicates” gives us the more Zeppelin side of this band. It has impressive guitar hooks and that brilliant sound that as the song goes by turns less like Led and more like Kravitz.

“Never Look Back,” on the other hand, with the synthesizer, has a touch of Nine Inch Nails mixed with what we have been hearing so far. So to some extent, unfortunately, Vitale does look back… but for good.

Finally, after so many good songs that could become classics more than just simple big hits, we find this remix of “Dancing With Shadows.” It’s basically a combination of the original song with a little bit of NIN in it.

In conclusion, this album is a perfect presentation card for Joe Vitale Jr. It just gives us a very clear identity of who he is and is a record that will make you want to listen over and over again. It’s almost like a Bible: no matter how many times you read it (or in this case, “hear it”), you will always find something new and exciting.

Rating: 7/5

Review by RJ Frometa

Edited by Marion Lougheed - Vents Magazine

"Sony Creative Software - Unviels new "Rock Royality" - January 20, 2007"

SOUND SERIES LOOP LIBRARY Vitale Drums: The Vitale Collection
January 20, 2007 - Original Article ? Click Here

Sony Creative Software announced today the availability of the Vitale Premium Sound Series Loop Library Collection. A must-have for every aspiring drummer, this Loop Library is unique in offering the track collections of one of Rock n' Roll's most influential combos, drummer Joe Vitale and his son Joe Vitale Jr. Joe Vitale Sr. is a renowned musician whose career has spanned over thirty years of touring, recording, and song writing and production with legendary and Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame artists such as The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, John Lennon and Keith Richards. These are just a few of the many artists who have called upon Joe to anchor their platinum hits with his rock solid yet completely transparent drumming. The elder Vitale's son, Joe Vitale Jr., engineered the sounds for this loop library.

The Vitale Sound Series Loop Library will appeal to songwriters and producers of rock and pop music who want the best possible performance and recording quality on their tracks. "The Sony Sound Series collection now boasts the addition of rock drumming legend Joe Vitale at the Premium Collection level," said Dave Chaimson, vice president of marketing for Sony Media Software. "The Vitale father-and-son team deserves nothing less than a Premium Collection presentation, with 24-bit sound engineered by Joe Vitale Jr., performances by both artists, extensive liner notes, and bonus video content. Now, music producers working on every platform at every tier of the industry can enjoy the Vitale sound on their tracks, and gain instant access to the kinds of rock music foundations that lead to smash hits."

The Vitale Premium Collection tier includes 862 files comprising more than one gigabyte of material, extensive liner notes and a behind-the-scenes video that explains how the library was produced. The Vitale Premium Collection library is a 2 disc, highly specialized collection that includes sophisticated, royalty-free Premium Projects composed with ACIDized .wav file loops.
- Sony Creative Software

"Where Are They Now - February 4th, 2009"

February 4th, 2009

Where Are They Now - Joe Vitale Jr.
Where Are They Now? - OH - Music - 02/04/2009

Submitted By: Staff
Name: Joe Vitale Jr.

Band: I am a solo Artist

Instruments you play: Guitar, Drums, Singing/vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

What kind of music do you play and what type do you like to listen to: I like to play a large variety of music be it Rock to Electronic. I like to listen to everything but I LOVE classic rock, Industrial, Blues and Latin.

When and why did music become important to you: Right around age 10 when my dad, Joe Vitale, the drummer, had me come out on stage with Crosby, Stills and Nash and I got to play tambourine on Teach your Children. It was such an electrifying experience hearing the crowd cheer and I knew that I wanted to go into music as my career. Up to that point I really wanted to be an astronaut, and I still follow the space program very closely, but music took over very quickly. When I was in high school I was given one of those really cool Tascam Porta Studio 8 track recorders. I started to write my own songs around age 14-15 and I never stopped! Music was always a way for me to express the way I was feeling…be it good or bad…I found that I had been given the gift from God. I wanted to use that gift to not only express myself but to try to write songs that people could gain something meaningful from for their lives, as well as have a fun escape from our crazy day to day lives and rock out.

Do you come from a musical family and if so what do they do: I do come from a musical family. My father is a famous drummer who has played with some of the top names in the industry including the Eagles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Dan Fogelberg and many others. My dad’s side of the family were all musicians as well. My grandfather, grandmother, uncles, etc.

