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The best kept secret in music


"Fan Reviews from CB Baby (as of 8/18/06)"

Love it
Reviewer: Stacie
Love it - very talented.

Reviewer: Marietta
It rocked! I wish there were more songs. What is it with the DeGraw Boys? Both amazing artists, and yet so different! I haven't taken Midnight Audio or Chariot out of my cd player since I bought them. Keep making awesome music, would love to see you both on tour together. (hint: ALBANY) :)

Everyone needs this CD
Reviewer: Jan
Stumbled across Joey DeGraw by accident, but I wish it had happened sooner. I love Midnight Audio and have played it over and over since receiving it. Hope to hear more from him soon!! Thanks for the wonderful music, Joey!

Reviewer: Ruth
this CD doesn't have a bad song on it, i didn't have to skip a single track, the whole album is brilliant

Shame on you!!!
Why is Joey DeGraw not huge? Obviously, there are a lot of people in the record industry who are not doing their jobs. Seems like they are too busy trying to shove these worthless childish hacks in our faces and have forgotten about talent, music, and originality... which is what seperates Joey DeGraw form the pack. I bought the record after he blew my mind at a live performance in New York and now I don't ever want to stop listening. Thank you Joey, you are a gift to us all.

Reviewer: Amanda
this cd is awesome! ive heard a few songs on his myspace but i fell in love with every song on this cd, thats rare for me haha! good job joey!

love it
Reviewer: Kelly Humphries
good songs with great feeling. definitely been enjoying this cd non-stop since arrival. nice job.

Absolutely Amazing
Reviewer: Erica Loves It
I.Am.Addicted. This CD is truly a work of art and I recommend it to everyone. BUY yourself a copy and buy some new friends by buying them a copy of it, too! :) xoxo, Erica

Really great work from a true artist
Reviewer: annee
wow, where do I start? the cd arrived for a week ago and I just cant get enough of it. its really good:) finally a musician who knows what he's doing. those people doesnt show up very often. thank you joey for taking care of my ears (",) love u man. annee.

Reviewer: Cathy Davis
I bought this for my son(21), but he wanted me to listen to it too, we share a lot of the same musical taste, doesn't really matter the genre but as long as it sounds good. Well I love this cd, it is awesome. I'm glad he wanted this and shared it with me. Now I have to get one too. Thanks CD Baby for having awesome music. Now get some more of Josh McMillan's Cherry Pie in for us. J/J, No for real.

Joey is Fabulous!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Jessie
This CD is great from start to finish! It's one that you can listen to from the beginning without switching tracks to find a 'good song'. They are all great! Pure musical genius.... it must be in the DeGraw bloodline:)

this is a great cd!!
Reviewer: colleen
best cd ever that i bought!

Lovin' it!
Reviewer: Sofie
Really lovin' it!What is it with the DeGraw Boys...? Both amazing artists! And so different! Love Joey's raw voice! xXx

Unlike anything else out there.
Reviewer: Vanessa
Midnight Audio is so different from anything else out there....If you are content with the crap that's hot on the top 40 right now, then you might not like this cd, but if you are ready to hear some really outstanding music with thought provoking lyrics, amazing guitar, and a voice that could sooth a crack ho in rehab, then I recommend this cd.

Amazing album!
Reviewer: Lauren
I am absolutely addicted to this album! It's one of those that you love every song and can listen to over and over again without getting tired of. Highly recommend it...

As Tony the Tiger would say "GRRRREEEEAAATTT!!!!!"
Reviewer: Anne
Good shit, keep the music coming Joey!

The antedote to horrible music
Reviewer: Panhia Yang
Joey DeGraw is comes raw, fast, and hard. His vocals are brutally beautiful. His ability to emote is clear and consistent throughout the album. Lyrics are tragic and envelopes more than mere "language". It envelopes the soul if Joey DeGraw.

Reviewer: Malinda
I love every song on this CD. So happy I have added it to my collection. It is a must have. Joey ROCKS!!

