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Nuklid: Welcome to the freestyle artist Joe Zangie who took time to talk with us about his past, present and the future.

Nuklid: Hello Joe, How are you?

Joe Zangie: Very well, thanks!

Nuklid: Joe, could you tell us a little bit more about you?

Joe Zangie: What do you want to know?

Nuklid: Some general things like your age, where you’re living, family background and so on....

Joe Zangie: I’m the youngest of 4. I have an older brother and two sisters.
I’m Italian/Irish and I was raised in Southern New Jersey, on the border of Philadelphia. I’m still living in the area.

Nuklid: Was it always your dream to become a singer?

Joe Zangie: Well, as a kid I was very involved in sports. Although I’d always had a love for music, the dream of becoming a professional singer did not come until my teenage years.

Nuklid: What kind of sport?

Joe Zangie: Everything. I played football, basketball, baseball and ran track too. This started when I was about 6 yrs old. My brother and sisters were athletic too, so we were always at a game!

Nuklid: How old were you when you started singing?

Joe Zangie: I don’t know what age, because I can’t remember a time not singing along to the radio. But it wasn’t until I was 15 or 16 when I thought that I wanted to record my own music.

Nuklid: When did you made your way into the business?

Joe Zangie: I started recording my first demo when I was 17, during senior year of high school. I signed with Tazmania Records and recorded my first single about 6 months after graduation.

Nuklid: Who influenced your music?

Joe Zangie: Many people, too many to name. But I guess the real influence was when I met Adam Marano for the first time. He was a friend of a friend, and I met him when I was around 15 years old and his single, “Then Came You”, (T.P.E.) was getting played on the radio. Seeing and listening to what he was doing, motivated me in many ways to pursue my own career in music.

Nuklid: What do you think about Adam? The opinions are splitted.

Joe Zangie: Adam’s cool. I’ve worked with him and have known him for years.
He has written, produced and recorded some classic records that had kept new freestyle on the radio, (I’ll Be Loving You”, “Can’t We
Try”) during the time when it was not being played, no one can deny that.
People are always split no matter what the subject is, that’s just the way of the world.

Nuklid: Are all your songs based on experiences you made?

Joe Zangie: I did not write all of my songs released on Tazmania/Metropolitan Records. But, I could definitely relate with all of the songs that others had written for me. Of the songs that I did write, “Missing You” is probably the most personal. BUT, I have not been dumped as much as my songs would suggest!

Nuklid: Some years ago, I received a Promo-CD from Metropolitan called "Joe Zangie - Through and Through" which contains 10 tracks. Why has it never been released?

Joe Zangie: Honestly that is news to me. The subject of that type of album, was brought to my attention once from the label, but I didn’t want my first CD to be an entire collection of previously released singles. I was unaware Metropolitan released it outside of the United States. I hate to say it, but that’s f**ked up, as you can see we [the artists] really weren't kept in the loop. If anyone can tell me where to get a copy, I'd love to see it.

Nuklid: As far as I can remember there was a Metropolitan address on the envelope, but I’m not sure. I have to search the CD in my collection, but I don’t wanna share some wrong things.

Nuklid: I remember it was short before Metropolitan quit his Business.

Joe Zangie: I don’t think it was an actual Metropolitan album release, because they didn’t even distribute all of my singles. “Mad About You” was my first single with Metro, so I’m assuming you received a bootleg collection of my songs. It happens from time to time, and it’s hard to stop those until they are released. “Through & Through”, “You and I” and “In My Dreams” were released on Tazmania/HOT. Like I said, we had decided against it, but I’d still like to see what you were sent!

Nuklid: I'll try to find the cd in my collection.

Nuklid: What happened after Metropolitan; why did you left them? We didn't hear much from you.

Joe Zangie: About a month after leaving Metropolitan was when I met Rockell. She was in town (Philadelphia) finishing her debut CD and she asked me to tour with her. That tour was a really great experience.

Nuklid: Why I left the label is long story. All I can really say is that it was time for me to move on. The label wanted me to renew my contract, and I wanted to explore other options. We had different views on many things.

Like that promo-CD that they sent you for example!

