Joey Romano

Joey Romano


Deep lyrics and catchy music. Its music that most people can relate too with their everyday struggles and let them know that they arent the only ones with these problems


I have a good mix of Country, Rock, Folk and Blues. Some of my influences are Aaron Lewis, Jack Johnson, Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain. I have gone through many stories in my life and I found a good way to get through them was to turn them into songs and let people see what I see, and perhaps that will help them get through some of lifes tougher choices.


With You

Written By: Joey Romano

Every Night I sleep
I dream of you
Cant control my thoughts
Its all so new
When I wake up
Dont want it end
Try to fall asleep
And Dream again

Eyes of an open ocean
Blue is like explosion
I thank god I met you
A mind with great absorption
A Heart with pure adortion
Hope you feel the same as I do

Every Night I pray
for you to come
To see you smile at me
Brings out the sun
I want to hold your hand
Against my own
Wait for our time to come
To bring you home


I do


My one and only
Your not so lonely
My heart consoles me with you
You see what I see
Two souls that are free
My heart will always flee with you

And you
And you
With you
And you
With you


Dont have any cd's that were released and dont have any songs on the airwaves yet.

Set List

"With You"
"You Came"
"My Friends"
"Truth Be Told"
"Hold On"
"My Wish"