Reviewer: David
This is a great album from start to finish. I can't think of another album I can say that about. You really don't want to skip any songs. He's amazing. I am very anxious to get my hands on some of the acoustic versions of the songs like they are on his website. I saw him perform in NYC this month and I was totally blown away!!! I am a fan for life and want to do everything I can to show him off to people.

Reviewer: Kelly
Basically, in a nut shell, the CD is amazing! :-D

Why did I have to find this kid on my own?
Reviewer: Sony UK
The music industry (that I work in) never ceases to amaze me. That is, how could someone this good and original, and, that already has a famous sir name via his younger brother, pop artist Gavin DeGraw, not be a tool of easy income for an opportunistic industry? I can't answer the question, but I can ask it. I would even be willing to say that Joey's music has more obvious hooks than that of his younger brother, although the only things that seem to be similiar in their music, is that they are both accessible to a wide group of people, and they both hold melody in a high place. Joey is certainly more edgy, agressive and thought provoking. I am giving this record, and more importantly, this artist five stars that are well deserved... I would have given him six if I could have.

Kick back and relax!!!
Reviewer: Kincade
It took a couple of times of listening to the cd to warm up to it but after hearing it twice all the way through I love every song on the album. It's upbeat and pure!

definitely impressed
Reviewer: jill
i was definitely impressed by this cd...i must admit to being a gavin fan and when i heard his brother had a cd i jumped to get it. it's been playing on repeat in my car since i received it 2 weeks ago. i'm so looking forward to catching a live show in the city sometime.

The cd is great. i love it so much :D
Reviewer: Bianca
Hey. Love the cd. But i knew that, other wise i wouldnt have bought it.And a big thanks to cdbaby for being so great. I would love to buy cd´s from you another time.

CD is awesome
Reviewer: Sara Jacobs
Midnight Audio is amazing! Great voice, great lyrics. AND I love that bro Gavin sings harmony in a few songs too!

Reviewer: Kassy
This cd is great! Joey has an amazing voice and writes great lyrics. I would recommend it to anybody!

Reviewer: Sarah
Midnight Audio is so incredibly amazing. It's got a little edge to it, but not over the top. Perfect to listen to no matter the mood you're in. The songs have a way of getting stuck in your head, and make you crave more. Joey DeGraw is one of the most real and talented musicians out there!

The best album to chill to ever!
Reviewer: Wendy
I love this album so much that every night I get home from work I play it to chill out! Joey is an exceptionally talented artist and the talent certainly runs in the family. It is great to hear such a different but amazing sound from another of the DeGraws!

addicted to midnight audio
Reviewer: Lisa
Midnight Audio is such an awesome cd. I can't imagine anyone not loving it. It's so refreshing to hear new music other than the typical stuff that's played on the radio. Midnight Audio is a must buy!!!

This CD will stand the test of time!!!!
Reviewer: Melanie
It's hard to describe this CD in words but I think it is really amazing. I just got it yesterday and I have listened to the whole thing about 5 times already. Joey really hit the nail on the head with this whole CD and I think we have only seen the beginning.

LOVE IT!!!!!!
Reviewer: Becki
Midnight Audio is such a good album! The guitars, sound awesome through-out! Everything about the songs are fantastic.. the melodies, the lyrics, the VOICE!! i find myself constantly humming the songs. I love it. Makes me feel good just listening to it!!

Reviewer: Carissa
This CD is absolutely phenomenal! I can listen to every song on it over and over. The lyrics, the music, his voice -- it all rocks!

joey degraw midnight audio rocks
Reviewer: Madeleine
I love joey`s cd. it is perfect. just love it. cant stop listening to it. like now it is in my car but I am sick so I cant get it feel sad about that! Cant wait to hear the songs again. I am probably his only fan in norway. and I am proud of knowing his music.

Reviewer: MShell
Midnight Audio is an amazing CD!!! Every single song on it is a hit. I can leave it in my CD player for weeks without taking it out and never get tired of listening to it. Joey DeGraw has a voice to die for and makes this CD something you can't live without!! Each Song is a little different then the next, it is a great combination of songs. BUY IT!!!!