Nuklid: Your song “My Baby” was a duet with Metropolitan female artist Samantha. Why have you decided to record this song with her? Or did you have to?

Joe Zangie: The record company came up with the idea for me to record a duet. I had wanted to record a song with Samantha ever since I heard her voice sailing over the beat in her first single, “Be Sure”, so I asked her and she was really into the collaboration. We always had a great relationship and I still talk to her these days, she’s awesome!!!!
Much love to “My Baby” Samantha!!

Nuklid: Do you have an idol?

Joe Zangie: Many. But, they are not celebrities.
Of course I idolize my mother who is just an amazing person.
But also, my idols are people who defeat the odds no matter how big or small. People who strive to bring positive energy into the world. And how can anyone in my country not idolize the US troops, who are putting their lives on the line everyday. You can support the troops, even if you don’t support the war. My prayers are with them.

Nuklid: Do you have a favorite freestyle song?

Joe Zangie: Damn, that is a tough question. I can’t pick out just 1 song, but by artists, I think that Cynthia has brought so much to freestyle over the years. She’s been consistently making great records: “Love Me Tonight”, “How I Love Him”, “If I Had the Chance”…the list goes on and on. Not to mention; she gives a great show; she’s beautiful and has been very sweet every time I’ve seen her. She’s a class act, definitely a favorite.

Nuklid: What do you think about the current new school freestyle scene and market?

Joe Zangie: Honestly, I have not heard enough of it to answer that question. I wish them all the best and hope that they are making banging records.

Nuklid: You have a big fan base in Germany and Europe. Do you know about this?

Joe Zangie: There is an infamous record store not too far from me called, “The Music Factory”. I became friends with the owner Mike, who not only sells freestyle in this area, but he ships music all over the world too.
It was Mike who first told me about fans ordering my records from overseas. It blew me away to think how far my songs were reaching. Thank you all so much for supporting music.

Nuklid: Right, Mike is a cool guy. I have done many deals with him. Mike, if you read this, write me a mail. And to all who wants the best freestyle for a great price should check out “The Music Factory”

Joe Zangie: No doubt about that. Big Shout to Mike!!!!

Nuklid: Have you ever performed out of the states? Or would you like to?

Joe Zangie: So far I have only toured the United States and I also made a few stops in Canada. But, I would love to tour other countries, yes.

Nuklid: There’s a country you would prefer?

Joe Zangie: No. I like going everywhere and meeting the people. Of course I’d like to come to Germany and meet the freestyle fans there, but I also want to travel and tour in many countries.

Nuklid: You've been live on stage with many artists. Remembering all the show, what do you think was the best?

Joe Zangie: Each show is unique in its own way, so it’s hard for me to say that I have 1 favorite/best performance. I would be a liar if I said singing in a sold out arena for 20,000 people wasn’t an incredible experience, (opening up for Backstreet Boys with Rockell in 98-99), because it was. But, the most memorable shows for me were the ones in the early years. Early on in my career I had been booked by a very popular college radio station. It was the first time I was sharing the bill with George Lamond, Coro, Cynthia, and Collage. That show always sticks out in my mind as the one that really started the ball rolling for me. That show was unforgettable: the crowd, all of the performers, and the event staff were all awesome. My dancers, (Dom, Jay, Marissa and Mary) would tell you the same. We all LOVED that show and it we’ll never forget it.

Nuklid: Wow, an opening for the BSB that sounds incredible.

Joe Zangie: Yea, it was awesome and I’ll never forget it. BSB were the hottest act in the world at that time. It was a big change from the normal club gigs, which we would still go and do, so we would have two shows a night. Open for BSB at 7:30PM then be on stage in a night club at 1AM.

Nuklid: Do you have any pictures or videos from your performance for us to share with your fans?

Joe Zangie: I do have that those things, but they are packed away in boxes or photo albums. I’m glad to have those memories, but I have to stay in the present to concentrate on my future. You know what I’m sayin?

Nuklid: Yes, I know but we should share these memories with your fans :)

Joe Zangie: I’m sure someday we will! I guess since I have not performed overseas, I will at least try to get you some concert footage.

Nuklid: Is there someone you would like to work with?

