Joey Harlow

Joey Harlow


Similar to Richard Marx style.


What sets Joey Harlow apart from most bands is the fact that he has songs which are being used
on major TV networks for major TV shows.

Joey hails from St. Clair Shores, MI , a small town
just outside of Detroit, MI.
He began at the early age of 7 playing talent shows and in his teens played in wedding bands.
By age 20 he joined his first rock & roll group,
traveled with nationally known groups such as
CJ & Co. (Atlantic records), and Ambrosia.
He's recorded in California, Florida, Nashville, Memphis, but most of his studio
work was done in his hometown popularly known as Motown.

After touring for many years, recognition finally came in the form of world-wide airplay on such major television shows as, 'The Pickup Artist' and The Hills', (MTV and VH1), 'Californication', (Showtime), 'CSI', (TNT networks).

We hope you enjoy listening to 'The Joey Harlow Project'
as much as we do presenting it.

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First release LP- The Joey Harlow Project
Yes all tracks have streaming and radio airplay.

Second and latest release: "HEART & SOUL".
Yes all tracks have streaming and radio airplay.

Set List

The set list for club performances consists of 10 songs (covers) with the Joey Harlow Project's
album tracks thrown in for good measure.