Reviewer: MidnightDreamer
Midnight Audio is an amazing blend of heartfelt lyrics, edgy music, and beautiful vocals that leaves you wanting more. You won't ever want to put this cd back into the case.

Words cannot describe how awesome this cd is
Reviewer: Marcia(ctjoeyfan)
Very few artists nowadays put together a cd that you can listen to from start to finish without hitting skip. Joey Degraw is one of these people. I highly recommend Midnight Audio to anyone who wants to hear great melodies with hardcore lyrics.

Rock at its Finest
Reviewer: SELENA
Midnight Audio is rock at its best--from the minute you press play it takes you through an array of sounds and lyrics that define what music should be.

“Midnight Audio”, by Joey DeGraw is a sensational album
Reviewer: DJCRANE (click for website)
“Midnight Audio”, by Joey DeGraw is a sensational album that you must have. His music is a fusion of rock from the 60’s and 70’s, with lyrics that people today can relate to. This album includes potential number 1 hits; such as “Tragedy”, “I Found My Way”, “Sunny”, and many more. "Midnight Audio", available exclusively on Joey Buy your copy now! Well what are you waiting for? Get connected to, and buy your copy today!

Reviewer: Julie
Raw, honest, and beautiful...that's right I said beautiful.

Complilation of lyrics from the soul of Joey DeGraw
Reviewer: Brittany
Listening to this CD, I can't help but feel that Joey DeGraw is opening a part of himself up for all the world to see on this record. I can push play and listen to the whole album all the way until the last second ticks down on the last track.

The lovely Joey DeGraw!
Reviewer: Jenny
I waited for 2-3 months to get my hands on that cd. I sat infront of the computer for 18 hours, waiting for the release. Waited a month to get the cd delivered. It's here. And I'd wait all over again! It is like magic! His wonderful voice and those easy but deep lyrics has made it to my heart and they are there to stay. I'd wait to the end of the world to get my cd, but right now I'm mostly glad 'cus I already have it! Thank you Joey, thank you!

A rocking, ROCKING CD!!
Reviewer: Leigh Ann
The songs on Midnight Audio are simply excellent rock songs. The lyrics are honest and sincere, and the music behind them simply rocks. The guitar solos are to die for. Love, love the CD and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves good music.

Midnight Audio: a display of passion.
Reviewer: Debra
Joey DeGraw's debut, Midnight Audio, is an eclectic collection that combines a beautiful, sincere voice with thought-provoking and honest lyrics. Being that I am not a musician, I cannot comment on the technical aspect of the musical composition; however, the guitar parts are bound to evoke emotion. Midnight Audio is a window into the soul of the artist. Every single song is amazing, and that in and of itself is a great accomplishment. It definitely leaves you wanting more.

Still Haven't Taken It Off REPEAT
Reviewer: Addi( xobabiaddi)
I only have a couple of CD's that I listen to from start to finish without skipping any songs, and thanks to Joey I now have another one to add to the collection! His lyrics are simply amazing, and his vocals give me chills! Midnight Audio is a must buy for everyone who enjoys music in general, because you can connect with the emotion of the songs! This CD is deffentially the StandOut CD of the summer 2005.

Completely Original
Reviewer: Leila
This CD separates itself from most everything that is out there today with it's heartfelt lyrics, amazing guitar solos, and it's ability to capture your attention and keep it until every song has been played. This is defintely a CD that anyone could enjoy!!

Joey gives a new edge to the meaning of Rock!
Reviewer: Lexine
I love this CD. It has a different sound that you cant get enough of. Joey did a great job with each song making them sound unique in their own way. Joey's voice sounds so amazing on the CD. I recommend it to anyone who loves rock, so go buy it!

Reviewer: Sharon
You will not want to miss the Midnight Audio Cd. It has wonderful lyrics and the guitar on this cd is great. You'll love Joey's voice and every song on this cd. I can't stop listening to it.

Too amazing to describe
Reviewer: Debbie
Since I got this CD I haven't been able to put it down. I have never owned an album where I really and truly love every single song - finally I can say I do. You need to buy this CD! Joey DeGraw is such an immensely talanted artist - from writing, to playing to singing - he has it all. And so does this CD.

