Joey Hebdo

Joey Hebdo


Motowns addictive melodies paired with the story-telling of Jack White, that frequently gets intercepted by the passionate positivity of Bob Marley and the vocal acrobats of Robert Plant. I like color and intensity in my tunes, because they allow originality to shine. Polarity is key.


"Adventure-Folk" is the latest moniker from Columbus, Ohio born and glazed musician Hebdo.
Well placed in the pits of modern day musics struggle to hold on to something unspoiled and unforgettable.

Hebdo is a mid-west native that wasn't really born at the right time in history and still works hard to find out where the people of his time went.
Two early submergences in life have shaped him thus far.
A strong Lebanese culture during his childhood, that allowed for exploration throughout suburban America,
preceded by many years spent in an Appalachian paradise that taught him how to bring it all back home to his nations core.
Polarity is key; and diversity is inevitable,
drawing influences from artists like Robert Plant, Andrew Bird, The Temptations, the Beatles, and his Grandfather.
Needless to say he's all about vocal melodies and appears more often than not as an energetic solo acoustic performer, but even more recently he’s been known to appear with a four piece local super-group packed with three part harmonies and an edge too sharp to mention.

His first self-release "un EP" was received with avid praise and respect while he spent the following 9 months on the road touring coast to coast.
All recorded tracks on “UnEP” are live single takes that lend a hand (bear witness) to his inventive style of Adventure-Folk.

This past winter he returned to Columbus after a year and a half of swimming in and out of the vertical pacific coast, experiencing every type of persona and craft he could get his hands on. It was a real time of growth for Hebdo being welcomed with such open, and sometimes opposing, arms in L.A., San Fran, & Portland. Upon returning to the midwest he locked-up and recorded his first self-released full-length album "Prosciutto".
All takes were recorded live in analog to 2-inch tape and with well known engineer/producer Josh Antonuccio involved, the selected songs were able to meet their full potential. Sure enough, the endlessly creative studio venture proved far beyond what he had imagined. Largely respected praise met the anticipation of “Prosciutto’s” arrival this past summer.
He works hard to move culture along.

A new Live Album recorded "at Rumba Cafe", has been released this Summer 2010. It showcases the powerfully recent 4-piece thats forcing folks to put their helmets back on.

Live shows consist of an energetic and magnetizing Hebdo that’s had 10 years of experience on the stage. Using dynamics and vocal acrobats to swoon and cradle his listeners, he can work a crowd like no one else at his level of professionalism. Teens to Geriatrics have been seen attending his show, but those ranging from 18-25 years of age are his largest, most solid, fanbase.


Think You

Written By: Joey Hebdo

Forcing the faucet to give up the drip
is like packing up boxes of shoes that still fit.
Do what you’ve done and you get what you’ve got.
I said become become what you’re not.
Much like a lady who fell from her crutch,
A thousand before, it was never enough.
Too many years in one line, lose your soul,
and you forget forget what you know
I don’t know,
what you think you thought you saw,
But that’s not all,
You don’t know one side of me from the next,
But try your best.
Aint it funny my insides become electrified.
Testing 2 3, my tounges waving,
Quickly side to side
Is a big lonely mess where you’ve stopped ?
and are you sure yet if you prefer the hot
and steamy wet summer that is bound last,
or the thick cold that will test your ass ?
Thinking of winter how cold it can get,
but pull me away now before it upsets
the prettiest thoughts of the sun that I’ve got.
I said shivering shivering..aaahhh
I don’t know,
What you think you thought you saw,
But that’s not all,
You don’t know who you think you thought you were,
You’re so unsure
You don’t know one side of me from the next,
But try your best.
Aint it funny my insides become electrified,
Testing 2 3, my tounges waving,
Gently side to side.
Choosing a channels’ like sewing a button.
My closest friends have no idea where they’re going,
and some of them have an even tinnier clue
of what knowing your soul can do.
Much like a lady who fell from her crutch,
A thousand before, it was never enough.
Too many years in one line, lose your soul,
And you forget forget what you know

I Will Find You

Written By: Joey Hebdo

When in comparison with the rest of those I dare to tempt,
you find some way around all of the snares I set to lure you in.
You’re getting better at not bringing me up while you talk discreetly,
about time as if it knew what you don’t really want it to.

Come on come on and see, you can’t escape from me
Enemies we’ve been, you’re my strangest friend.
Swifter than the tide, but you always leave something behind you.
I will find you.

You make it easy for someone like me to live this life low-key,
Hesitant again again, and often more than less you tend to
Treat me as I’m dangerous and likely to cause scandals plus,
I interfere with hopes you have; because of fear you don’t look back.

Come on come on and see, you can’t escape from me
Tell you as once before, you’re the sand babe and I’m the shore
Swifter than the tide, but you always leave something behind you.
I will find you.