Tell us about your school experience, particularly middle and High School: School was always interesting for me. I love to learn. I went to Jackson Memorial Middle School and then Jackson High School. I joined the band in 6th grade and it was a struggle at first learning to read music and figure out what all those crazy circles and lines meant, but I stayed at it and eventually it was second nature to read it. I had a lot of friends through the band both in middle School and in high school… some of which I still talk to today, 11 years after high school. Band was always my favorite class. I was in the marching band in high school and was section leader of the drum section my senior year. Those were my favorite memories growing up. I’ve performed in my alumni marching band every year since I graduated and every time I’m standing under the goal post getting ready to go out on the field with the stadium crowd cheering, the smell of the damp grass and the weight of my snare hanging from my shoulder still sends massive chills down my spine. I love it. My friends and I always had cover bands throughout high school and tried to set up gigs at friends houses for parties and we also played at a couple dances. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? All through high school I continued to write music and learn as much as I could. After high school I went to Mount Union College and continued to learn music there as a percussion performance major. I was in a fraternity in college, Sigma Nu. Several of my brothers were also in the music program which made for lots of fun and jam sessions at the frat house. After two years, I had an opportunity to go out on the road with The Stephen Stills Blues Band as a Latin percussionist and as difficult of a decision as it was, I dropped out of school to pursue my career. A few years later, I went to Malone College for a year for audio engineering.

Tell us about your first time performing for a live audience: I touched on this earlier but the very first time I was ever on stage was late August, 1987. I was brought out on stage at Blossom Music Center in NE Ohio with Crosby, Stills and Nash for a sold out crowd of 19,000 screaming people. I was 10 years old and only playing a tambourine, but I loved every second of it! It really changed my life that first time. I knew from right at that moment what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Who is most influential in your music (other bands): The Who, Joe Walsh, Nine Inch Nails, Joe Vitale Sr. (my father) and Crosby Stills and Nash.

Where does the inspiration for your music come from: Like the saying goes “Write what you know”. I try to write about experiences that happen to me throughout my life. It is hard to make up song lyrics if you haven’t really gone through it. I mean it can be done but won’t have that edge that really talks to your audience. I will say though, I feel that God allows the events in my life, good or bad, to happen so that I can write the way I do. So, I would say that my inspiration comes from God in a major way. I h - Where Are They Now

"Loops for Acid Product Review - JULY 1st, 2002"

Remix Magazine Loops for Acid Product Review July 1st, 2002

" Junkyard Rhythms"

The art of percussion mandates beating, bashing, crashing, shaking, striking, kicking and several other violent noise-associated verbs. Many times, the more primitive the approach, the more real and raw the emotion. With Junkyard Rhythms, Joe Vitale and his son, Joe Vitale Jr., explore their inner-drumming Neanderthals while rummaging through the rot in their local junkyard. The CD's documentation is minimal, but guessing where these sounds come from is half the fun. In terms of performance, the majority of the loops evoke a Latin flavor much in the vein of the Vitale family's well-received sample CD release Latin Percussion (also from Sonic Foundry). But this time, their modus operandi is to beat the clunk outta the junk — without any help from traditional bongos, congas and timbales.

Despite the junkyard theme, the infectious salsa moods, percolating dance rhythms and traditional Brazilian samba are fresh. Most of the samples were recorded dry with minimal effects processing except for a smattering of tasty compression and interesting room-style reverbs, which contribute to Junkyard's overall esoteric vibe. When diving into the more than 420 MB of Junkyard Rhythms' loops, you'll hear bells, buckets, bumpers, tubs, trash cans, pots, pans and more than a dumpster full of unrecognizable timbres that Vitale and son are probably still chuckling about.

Each loop is preconfigured to work with Sonic Foundry Acid Pro and other loop-friendly applications (Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar and so on). The collection is divided into three sections: Ensemble Grooves (221 MB), Individual Grooves (201 MB) and One-Shots (52 MB). Especially cool are the Junkyard Kits, which comprise all kinds of knickknacks, plastic shapes and metal scraps. These hybrid toys for experimental drummers may just be the missing percussive ingredients for those in search of a little dirty spice. And though you may think these guys played everything including the kitchen sink, there is no junkyard dog.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 4
Sonic Foundry; tel. (800) 577-6642; e-mail; Web

Original Review of Product Remix Magazine July 1st, 2002 - Remix Magazine

"Lance Records Album Review By Bevery Patterson - 2009"

Spring 2009

Joe Vitale Jr. “Dancing With Shadows” (Vari Loud Records)

“n air of suspense also guides the record, as inventive structures and moments of nervous tension wash over the landscape.”