One of my favorites!
Reviewer: Kate
It's one of those cds where you can just open the cover and read the lyrics and know that it's going to be amazing. His lyrics aren't just words, they all have meaning to them that go beyond the melodies, which are catchy, but not cliche. It's definitely worth the buy!

Amazing! Wonderful! Addicting!.....
Reviewer: Stephanie
I put Midnight Audio in my Cd player about a month ago, and it hasn't moved.. It's amazing. The lyrics speak nothing but the truth. Im addicted!

Exceeded all Expectations
Reviewer: Holly
Joey DeGraw impresses with his honest lyrics and unique vocal abilities. The guitar solos remind you that you are listening to authentic rock music; while the variety of subject matter highlights the complexities of this accomplished artist. You will have a hard time putting this CD away!

Reviewer: Luke Bage
My god this CD is totally awesome. There are so many good tracks on the album and a little something on there for all lovers of rock. There are quite a few track which you just seem to have on repeat with your stereo crancked up to full volume. This is a must buy of 2005.

Fans think Midnight Audio's songs speak for themselves.
Reviewer: Nichole (trying2bverbal)
Midnight Audio is the creation of Joey DeGraw, a man whose tell it like it is voice is singing to his already substantial fan base. A fan base that keeps growing and spreading the word of this must-have album. Joey DeGraw is all about the music. He realeased the highly anticipatied Midnight Audio on his own instead of signing to a major record company. His fans know that the songs speak for themselves, that's why they are letting everyone know about it. The lyrics are challenging, and there is a song for everyone in this collection. If the support of his fans from all over the world for this album is any indication of what's to come, than Sunny days are waiting for Joey DeGraw and Midnight Audio.

Reviewer: Steve
Totally Awsome. I don't even know what else to say, I'm speachless a record could be put out this good independently. I guess great songs are just great.

Reviewer: Megan
This is an amazing CD. It is definitely worth it.

Midnight Audio gives a refreshing reminder of what music SHOULD be.
Reviewer: Bethany
In today's industry, where popular music is focused on things such as image, sex appeal, and fame, Joey DeGraw's independent debut CD, Midnight Audio, is something completely different. It gives the listener a much needed reminder of what good music should consist of; great lyrics, incredible instrumentalists, and undeniable talent in general topped off with raw and original vocals. Midnight Audio delivers all of these aspects and more. In short, it's just plain excellent all-around, and a refreshing must have for anyone who is fed up with today's musical focus. Joey DeGraw, simply put, is the real deal.

Solid, unsynthesized, independent rock. Worth every penny!
Reviewer: Parker
It can be said that there is an early-90s quality to Joey DeGraw's sound, not the melodies, but the fact that the music is less orchestrated than a lot of rock today, and that is a good thing. There is nothing overly synthesized about this album and it brings us back to the roots of rock and roll of the 60s and 70s when it was just guitars, drums and vocals. Vocally his sound is very grating and sexy and it sort of hits you right in the chest when he belts out lines such as "You're throwin it all away, girl!" in the song Our Own Time (first track). Joey DeGraw's voice is very deep, very soothing, yet not sleep-inducing. It's a departure from a lot of the higher octave vocals we hear on the radio. I have my favorites on this album (tracks 1, 7 and 9) but could easily listen to each song without wanting to skip it. It's rare to have an album that isn't just two songs and a bunch of filler. For that reason I give this album 5 stars. I would definitely recommend checking this album out if you're a fan of unadulterated rock and sick of the "rock" they give you on the radio.

What real music should be.
Reviewer: Tai
I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this CD. I knew that I liked a couple of songs I'd heard from the artist's website, and I bought the album simply to support him. However, as soon as I popped it in my player, I couldn't take it out. This CD is amazing. Raw lyrics, great melodies, unique style, and what music should be. This CD will make you think, and it'll touch your heart.

