Jo Gabriel

Jo Gabriel


Jo Gabriel NY singer/songwriter intuitive control of piano ethereal multi-octave range voice unique depth her songwriting. assumed classically trained completely self taught. music genres ambient gothic, neo-classical romantic dark wave compared to Kate Bush Tori Amos and 4AD.


Jo grew up in a theatrical home surrounded by diverse musical influences. Started playing piano at 8. Her music is very dynamic, theatrical, ethereal, evocative, beautiful and otherworldly. She is often mistaken to be classically trained on piano, and although she had been fiercely encouraged to pursue a concert pianist background, she railed against the formal training and decided to move into a more intuitive self-styled direction. Originally playing the New York City music scene with full band, in recent years has pared down her configuration to performing and recording with long time drummer Linda Mackley. Their dynamic interplay is incredibly synchronistic.

While often compared to Kate Bush and Tori Amos, Jo's style is quite an original artist who stands alone, breaking through the similarities with her own inimitable qualities. Her music is dreamy, theatrical profoundly emotional and filled with evocative melodies. Her multi-octave range voice puts her in the category of an angelic female siren. Poetic and introspective lyrics mark Gabriel's powerful persona as an artist with her own unique vision.

In 2005 Jo was discovered and signed to international label Kalinkaland Records whose founder is the genius behind Chandeen, Harald Lowy. Kalinkaland is host to such incredible artists as Idaho, Unto Ashes and Elane. She recorded her current release "Island" at Coney Island Studios in Madison WI with Butch Vig's Smart Studio cronie Wendy Bugatti. The album features cello work by world renowned avant-garde cellist Matt Turner, who just recently toured with Natalie MacMasters. “Island”is being distributed in the US by Projekt Records. Following the 2005 release of Island, Jo's music is being embraced internationally and is quickly gathering a huge following nationally and abroad.

Her previous two albums Tinderbox and The Unreachable Sky, released through the independent label Faith Strange received much critical praise in the indie music scene. Originally recorded live to a television audience, Tinderbox showcases the incredible musical interplay between Gabriel's inimitable piano style and voice with Linda Mackley on drums. The Unreachable Sky is a surreal atmospheric canvas of piano-infused instrumentals dispersed among her ghostly vocal pieces, originally constructed on her "Traveling Mothlight Theatre" 4-track studio.

With both Tinderbox and the Unreachable Sky, Gabriel emerged not only as Singer/Songwriter but as a powerfully visionary producer as well. Her affiliation with composer, ambient guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer/engineer Mike Fazio , well know for the unique approach he brings to his ebow and electronically processed Pedal Steel guitars. Fazio has performed with and appeared on albums with such notable NYC bands as Black 47, Chill Faction and has toured with Copernicus. His two musical projects; orchestramaxfieldparrish, has been compared to VidnaObmana, David Sylvian, and Robert Fripp and his other, God's Of Electricity, a collaborative effort with master percussionist Thomas Hamlin, has been compared to the more esoteric sides of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Isao Tomita.

Gabriel and Fazio's musical collaboration have created two very beautifully unique master works, Tinderbox and The Unreachable Sky . Both albums have received critical acclaim from such sources as Wind and Wire where Bill Binkelman writes " the Unreachable Sky is an intriguing album, her voice is raw human emotion with a multi-octave range... Gabriel shares Tim Story's idiosyncratic approach to titling songs, a style intensely intimate and like Harold Budd... there are also avant garde elements and a bit of Projekt -type goth/shoegazer." She has been reviewed by such websites as Collected Sounds and a full featured interview on the wonderful website Musical Discoveries.

Currently Jo is recording her follow up album "Fools and Orphans" for Kalinkaland due out spring 2007.
This album will again feature Matt Turner on cello and will have a guest appearance by Hannah Fury.

Jo is also featured on Steve Balderson's film "Phone Sex"
and has contributed her track "Siren Lotus" on 17 Pygmies "13 Blackbirds" Cd due out Jan 2007.

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Hold My Breath

Written By: Jo Gabriel

No one can tell me how to do this thing
I have to learn to trust in providence, if nothing else.

It may be mighty in my mind that’s all
But I can’t help the tendency to dream, beneath the dream

When you’re in my head, I hold my breath
Til there’s nothing left, I hold my breath

Nothing can move me, if I stay real still
I thought I’d be here til the sky came down
Now look it’s all around

And I know it may be safe to stay hidden away
Nobody hides better than I do, except maybe you

When you’re in my head, I hold my breath
Till there’s nothing left, I hold my breath

The Simple Truth

Written By: Jo Gabriel

you must have known that I was looking
it’s hard to hide these guns away
did we hold rites to raise the living
or did we give our rights away

we gave ourselves to intuition
presumed the miracle was ours alone
but when it comes to eating pudding
I think the proof has all but gone .

oh there’s pieces of you in pieces of me
but no ones listening
there’s pieces of me in pieces of you
and I don’t feel like crying anymore.

can you and I predict the future
reactivate the simple truth
interrogate my own suspicions
am i immune to “what’s the use”?

oh there’s pieces if you in pieces of me
but we’re not here now
oh there’s pieces of me in pieces of you
but what does that mean, anyway?

we all dive into lake obsession
but no one really wants to drown
is it our prides that we’re protecting?
is that why you don’t come around.

oh there’s pieces of you in pieces of me
but we’re not here now
there’s pieces of me in pieces of you
but what does that mean?

Wash Away

Written By: Jo Gabriel

i am the only one who waits by themselves
saw my face in a doorknob once as you left here
i hear the water run--far away
but close enough to drown yourself in
i've died a million times... in your deepness.

oh god please wash away the madness
oh god please take away the sadness

i have no past i have no heart
i have no blanket in the dark
there are no curtains here, god i hate this place
please send a messenger to tell me
if it's gonna rain today
i'll wear my skin outside
to feel your answer

oh god please wash away the madness
oh god please take away the sadness.


2005: International debut of Island on Kalinkaland Records, and Amnesty contribution to Anti-war CD Compilation No Camouflage on Uvulittle Records.
2004: Signed to Kalinkaland 2004 released track #1 “I'm Ok” on Lightwaves compilation CD Kalinkaland internationally and "Island" on Lightwaves II CD 2006
2002-03: Joined with FaithStrange’s Mike Fazio to release TInderbox and the Unreachable Sky.
1995 debuted with Lying In The Evidence of Love.

Set List

the performance requirement.
She plays tracks from her various albums and some selected unrecorded songs:
Generally she does not perform covers.

Little Birds
Wash Away
Hold My Breath
I'm Okay
Objects In The Mirror
Mother May I
If Not
The Simple Truth
Night Digging
Give It Back
Scribble The Sky
Love Is Love
My Freedom
Girl In The Attic
7 Little Secrets
These Wings
Voices In Your Head
Hunting Down the Ceremony
Venus In Chains
Prayer To You
Vacant Little Stare
I Shudder for the Clouds Have Tempted Madness
God Grant that She Lye Still
Of Love and Ether
Dream Hangover
How The Devil Falls in Love
Poison In the Well
The Habits of Shadows