Joe Zangie: I’m lucky that I’ve already had the chance to work with a lot of artists and producers that I admire. As for the future, I’m a big fan of Tony Moran and Joey Gardner too. They each have a production style that speaks for itself and I would love to make a record with each of them someday. As for artists, there are too many to mention.

Nuklid: Can you name a few? We have many artists and producers visiting the Site.

Joe Zangie: I’ll say that there are a couple ladies from the Old School in NY and also a few ladies in the Bay Area, (California) who I would like to hook up with on a track. I think it would be hot to come together like that and blend the different styles.

Nuklid: How did it come to the work with Mixmaster production and your song release on Freestyle Fantasy III?

Joe Zangie: That came to me out of the blue. Mixmaster Productions wanted to include my song on their compilation. I have a great team around me, and they deserve the credit on working that out. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet anyone from Mixmaster in person. But a big shout out to all of them in Texas!

Nuklid: You also have a Tracks on the last Tazmania (The New Series: Level A).

I think it was released after you left Metropolitan. How did it come that you was feat. on this CD.

Joe Zangie: Yes. “Missing You” was on Level A. Even though I had left the label, Tazmania still had a couple of my songs that were waiting to be released. They wanted me to extend my contract another year but I opted to move on. It was their decision to feature me on the compilation.

Nuklid: You told me that you're working on your first album release. Would you like to tell us something about?

Joe Zangie: First, I just want to thank the freestyle fans (overseas and here in the U.S.), for the support you’ve shown to me over the years. I can’t wait to finally share new music with you. Most of the emails I get ask me “Is the new CD going to have freestyle on it”? Of course it is. I can tell you that it will also have a few ballads and a few other styles mixed in too. I have written almost all of the songs on the CD and that is why I am taking my time with it. I hope to release a new single VERY SOON, while I finish the CD. I’m currently working in the studio with Rob Federici (Collage, Rockell, Lil’ Suzy etc.). Also, I have collaborated with some former label mates on a couple songs.

Nuklid: Can you tell us about the single? Name, Label, how many remixes….

Joe Zangie: Yes! The first single is an updated version of “Can You Feel The Love”. I recorded this song so many years ago, and had always liked it, but had always wanted to change the final version that was released by the label. I love the NEW final version and I hope you all do too. Currently there are a few remixes in the works, but I have not heard them yet!! But, for my freestyle fans who want brand new songs, I also have some great new freestyle tracks to follow up that single. Especially a duet, (“When I Want You Back”) with former Artistik Records artist, “Wendy”, I am really feeling that track too. There are about 10 songs finished for the album so far, (“Rescue Me”& “All Of My Life” are also two other current favourites of mine). I don’t want to discuss labels right now, it might be independent, but it also may not be. That is still to be determined.

Nuklid: Finally you can hear on the Interview Joe’s album Remix of “Can You Feel The Love” and the “Tank's Luv Luv Edit” .

Nuklid: Do you think freestyle will come back on top?

Joe Zangie: To me it is here now. Ciara, Missy Elliot, and Nina Sky are all using freestyle elements in their songs. Janet Jackson has even covered Debbie Deb’s “Weekend”. I also think Madonna’s “Die Another Day” and “Music” have freestyle feels to them. The real question is will freestyle artists get back on top? Yes, if we sell enough units, radio cannot ignore sound scan figures.

Nuklid: Ok, but to the Cover of Debbie Deb’s – Lookout Weekend track I have to say “Never touch a Classic”. But it’s great to see that these artists show their love to the “Oldschool”.

Joe Zangie: I’m not saying Janet does it better than Debbie Deb! I’m just saying it’s good for freestyle music, when we have major artists exposing the sound to an audience that might not have heard it before!!!

Nuklid: What would you change in the freestyle industry today?

Joe Zangie: That’s easy. I wish that the community would come together as one strong force in the music industry. Every other genre has done so, but us. There is so much bullshit drama about Old School vs. New School. I honestly don’t understand it. I can’t be the only one who is seeing it and feels this way. The fact is there is room for everyone. Unity among us could change so many things.
For now, we are our own worst enemy. And if the community doesn’t change, how can we grow? For example, Madonna made a record with Britney Spears; she didn’t try and hold her down. Dr. Dre signed and made records with Eminem; he didn’t try and hold him down. And then Eminem signed 50 Cent and blew him up; he wasn’t threatened! You know what I’m sayin’?