Midnight Audio is amazing, with hard hitting lyrics, and is an overall ear catch
Reviewer: Jessica
Midnight audio's lyrics and catchy tunes will have you finding that your playing it all the time! Whichever style of music suits your taste, Midnight Audio will be one of your favorite ear candies.

KickAss CD!
Reviewer: Kellee
Joey's CD is so kickass! You can actually listen to the whole thing all the way through without skipping a song! Every song has meaning! I LOVE IT!

Heartfelt and Inspiring
Reviewer: Courtney
While the name DeGraw may be a familiar one now, Joey's Midnight Audio is a great cd to play while hanging out with friends or bring to the office. Heartfelt and reflective, this cd rocks.

A great modern rock CD that you can't get enough of.
Reviewer: Cameron
The CD is really good. It hasn't come out of my CD player since I got it. The songs are great and Joey's voice is awsome in them. I love every song on the CD, they are each unique in their own way. I am really hooked on this CD right now so go buy it if you haven't gotten it because i know you will love it.

Refreshing sound, original melodies, deep lyrical content
Reviewer: Jayme
Midnight Audio is a great showcase of true talent. Each song has it's own life with deeper lyrical content than any mainstream rock today. From the first track to the last track of the cd there are no songs unworthy enough to skip. GREAT cd and Joey DeGraw's originality makes him one of the greatest independent artists in the music world right now. You will NOT be dissappointed!

Reviewer: Marissa
This CD ROCKS, I bought a copy at a show a few weeks and I haven't stopped listening to it since!

Reviewer: Dana
Midnight Audio is a wonderful CD that you can listen to straight through without skipping a single track. It's great to listen to when you just want to listen to some good, quality music that doesn't have that studio-perfect sound. It also sounds great blasting from your car!

this cd is amazing!
Reviewer: Brittany
Joey DeGraw's Midnight Audio cd is amazing! It shows how much talent he really has. His cd can't be compared to anyone else, he has his own style and that makes it so much better to listen to. This is a CD that you cant get sick of and one that I highly recommend. If you are someone who enjoys lisening to new talent then this cd is perfect for you. go check it out!!

Perfect blend of rock from the heart...
Reviewer: Jess0628
Midnight Audio is the perfect blend of rock coming from the heart of Joey DeGraw. After listening to this nine track cd, people are going to be immediately hooked. Each song keeps you wanting more and when the cd comes to a close with Miracle of Mind, you have no other choice but to listen to it all over again. With the edgy sound, thoughtful lyrics, and rocky voice people are going to set apart once and forall Joey DeGraw from his brother, Gavin DeGraw. If you are looking for the next big thing, be sure to pick up Midnight Audio... Joey will not let you down.

An Awesome CD, everyone should have this CD.
Reviewer: Katie
This CD is great. Joey Degraw shows his talent big time. After this one you know he will be a great artist.If you think of Gavin Degraw when you listen to him, think again. Everyone should have this CD.

AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Katie(butterflykiss)
This Cd is really great!!! I love all the songs on it!!!!!!! Joey has really done a great job on this Midnight Audio. Be sure to get a copy!!! With some great songs like Tragedy, I Found My Way and Sunny you can't go wrong!!!

This cd is one of the best cds i've heard in long time
Reviewer: Pianogirl
Joey DeGraw's Midnight Audio is a well written album. You can tell he really had fun with it. Some songs, like Sunny and Exhtortation, are very light and enjoyable. Other songs, like Tragedy and I Found My Way, are dark and very deep. There are songs on here for every mood, and every person who here's this cd is bound to love it.

Amazing cd, every song is better than the last
Reviewer: Maureen B.
This is one of those cds that you can listen to straight through, not having to skip over any bad songs, because there aren't any. All of the songs are original, yet catchy. Joey DeGraw's voice partnered with the amazing guitar skills makes this a cd you need to have in your collection.

Midnight Audio is simply AMAZING !!!!!
Reviewer: Stephanie Graham
I think Joey DeGraw's CD Midnight Audio is simply AMAZING!!! His voice is unique and all his own. I would recommend this CD to anyone that likes awesome, real music. I think Joey Degraw is very real with his talent and everyone should have the wonderful chance to experience it!!! Thank you, Stephanie Graham.