Cold In The West

Written By: Joey Hebdo

You gotta get that heart into the water before it dries up and starts to wither,
But you can’t hold on cuz that aint real
So you better take off before you lose the feel.
Do you really know the difference between standing up and sittin down all day,
But you cant hold on cuz that ain’t real,
So you better prod off before you lose the feel
And if it gets dark then you can do your best,
That’s alright, that’s ok
Feel it on the wind just like you always wanted to
Give your zodiac a chance
You cant dance around what’s already been written down
So you better take off cuz that aint real.(But you cant hold on cuz that ain’t real)
And your gonna find out just how you really feel
But if it gets dark then you can do your best
Because lord it gets cold in the west
No one told you it gets cold in the west
I said lord it gets cold in the west

Verbal Pool Pass

Written By: Joey Hebdo

Hit me like an earthquake, broke me like a baby, I couldn’t move
The spoon that she had served with didn’t even surface till we were through
And it seems so unfair all of a sudden, I’m not yet prepared to hurt my own lover
She became a potion I drank her like the ocean, gathered my nerve.
Do I lose a real friend so my mind can pretend I’m satisfied.
it seems so unfair all of a sudden, I’m not yet prepared to hurt my own lover.
Oh I should have known that there wasn’t a thing I could do to keep from losing my girl
And yet still I didn’t even care.
Just give a lofty hello and keep movin young fella or your dead
If life follows my next one there will be a return, my second chance
Exploding all my innards, my organs turn to bluebirds my skins on fire
Never has a woman made me lose my poems
So I speak between gasps for no real reason,
while my verbal pool pass goes more out of season


Written By: Joey Hebdo

Shoop shoop I found my baby hidin ‘bove me I’m neath the shay tree now we got another horn to blow. Shoot shoot at my baby bring her down here I take full blame for chasin her up before I set her free.
Sendin letters without addresses, brake our watches and forget how time passes.
I been gone chewin up the asphalt, come back babe come and take you away.
Peelin fruit and dodging beggars, climbin on the roofs and callin out to our neighbors.
I come to you a dreaded mess and you make me turn down my electric fence, then we’ll start from th bottom and hurry through the briar bush to make our stew, then buy a book and comb our hair of others drama you know they never cared, I said when we leavin ?
I ain’t goin alone, we’ll eat prosciutto and befriend vendolo’s

Where is the Love

Written By: Joey Hebdo

I hack and I swing, I swing and I chop
Its not a pile yet babe but its still a lot.
Enough for my heart and my mind to agree, that swallowing blades is like being with me.
And this isn’t the first time that I’ve come between you and a sane life
Now that please agree, and I don’t deserve you, to me you’re a queen.
I’ve watched you tame lions without baring your teeth.
Where is the Love

My skull is thick and full of thoughts, at times I recall those times it seems I forgot.
Thinking is not safe, it’s a shield none the less, from all of the games you play,
I’ve placed all my bets, now I’m betting on you, deciding against the myth that is ours, that is our future tense, and wounds we’re aware of are going to heal
But cutting the heart out, no more beat, no more feel.

Come For Me

Written By: Joey Hebdo

Trouble you’re in trouble, left abandoned, stuck inside a raft with four large mammals, got no plan. One has got a wound and two are hungry, one can finish two yet one awaits to eat all three.
Come for me I’m lost at sea
Gotta stay away now from the tiger, sometime very soon allow your mind to be the driver, think of hwo you want it to start from here ride it like a rapid until thoughts become more clear.
Livin on the ocean might seem easy everything is fine until your waves contend with me,
Livin on the ocean might seem easy, everyone’s alive until your waves offend the breeze.

See Things

Written By: Joey Hebdo

I really like the way that you see things, it gives me ideas and lets me float away.
I really like the way that you see things, it never really mattered if we shared the same DNA.
A is for the name, that passed along yesterday, but in my mind I see, the smile behind the teeth. The ice will melt the wood will rot we work so hard to tie these knots its an unbelievable feat by design.
The dust and smoke fill our laugh astrology is now a jar of ash I think its time we got this man a box, the gold will split silver will not, for just one minute I forgot where exactly you were headed to, the promised land.

The Cure

Written By: Joey Hebdo

I think you need something new.
Way past the realm of confusion.
At birth we live and death we die.
In between is where we lie.

You say it’s a hurt no one deserves.
The kickings’ so real, oh it feels good.
Pick it up and run.
Keep on runnin towards the sun.

I have found the Cure,
For your heart.
Babe now, step out-
side the door.

Lightning Strikes

Written By: Joey Hebdo

Baby we will help you make it home alright.
There’s no need at all to even have the slightest of fright.
Baby we will help you make it home alright.
It’s a good good night when the lightning strikes.

Don’t cha want to want to
fill in the heartache that weighs your day?
Down goes that spirit
that waits so long for just you to hear it.

Lifes a trigger trigger.
More grand than your head and hand can say.
Oars in the water rowing,
which you yourself said while you weren’t out dead running.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Forget packin’ packin’.
You’ve got a new chance to do things your way.
Some folks have envy
cuz fishin’ can’t be solely practiced amid lake and stream.

Change the channel channel.
How long can you work and still get no pay ?
You live the re-run,
That grabbed a hold of your soul beside the sun.


"Live @ Rumba Cafe" - 2010(LP)

"Prosciutto" - 2009(LP)

"Dance Away the Rain" - 2008(Single) - L.A. Compilation titled "Perceptions" to benefit los angeles children

"UnEP" - 2007(EP) - track 6 "Behind Sight" on a PBS special

Set List

Usually an hour of originals.
played in so many different conglomerates that any set length or type is possible.

-Think You
-I Will Find You
-Lightning Strikes
-Feel Tmrw
-Behind Sight
-Cold in the West
-Triple Stamp
-Verbal Pool Pass
-Good Sense
-Where is the Love
-Tell Me Back
-Nobody's Followin Me
-Come For Me
-Country Lips
-When You're In It
-See Things
-Meat from Bone

the artists i like to cover are Beck, Motown, David Bowie, Beatles,