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Joey D

Orlando, Florida, United States

Orlando, Florida, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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Down on the Farm is my first CD I put together with the help of my nephew Jeff. He plays the drums on a few tracks and was a great inspiration.



My main influence and favorite band is The Beatles. Of course, there are lots of others from around the same time period that have influenced me, too. However, I'm not stuck in the past and there are quite a few new artists that I really like; Staind, Godsmack, Matchbox 20, and a few others. Some other influences are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, ZZ Top, Cat Stevens, The Who, Wings, Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, AC/DC, John Fogerty, Bee Gees, Foghat, Black Sabbath, Hall & Oats, and so many others.

Listen to the song called Semper Fi. It's a tribute to my Uncle Tom who just died of cancer. You might like it. I have to thank my friend Steve Hall, the producer of the song, and his wife Shelly for their friendship, support and eagerness to work on this project. And, thanks to all their good friends for lending their time, energy and creativity to my Uncle Tom project. Their efforts are truly appreciated. A special thanks to Mark for his wonderful vocals.

There was so much good energy flowing during the recording even though there were many distractions. We were less than an hour into the session when I got the call that my uncle had died. Instantly the mission was clear and we were on our way to recording a great tribute to my Uncle Tom.

Triumph becomes Tradgedy & Tradgedy becomes Triumph . And the music continues on...

I've been playing guitar for about 20 years or so and recently picked up a piano and teaching myself to play and having a blast with it. It's really sparked my creativity and I've written a few songs on it. I'm not a master of any particular instrument but I think I'm dangerous enough with a few of them that you might actually enjoy some of the songs. I sure enjoyed recording all of them.

But, you'll have to pardon the quality of the recordings, (except for Semper Fi). My equipment is cheap and I live alone so there's nobody to help me punch in or out. So, all my recordings have to be played in one take all the way thru. I have to hit the record button and then run to the instrument to start playing! If only I had the time...I think with the help of some good friends...some of these songs might actually have some appeal. Let me know what you think!

For what seems like forever, I've made up tunes in my head and it never seems to stop. I always seem to have it in my head. Sometimes I'll run to the guitar or piano and start banging it out. If I don't record it quickly I'm sure to forget it the next day!

I sometimes get lucky with lyrics but it's hit and miss. I collaborated with some friends on a few songs and I think they've really turned out well. And, I'm loving it!