They say talent is genetic, and Joe Vitale Jr., who is the son of drummer extraordinaire Joe Vitale, is no exception. Introduced to the rock and roll life at an early age, Joe Jr. was still in elementary school when he made his debut performance, playing tambourine on stage with Crosby, Stills and Nash. Since then, Joe Jr. has established himself as a singular music machine. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer, Joe Jr. shines ever so brightly on his first album, “Dancing With Shadows,” which deftly injects modern pop sensibilities into classic rock scenarios.

Stirring rhythms, complemented by throbbing breaks and tugging hooks tend to characterize the music here. A hypnotic touch is visible throughout, particularly on the title track, which certainly does evoke images of one dancing with shadows. Dark moods, intertwined with rays of light give the material a nice balance. Rumbling keyboards rub shoulders with slaving guitar riffs to the tune of Joe Jr.’s strong and sturdy vocals, which strike a commanding presence. An air of suspense also guides the record, as inventive structures and moments of nervous tension wash over the landscape. “She Intoxicates,” “Mysterious,” “Infectious” and “I Don’t Belong” are just a quick mention of the other gems featured on the disc. “Dancing With Shadows” is a stone cold accomplishment, and it’s only the beginning for Joe Jr., who obviously has an ear for imaginative sights and sounds. - Lance Records

"Buckeye Music Magazine Review - FEBRUARY 10th, 2012"

February 10th, 2012 - Original Article ? Click Here

Joe Vitale Jr. - Dancing with Shadows
Written by Jimmy Cummings

The Buckeye State is without a doubt one of the best places for music in the country. Okay, I may be a little bias but who could argue? And it seems it doesn’t matter if you’re in Cincinnati, Athens, Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, and all parts in between you can find great local music and some of the most talented musicians you will find anywhere. To prove my point I am going to introduce you to Joe Vitale Jr. from Canton, OH. Joe is a multi-instrumentalist playing Guitars, Drums, Synthesizers, Percussion, as well as being a Producer, Songwriter, and Vocalist. Wow, put that on a resume. Vitale comes by his talent honestly, his father is Rock & Roll Drummer Joe Vitale who has played with Rock legends Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Joe Walsh, and the Eagles to name a few. According to his bio Joe spent the majority of his childhood growing up around these Rock greats soaking up everything around him. In 2008 Vitale Jr. released the CD titled “Dancing with Shadows” and the hit single of the same name. Joe played many of the instruments on the album with some help from his Dad Joe Vitale and David Santos playing Bass on many of the tracks as well as Tom Bukovac playing Lead Guitar on the tune “I Only Need You.”

Vitale Jr takes his Rock influences and combines them with an Electronic-Industrial groove for a unique sound. I think Joe’s bio puts it best, “The best way to think of Joe's sound is "The Who" meets "Nine Inch Nails.” The album begins with the tune “I Don’t Belong Here” and features Vitale Jr. on Guitar and Vocals with his father playing Drums, Synthesizers, and Backup Vocals. The song shows a little of Joe’s rebellious side. The first verse reads, “I’m just a stranger lost in the city, passing by all the towers of glass. I’m goin out on the town, I’m getting reckless and wild, I’m gonna blow all my money like a prodigal child.” I can relate! The next song on the CD called “BREAK!” is a heavier tune that has that classic rock/industrial we talked about earlier; Joe’s Guitar skills are on full display on this song, it’s a great tune! Another one of my favorite tunes on the album is the title track “Dancing with Shadows.” The song has a great groove and one of the best Guitar riffs on the CD.

The song “Beautiful Girl” is about leaving your inhibitions at the door and taking a chance at the beautiful chick in the corner; it’s a track I think every guy can relate too. “I walked into the unexpected just to see what I’d find and there she was, just sittin in the corner, playin with her ice. I had to take a chance and left pretension, I took a roll of the dice.” I’m guessing Joe has no problem with the ladies however. The song “I Only Need You” shows Vitale’s softer side and features Tom Bukovac on Guitar. Next up is a rockin nugget that reminds me of the band Queensryche and features Joe on every instrument; this is my favorite tune on the CD, it freakin ROCKS! The song “It’s Not Me It’s You” gives folks a glimpse into Joe’s since of humor and it’s followed by “Mysterious” and gets back to what Vitale does best, hard pounding Rock & Roll. One of the best lines on the CD is featured on this tune, “You’ve got your plans, Life’s demands in your hands, but you never know what lies ahead.” This is a killer tune!

