Joey Sap

Joey Sap

 Gates Mills, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopNew Age

Joey Sap. Definition; is a movement of music. A new era of sophisticated lyrics with hints of philosophical metaphors, that seem to comfort the average teenager in this time.


My name is Joey Saponaro, I'm 18 years old ,and was born September 21st, 1992, in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

As a child, I was a very thought provoking person, I always seemed to be thinking so deeply into aspects of everyday life. I catch myself looking at the world, from the outside in. At the age of 16, I knew music would change me.

I decided to take my emotions and put them into words. This allowed me to connect with kids who were just like me, that felt like I did.

My influences were of many artists such as Cab Calloway, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, The-Suppliers, and others.


Tracks Such As:
Gold Age Musik
2-6 Hyfe
Gone Trippy

These have been the Tracks that has put my music to another level.

Set List

1. Starship
2. I Love Happyness
3. Quota
4. Mach 3
5. 2-6 Hyfe
6. Gold Age Musik
7. Gone Trippy