Show me that within the “schools” of freestyle.

Nuklid: True. that’s what I mean.

Nuklid: Would you like to say something to new upcoming artists or give them some tips?

Joe Zangie: I truly wish you all the best. Keep doing your thing. PEACE!

Nuklid: Thank you once again for taking the time to talk with me and to Aly who managed this. Good Luck for the future and you has our fullest Support @

Joe Zangie: Thank you very much. This was my pleasure; you guys are the people who have kept me going all of these years by supporting my music. I look forward to meeting you all overseas someday soon. Until then, be on the look out for my new music COMING SOON!!! God Bless and much love!~ Joe Zangie


“In My Dreams” - Tazmania Freestyle, Vol. 2: The Return (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“Through and Through” - Tazmania Freestyle, Vol. 3: Stronger Than Everious (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“You & I” - Tazmania Freestyle, Vol. 4: Still Goin (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“Mad About You” - Club Tazmania, Vol. 5: Too Hot 2 Handle (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“True Faith ‘96” - Tazmania, Vol. 7: We're on a Roll (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

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“U Came When” - Tazmania Freestyle, Vol. 14: Freestyle Dreams (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“Broken Dreams” - Tazmania's Supermix: T-Mix, Vol. 1 (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“In My Dreams” - Tazmania Freestyle: The Mega Mega Mix, Vol. 2 (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“You & I” / “In My Dreams” - Mega, Mega, Mega Mix, Vol. 3: Tazmania Freestyle (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“You & I” - Tazmania Freestyle: Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega Mix, Vol. 4 (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“My Baby” - Mix It Up Tazmania Style (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“Through & Through” - Ultimate Freestyle Frenzy

“Missing You” - Tazmania Level A (Tazmania/Metropolitan Records)

“Missing You” - MixMaster Productions Vol. 3 (MixMaster Productions)

Joe Zangie - TIMELINE (Maguire Music Group)

"Can You Feel the Love" - TIMELINE (Maguire Music Group)

"When I Want You Back" - TIMELINE (Maguire Music Group)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The road to success for Joe Zangie has been paved with highs and lows, ranging from sharing the stage with some of the world's top artists to losing the ability to sing professionally due to a devastating car accident.

Joe Zangie was born the youngest of four children in Camden, New Jersey, just outside of the bright lights of the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia. In school, Joe found himself drawn to the stage, performing in school productions while balancing his theatrical interests with classes and sports. Throughout high school, Joe would find himself listening to popular dance artists and vowed that one day he would record an album.

Just after graduation, at the age of 18, Joe Zangie signed his first record contract with Tazmania/Metropolitan Records. Over the course of four years, Joe would record ten singles that were featured predominately both on Tazmania's successful dance compilations and on the radio, making him a regional celebrity. In 1998, chart topping artist, Rockell, approached Joe to join her tour as her singing partner. During the span of two years, they performed for thousands of screaming fans as they opened for artists as Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and Mya and appeared on such television shows as Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones.

This experience ignited his passion to record a solo album and, just as he was on the verge of signing a major recording deal, devastation struck. An oncoming car struck a vehicle that Joe was riding in one night, injuring not only his back, neck and knees, but also severely injuring his jaw. Finding himself not able to perform professionally, Joe was forced to abandon his dream. However, he refused to leave the industry he loved and formed a management company which guided the careers of various artists, DJs and remixers. However, a nagging feeling of something left unfinished remained.

His first single, “Can You Feel The Love,” sent his loyal fanbase in droves to his MySpace page requesting new material. Heeding their request, Joe Zangie released his debut album, TIMELINE, which features appearances by Rockell, Pain and Wendy. Some notables on the album include is “When I Want You Back”, the soulful ballad “Rescue Me”, an upbeat remake of the Manilow classic “Even Now”, “Missing You” and a remix of the 80’s hit, “Broken Wings” by the Klubjumpers.

One constant remains at the forefront throughout Joe Zangie’s musical journey - his fans. And, his fanbase have made one point known:

The fans want Joe Zangie back…