The Love Machine

The Love Machine

 Dallas, Texas, USA

We are a great blend of all the blues music you've ever heard with an electric texas blues driven style. What sets us apart is that this band features 2 guitar players that could easily stand on their own but decided to work together and our ability to do so is something you have to see.


Joey Love was born in Pennsylvania in 1963 and it wasn't until 1979 that he made his way to East Texas. It was there he ran into a drummer who introduced him to Texas Blues and it was "that" sound which immediately transformed his musical style.

To date Joey has 2 independent release CD's, has been reviewed in National publications, headlined festivals and continues to be one of the area's premier Blues guitarists.

In 2001 Joey joined forces with an already established guitarist (Texas Slim) and formed the Love Machine bringing electric blues guitar to the forefront of Texas Music once again.

Joey is also a member of the Wanda King Blues Band. Wanda is the daughter of the legendary Freddie King and is quickly climbing up the ranks as the next big blues diva.

Combined he has opened for the likes of Etta James, The Blues Brothers (Dan Akroyd,Jim Belushi), Bobby Blue Bland, Blue Oyster Cult, Johnny Winter, Savoy Brown, and countless others as well as being featured in a National TV Commercial for Famous Daves BBQ.

Joey is endorsed by Two Rock Amps which can also be found on stage with John Mayer, Joe Bonomassa, Steve Kimock and countless others. In 2009 Joey joined with the ZT Amplifier company and is now performing in select venues with their incredible Lunchbox Amplifier.


Beautiful Girl

Written By: Joey Love

Everyday it’s the same old thing
Off to work and you can’t find a thing to wear
You don’t like your hair

Running late almost outta gas
The time always goes so fast
And everyday just seems the same

I wish that I could understand
Why you cut yourself down where you stand
Cause you are the most beautiful girl.

Call me up on your way to work
At home and I’m feelin like a jerk
Feel I’m letting you down.

You say I need to stay at home
Writing songs while I sit alone
And you work hard to pay the bills

I wish that I could understand
How I can stay home and be a providing man
I just don’t want to lose the most beautiful girl

There’s no need to apologize, just look into my eyes
And you will see the world, and a reflection of a most beautiful girl

Call me up on your mobile phone
Tell me that your coming home
And ask me what is there to eat

Well I’ve been cookin something good
You hurry home just like you should
And we sit and watch TV

Now I really understand
That I can fall in love again
And here I am with the most beautiful girl.


Live, Raw & Uncut - (2000) BigJam Records Compilation - Distributed with the Oct. 2000 issue of Spin Magazine.
KNON 89.3FM Compilation - 1999
Good Phone - indie release (1997)

Set List

Sets for most clubs run 1 hour per set, and festival sets normally run 90 minutues.