Joey Stontz

Joey Stontz

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Singer/songwriter Joey Stontz paints landscapes of praise upon beautiful sonic canvasses on New Day Dawning. The album’s worshipful message is underscored with melodic guitar lines, arena rock, soaring ballads, dance/techno grooves, synth-emo flare and a pulsating Coldplay-like rhythm arrangement.


Tired of cliché worship lyrics & homogeneous harmonic structures? Deep theological lyrics & beautifully intense music will turn your worship experiences into life-changed encounters with the Father of Love! Joey's songs are filled with anthems celebrating Christ as the Supreme Ruler of the cosmos & heart-filled ballads crying out for God’s Kingdom to be revealed!!!

In the album "New Day Dawning", Joey returns again and again to the reality that Jesus is King in these songs, whether the musical setting leans towards techno-pop/rock (“Now Is The Time”) or punctuating prog rock (“You Will Reign”).

His trademark sense of rising dynamics makes “The Lord’s Prayer” a standout tune that bursts forth with ambient, interstellar overdrives. The breathtaking, ethereal catharsis of "The Great Romance" beckons listeners to return to their First Love. With complete vulnerability, “Love Or Prostitution” graphically describes Joey’s inner struggle with lust yet leaves listeners with great hope of freedom because of encountering the Source of freedom.

Ever since he was a young kid, Joey Stontz has loved to worship God. After 2 years of playing guitar, he began leading worship when he was 15 years old. He carries a tremendous love for God's presence, an infectious abandonment to Jesus and a deep desire to see the Holy Spirit touch the Body of Christ.

Growing up as a missionary kid, Joey has been surrounded by people of various cultures, has encountered terrible poverty, abandoned orphans, and has cross-culturally dialoged with people of different religions. Joey's heart for the poor and oppressed carry over into his music, which is amazingly and incredibly sonically diverse--ranging anywhere from joyful dance pop to heart touching ballads; guitar centered arena rock to techno synth flare. Even so, Joey's music still contains a depth, honesty and richness that is hard to come by. The diversity of the album only enhances the pleasure of the listener

His influences range from Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Delirious, Hillsong United, Owl City and Chris Tomlin.

He has been the youth pastor and worship leader at Way of the Church in Blaine, MN since February 2005. For the past four years, Joey's church has been experiencing a great renewal and revival. Many people have been saved, delivered and healed as a result of the Holy Spirit moving in power. For more information, go to


King Of The Ages

Written By: Joey Stontz

Heaven is opening
A new day is dawning
A generation arising
For Jesus is coming soon

On a white horse He's riding
With His sword He's fighting
The kingdoms of earth colliding
With the King of Kings

Jesus will rule over all
Jesus will rule over all

No one can stand in Your way, Ancient of Days
You have won it all
Nothing compares to all You've done, Victorious One
You have won it all

The Lion of Judah is roaring
His children come trembling
The nations will shake at His coming
For Jesus is coming soon

The Lamb of God has conquered
Death will be no longer
Prepare for His love, wrath and glory
All you nations

Just and true are all Your ways
O King of the Ages, You reign, You reign

The Lord's Prayer

Written By: Joey Stontz

Our Father, reveal who You are
Set the world right, set the world right

Your name is holy

Your Kingdom come
Your will be done

Here on earth

Just as it is in heaven

For Yours is the Kingdom
Yours is the power
Yours is the glory

Love Or Prostitution

Written By: Joey Stontz

What is it going to be today
Love or prostitution

What is it going to be today
Lust or devotion

My declarations of love don't outlast the morning
So I go about mourning because You are not before me
Don't let me turn away again

O Lord, how my love is like the fleeting wind
Here and then gone, here and then gone
O Lord, how my love is like the morning dew
Here and then gone, here and then gone

I live as a pauper while defiling Your altar
Trampling Your holy things
Trading in revelation for a cheap sensation
Is the going rate of exchange
It's the going rate of exchange

Rescue me from the filth of my generation

Let me come out of her
I need Your revelation
Let me come out of her
I need a second birth

I choose You

You're my fountain
You're my source of life

I will eat Your flesh and drink Your blood

My lover, my God, Savior and King

Not going to chase those other lovers

See Your Smile

Written By: Joey Stontz

Open my eyes
I want to see Your smile
Open my heart
I want to know Your love

If I could just see Your smile
If I could just see Your smile
If I could just see Your smile
Then everything would be alright

I see You dancing all around me

You are smiling down on me
You are shining down on me Your love
You are smiling, You are dancing
You are singing all around

I'm gonna jump and dance with You now
I'm gonna run and play with You now

I'm gonna smile, I'm gonna sing
I'm gonna smile and sing with the King
I'm gonna smile, I'm gonna sing
I'm gonna smile and sing with the King
Who loves me, You love me, You love me

I'm coming close, I'm coming near
To Your heart, to Your heartbeat God

Closer, closer, closer to You
Closer, closer, closer to You

I'll let You dance over me
I'll let You smile all over me
I'll let You dance all around me


Liquid Myrrh (Demo) -- 2002

Heartbeat Of The River -- 2010

New Day Dawning -- 2011