The song “Never Give Up” is one of the songs that really combines Vitale’s Rock background with his admiration for the Industrial/Techno grooves. Vitale’s video for the song was the Best Music Video winner at the 2011 Canton Film Festival. One look at the video and you will see why it was a hit at the film festival, it is visually stunning. In addition to producing the record, Vitale also directed and produced the video. “Along with being a musician I am also a cinematographer & director. I always strived to make visually interesting, creative and compelling music videos & films.” I have to say it was a job well done. “By the Shoreline” is a beautiful tune and is a love song of sorts; it’s one of those tunes where you can close your eyes and reminisce of your time on the shoreline getting it on with your honey. Ah, memories!

The final three songs on the album are heavy handed Rock gems that leave you wanting more. “Infectious” and “You Make Me Fell Alive” more than any tunes on the CD has that Nine Inch Nails thing going and is guaranteed to get the blood flowing. The final tune called “Fight It or Self Destruct” is a fist pumping tune that encourages us to hit life’s struggles head on. The course goes, “Fight it or self destruct, Fight it or self destruct, when life is crushin you down just plant your feet on the ground and fight it or self destruct.” Hell yeah, great advise Joe!

The CD “Dancing with Shadows” is a great listen and I recommend adding it to your music collection. Joe has been hard at work assembling a great band and is currently - Buckeye Music Magazine Review

"Tower Records Artist Review - MAY 9th, 2011"

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I have been asked a few times on how I choose who is a “Tower Records Profile Artist.” First, this is not something that I pick out of a hat or random – I believe that these are artists that capture what Tower Records is about and hope will be again. Please note that

As a courtesy, I contact the artist to request permission first before taking artistic license with their images (and to also make sure all licenses are cleared). I have never had one turn us down yet.

What about the images?
Usually these are recreated from photos of the artist and are my interpretation of this artist. For an example here is the thought process below:
Joe Vitale, Jr. – The first time you hear the name you most likely think of his dad…Joe’s talent is real based on individual merit not from his family name…the image is flashy but, to me, only covers the musician in Joe. It is contradictory to his humbleness and closeness to family and friends. - Tower Records Artist Review

"Cleveland Plain Dealer Review - JULY 14th, 2010"

Teach your children: As a child, Joe Vitale Jr. grew up in the shadows of his dad, who for years played with rock 'n' roll giants (Joe Walsh... See More; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Dan Fogelberg; the Eagles). Today, the Canton native is following in his father's footsteps recording and playing out. "At the moment, I'm putting together a band for my record 'Dancing With Shadows,' which is released at the end of 2008," said Vitale, a 1996 Jackson High School graduate. "I refer to it as industrial classic rock. It's rock 'n' roll with a lot of electronic edge to it. It's The Who-meets-Nine Inch Nails but with cleaner lyrics. I also play with tribute band OHIO: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. My dad, Joe Vitale, plays with Crosby, Stills & Nash. He's actually out with them now, so I started playing with them because I kind of grew up with the music from my dad playing it all through my youth and knowing all of the songs. I thought it would be a lot of fun, and also I play the character of my dad. So it's kind of surreal." OHIO: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is scheduled to play at 9 p.m. Saturday at the Winchester Tavern & Music Hall, 12112 Madison Ave., Lakewood. Tickets are $15. Call 216-226-5681
Written by: John Benson - Cleveland Plain Dealer


Albums & Singles"

2014 "Above the Fathoms"
2014 "The Keeper"
2013 "Live It Up"
2013 "I Live for the Weekend"
2013 "Encryption Soundtrack"
2012 "The Virulent Strain"
2011 "Talk to Me"
2010 "Jingle Jingle"
2008 "Dancing With Shadows"


2005: Stephen Stills, "Man Alive" LP (winner of the Humanitarian Award from UNICEF for "Feed the People)


Music Software:
Sony Media Software: Loop libraries (Latin Percussion, Junkyard Rhythms, Organ Donor, Vitale Drums: The Vitale Collection) for ACID.


