Joey Chrisman

Joey Chrisman


Joey is a lyricist and a poet. His paramount riffs, addictive melodies, and haunting, yet relatable, lyrics make him who he is. During the past ten years Joey has played rock, folk, and country. He lives to share his passion for spoken word and the beauty of music with the world. Music is his heart.


Joey Chrisman, the son of a country boy, grew up listening to good, old fashioned western music. His dad would strum on his acoustic guitar in the likes of Eddie Rabbit, Jim Croce, and John Denver. Joey got his first guitar when he was eight and after years of observing his dad play, he was a quick learner.

Joey’s dad would find him up at night writing his own songs at ten years old, but Joey had taken a slight turn from his roots. He didn't pick up country, but the songs he writes tell stories and convey emotion the way country music does.

"Writing a song is such a weird thing to me. It drives me crazy at times. I become obsessed with writing lyrics. I am still up in the middle of the night with a piece of paper and pen. I don’t think I have gotten a full night’s sleep in fourteen years. It has become the biggest part of my life; it consumes me."

Joey played with a band for several years and recorded several albums. His experiences in the studio and on the stage have made him a stronger musician and solidified his plans for becoming a professional musician despite the setbacks.


The Headache: Airs on x103.9 Local Band Spotlight Monthly.

Woe, Anyhow Anymore, Lonely Days, Dope Sick, and Under the Gun are streaming on Myspace.

Set List

Joey's sets are a 30 min. mix compiled of eight of the following twelve songs:

Live, Hate, Learn
Who's Gonna Love You Like I Do
Cold Pizza
Don’t Make it Harder