Classic Rock Never Sounded so Modern
Reviewer: Robin Bunch
Midnight Audio is that rare CD where each track is one you want to listen to. From the opening "Our Own Time," the listener is reminded of what music used to be like and what it should be like. Each songs' lyrics are honest and heartfelt and the music is straight-forward with no fluff. If you're looking for a good 'ole fashioned nothing but rock record, this is the one for you.

Reviewer: George West- Cd Baby
Midnight Audio is a recording that could be the #1 selling album in the country with some exposure. It beats the shit out of Maroon 5, John Mayer, or anyone of those frail attempts by a broken music industry to find an audience and, at the same time, try to pass it off as "real art". The songs have depth and meaning that speak to a lost generation. It's aggressive, driving and edgy, yet gentle and somber at times. Joey's voice is powerful and ripe and sounds like no other. The production is class A, letting the songs do the work, and the guitar work demonstrates technical skill that is wisely tamed by a melodic, musical ear. It is a must own.

Every song on this record is a powerhouse. Why doesn't a big record label hold
Reviewer: beth
Every song on this record is a powerhouse. You don't have to skip any!!! The songs are so well written, the choruses are always at the right time, the guitar playing could teach a teacher, the lyrics are well thought out and have extreme identity, and his voice is fantastic!!! You would think with all the money record labels have, they could give us this, thanks cd baby, and thank you Joey for being a REAL ARTIST!!! - CD BABY


2005 Midnight Audio (available through CD Baby & iTunes)


Feeling a bit camera shy


What makes Joey such a deep writer and overwhelming talent, besides his god given gifts, is that ... it is all about music as an art form. He is a purist and the only young blood in music today that gives me hope". ~ Chris Whitley

Songwriter and singer, Joey DeGraw, grew up surrounded by music. His dad bent towards rock and roll and his extended family jamming country style around a fire pit. He began to play guitar at the age of five and piano at the age of eight. He began writing privately, furiously, and passionately in his teens. He later played in cover bands with his younger brother, recording artist Gavin DeGraw.

After high school, Joey opted to not study "institutionalized creativity". As he puts it, "it was obvious that I was way more interested in writing than anything else, and music school cant teach you how to write great songs." When his confidence began to match his prolific writing he began putting his raw, honest and powerful voice to his songs.

Due to some important chance relationships local musicians started covering his songs and people began to notice his name and talent. Backed by an underground acceptance, Joey decided to take an artistic angle" toward the big business of music... as he says, "I didn't want to be famous, I never felt the need to prove myself as a writer, singer, guitar player, whatever... I only wanted to create what never existed. I have something to say, and it is important for me to say it."

His independent release, Midnight Audio, arrived in the summer of 2005. It is an album that shows keen, honest, witty, and sharp and sarcastic observations of everyday heartbreak, happiness, and disappointments. This album has his sweat all over it; spending endless Midnight Audio hours in NYC at SONY Music Studios, sometimes with the help of some very talented industry insiders helping an underground musician they believed in.

DeGraw has managed to make a name for himself without the backing of a major label. His choice to remain an independent recording artist has not seemed to hinder his success, having big number unit sales and receiving critical acclaim along the way.

He's shared the stage with artists such as: Gavin DeGraw, Joss Stone, Chris Whitley, Michael Tolcher, Pat McGee Band, Ingram Hill and others. Celebrity fans of Joey DeGraw's music include Bruce Springsteen, Brad Pitt, and Hilary Swank.

"One Tree Hill"
- 4/12/06 - Miracle of Mind (EPISODE: I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me)
- 4/19/06 - Our Own Time (EPISODE: Everyday Is a Sunday Evening)

MYSPACE (Live tracks from NYC's Bitter End Residency):


Wayne DeGraw
DeGraw Entertainment Group
PO Box 2006
South Fallsburg, NY 12779

BOOKING (Clubs, Colleges, Festivals):
Robin Hinnant
Milestone Artist Representation
P: 704-778-3040
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AIM: MilestoneAR

Randy M. Eisen
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