Joey Barnes

Joey Barnes

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA


“I’m stepping out, no turning round…” croons Joey Barnes in his song
“The Wire (Act One)”. The native of Greensboro, NC released his
third solo EP, Change, through Nascent Republic Records in February.
Featured on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown, a portion of the EP goes directly
to NextAid, where the proceeds are helping build a community center
in the slums of Nairobi. Change follows previously released Always
and Second Chances. The albums were recorded during breaks from his
touring and recording schedule with multi-platinum and award winning
rock band Daughtry, of which he was a member from 2007-2010. Beyond
writing his own music, Joey uses his talents to produce music for
other artists on the Nascent Republic label and beyond.

Joey’s abilities are becoming more widely known around the world, as
he was chosen to be sponsored by Vic Firth drumsticks and Paul Reed
Smith guitars. He is also a featured artist on Matchless Music, an
independent music placement company, and has songs in rotation on
iHeartRadio’s New! Uncover and Discover station. Joey’s music was
also chosen by Pandora Internet Radio to have its own station. In
addition, his albums can be found on over 40,000 TouchTunes jukeboxes
across the country.

Watching Joey perform onstage makes one realize the difference
between a regular musician and a true artist. The passion he emits
while playing makes you appreciate the honesty behind every note.
“And honesty,” Joey maintains, “be it pretty or brutal, is something
that’s contagious. People dig that.” He concedes that he has no
problem getting onstage and bleeding for hours during a performance.
It’s this type of rare quality that sets Joey apart from the majority
of the music industry today. His humble confidence and desire to
stay true to himself as opposed to what’s popular with the mainstream
is going to give him the longevity to stay in the spotlight as long
as he desires.

With his talent, intellect, and creative drive… Joey Barnes truly is
destined for the sky.

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Written By: Joey Barnes

I dropped by your place today
and I wrote down what I had to say
but I forgot to bring that page
well I can't put it any other way

I just wanted to be with you today
but not this way
I just came to see your smiling face
I love your face

Can we sit down for a while?
I know I've been gone and long, long time
just give me one chance and I'll make you see
that I was meant for you and you were meant for me

I just wanted to be with you today but not this way
I just came to see your smiling face
I love your face

well I know that this seems crazy but that's how you make me feel
so I will beg of you to save me
because I love you still
I don't wanna hurt you baby
you know that time will heal
you're turning away, give us a chance
what do you say?

I dropped by your place today
you said you didn't....feel the same
you don't feel the same

I just wanted to be with you today
but not this way
I just came to see your smiling face
I love your face

I miss your face....always


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