2012 Soundtrack: "Encryption"
2011 Soundtrack: "Making Friends"
2011 Soundtrack: "The Teacher's Lounge"
2010 Soundtrack: Stone Productions, movie "SAFE"


2012 Director, film "Encryption" -- winner, Best Short Film/Drama, Canton Film Festival
2011 Director of Photography: Stone Productions. "SAFE"
2011 Director, music video "So In Like With You" "Once Upon a Summer", Morgan May
2011 Director/star, music videos intoxicates, alive, it's not me it's you
2010 Director/star, music video "Never Look Back"-- winner, Best Music Video, Canton Film Festival


2013 Speaker: Capital University music engineering and recording, songwriting
2007 and 2008 NAMM: Key Speaker/Sony Creative Software process of conceptualizing and directing music videos


2013 Host of Joe Vitale Jr Sound Factory on 95.9FM WNPQ



Facebook Likes: Over 10k+
Twitter Followers: Over 9k+
Winner of 2015 Akron-Canton Hot List Best Local Bands
Winner of 2014 Ohio Music Awards "Best Rock Song"
Winner of 2014 Akron-Canton Hot List Best Local Bands
Winner of 2013 Album of the Year at
"It's Not Me, It's You" & "She Intoxicates" aired on "Local Ambition" Reality TV Show
Show includes full high power computer controlled LASER Light show
Joe is endorsed by MOOER Audio, PositiveGrid, Sony Creative Software

Electric / Acoustic: 4-5 Members
Solo Acoustic: 1 Member

Akron Aeros Stadium
Akron Civic Theatre
Ballyhoo Music Festival
Canton First Friday Festival
Hard Rock Rocksino
Jackson Community Celebration
Lock 3 Amphitheater
Lorain Ribs on the River Festival
Jackson Community Celebration
Kent Stage
Malone University
Ohio State Fair
Rockin' on the River
Rockin' Resort Music Festival
Streetsboro Family Days Festival
University of Mount Union


This is Joe Vitale Jr's driving force. For the past decade, Joe has been clawing his way through the jungle-like terrain of the music sceneeven if it means he has to crawl. But one things for certain-- with his blend of classic rock and modern rock, and a sweet dash of "signature Joe", this musician is poised to lead the aural revolution.

This isn't cookie-cutter music from a sound-a-like artist. Joe Vitale Jr is unique - out-of-the-box honesty with no B.S. Joe has taken life's knocks-- heartache, disappointment,falsehoods, doubt and frustration-- rolled-up his sleeves, and turned it all into a message of rockin' positivity with his debut album "Dancing with Shadows". Its an album nine-years in the making and worth the wait. "Fight It or Self Destruct", "I Don't Belong Here", "Mysterious", "Never Look Back", and "Break!" perfectly relays his missive of triumph over adversity. With fist-pumping rejuvenation you can hear yourself sing along: "You can't stop what you can't control/You can't stop me/I never will self-destruct!"...  Find yourself identifying with: a relationship gone bad-- the breakup anthem "It's Not Me It's You"; the pursuit of the alluring lady of your dreams with "Beautiful Girl"; that special someone whos become your addiction with "You Make Me Feel Alive"; with people that have judgments and preconceived notions, with the title track "Dancing With Shadows".

Joe's positivity, his Faith & beliefs are woven throughout this critically acclaimed album. Music is in his blood. Maybe literally. This multi-instrumentalist is the son of legendary rock drummer Joe Vitale, and spent his early years cutting his teeth on the road with Joe Walsh, The Stephen Stills Blues Band, & Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The revolution is expanding His award-winning, self-directed video for "Never Look Back" has over 300-thousand YouTube views. He has over 11-thousand Facebook fans & over 10-thousand Twitter followers.
Joe is currently touring & working on his follow-up album & hosting his weekly radio show on WNPQ 95.9FM The Light.

2005: Stephen Stills, "Man Alive" LP (Winner of the Humanitarian Award from UNICEF for "Feed the People)

Music Creation:
Sony Media Software: Loop libraries (Latin Percussion, Junkyard Rhythms, Organ Donor, Vitale Drums: The Vitale Collection) for ACID.
2012 Soundtrack: "Encryption"
2011 Soundtrack: "Making Friends"
2011 Soundtrack: "The Teacher's Lounge"
2010 Soundtrack: Stone Productions, movie "SAFE"

2014 Director, Music Video "Mysterious"
2012 Director, film "Encryption" - Winner, Best Short Film/Drama, Canton Film Festival
2011 Director of Photography: Stone Productions. "SAFE"
2011 Director, music video "So In Like With You" - Morgan May
2011 Director, music video "Once Upon a Summer" - Morgan May
2011 Director/star, Joe Vitale Jr Live Music Videos
2010 Director/star, music video "Never Look Back" - Winner, Best Music Video, Canton Film Festival

2013 Speaker: Capital University music engineering, producing & recording
2007 & 2008 NAMM: Key Speaker/Sony Creative Software process of conceptualizing & directing music videos

2013 & 2014 Host of Joe Vitale Jr Sound Factory on 95.9FM WNPQ

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