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"Johanna Samuels"

OK do you see that playful beautiful girl on the picture above? Turns out that she is a great musician based form both New York and California, her name is Johanna Samuels and to be honest I'm captivated. Her voice is not a too soft its not too loud, its jazzy, and its sweet; yes, ladies and gentleman she also is multi talented, and as you all know that's the kind of woman that makes me feel like I peed my pants (which is embarrassing). I was having a listen to her new Ep, and I can tell you although some of the recordings may not be the greatest studio quality (as is expected from a true Indie Artist) the music is really the selling point, and boy does she sells it! I was going to post s'more songs but my computer is acting zip retarded apologies.
Johanna Samuels - Say the Word

Labels: indie, pop - INDIEHERE

"Brimming with PopSense: Johanna Samuels"

at Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stelios Phili EDITOR

To put it simply, Johanna Samuels pops our senses like a stampede of rabid children covered in bubble-wrap.
In other words, we love her music.

"Say the Word," the single from her debut EP, A Little Bit of Both, has a Feist-ian catchiness to it and a cowbell to boot! But in addition to the splendid folk-pop music, the swooping chorus - "Lie to me/It's all I have/If you'd cry for me/I'd give it back" - is so sincere that I'm rooting for Johanna from the moment she starts singing.

At the center of A Little of Bit of Both is the classic theme of love, but Johanna's take on it is refreshingly candid. "Prisoner's of the Parking Lot" is the most nostalgic track on the EP, recalling the bittersweet memories of a past love - "Back in high school/When the city held me down/We used to laugh, you'd spin me/like I was the only the only girl who wore your crown."

From her smooth vocals to her homegrown brand of indie-pop, Johanna Samuels has us hooked. Check out the two sample mp3's or hear the rest of the EP here.


"News: Get Johanna Samuels's A Little Bit Of Both for free"

Syrupy vocals and understated orchestrations are what carries this, the debut record from New York, NY-based singer-songwriter Johanna Samuels, A Little Bit Of Both. The piano lines are just as beautiful as Samuels's plaintive coo, with tracks like "Since When" and "I Want To Write A Love Song" sounding just as well soundtracking a long drive/ride or a snowy day (like the one we see outside our window right now). Get the record, in its entirety, for free right here.

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"Johanna Samuels"

Published by Johayra F. on Sunday, January 11, 2009

I dont know how exclusive is this, but Kevin Sanders (of Silver Lining Promotions) was kind enough to send Metaphor a copy of Johanna Samuels' Debut Album: A Little Bit of Both and I was listening to it in constant rotation these days.

As plaintive but wistful as her own description, "Make her feel safe and shell dance", this album caters what every folk-pop listener craves for. And the raw quality doesn't hurt either.

You could download it for free. How rad is this girl?

Say the Word
I Want To Write A Love Song

- Metaphor

"Meet Johanna Samuels"

hola amigos! hope everyone is just lovely. i, for one, am just fine. i suppose, all things considered, i could be worse…. just wanted to let everyone know that as of about a week, will no longer exist, so if you have been putting off grabbing off something from there i would do it before thanksgiving. sadly, i just dont have the extra funds to keep it going. it may get brought back at a later date, who knows.

btw, its fucking cold here in herndon, va. not diggin it….

i like when complete strangers close their emails with “love” cause i have a penchant for signing mine with “xoxo.” short story, shorter, i got an email from new york songbird johanna samuels and said email was closed as such. anyway, her new ep a little bit of both is quite lovely and i love her old timey vocals. she sounds like she should be singin in daper dan comercial from the 20’s or something like that…. either way, check her out! her ep can be purchased somewhere, i suppose. check out her myspace…

say the word

in the “sounds like” portion of her myspace page she included this video, it makes me laugh…

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you betta tell somebody .

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A Little Bit of Both- Ten Track Album: Released for free through



The feeling and sound of this music is an undeniably unique one, stemming from a place of genuine, personal memory, emotional expression and honesty--yet they ring poignant to their listeners. Seeping through the songs' original composition and production; one can gather a large sense of harmonic influence from bands ranging from The Beatles and The Beach Boys to Aimee Mann, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Jon Brion and Elliott Smith.