Joey Bravo

Joey Bravo

BandEDMHip Hop

imagine a time and place you wish you could go back to, that's my performance, you'll always remember it and want to go back.


From early on Joey was influenced by the sound of the 4/4 kick and the cocknball sounds rumbling from the underground. He picked up his first crystal method album by chance in 1998, and although he knew what "techno" was he didn't fully grasp the concept of the pure emotion and excitement that was transpiring in-between his koss portapro headphones. He was hooked, and started on his path as a young padawan heading down the alluring path of becoming a dj. Step by Step, day by day he has picked his influences, and built his arsenal. Fortifying his House Style, And the dreaded Breakbeat Style. Along with the path he has made many a friend and foe. He has realized his village is fool harty with many a fellow warriors fighting for territory and honor.

In 2008 he was donned with the moniker JOEY BRAVO, and taken under master Knightchild's wing to learn the art of b-boy stance and the melt your face off bass technique. He takes a much of the been there done that, but heard that, loved it! In 2008 he also joined fighting forces with