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We are JoHannibal. We don't do it the way they do and don't want to. What we give, we give of ourselves. It can be r&b, pop, ambient, dance, rock, techno and jazzy ... all at the same time if that's what we're feelin. Just listen and you will believe.


Greg tends to combine a smooth jazzy feel to music, really with no limits. He can take a chorded riff on the keyboard and effect it with delays and reverbs that opens it up into something completely different. Chris tends to bring a beat to everything, He could put a beat to a broadway showtune and make it thump. He is gifted in so many ways.

Greg's main influences, vocally, are KD Lang, Phyllis Hymann, Luther Vandross, and musically has been guided by the stylings of Luther Vandross, Mint Condition, Michael Franks, and Sarah McLaughlin. Myron tends to like a more R&B sound including Jill Scott, Angie Stone, The Roots, etc. He is drawn to this sound both vocally and musically.


Free Your Heart

Written By: G Johnson

Free Your Heart (Gax Johnson 1/14/04 3:25AM) ASCAP: 1622163

Free your heart (mm mm yo)
Free your heart (mm mm yo)
Free your heart (mm mm yo)
Free your heart (mm mm yo)
(four times)

Sometimes it rains inside
Inside your heart it pours
Inside your heart is crying
Like you ready to go on from this world
But you gotta just...keep on dancin',

Chorus (twice)

When the chains are too tight to bear
When the rain pours so hard your scared
When the light in your life is not bright enough
You've got to find the way, inside your self
When your heart is freed of all that stuff
When your mind is clear and you've had enough
When your able to smile when ya feelin a frown
Is when you know that you're holding it down

So hold it down, make it work
Chin up, even when you're hurt
Most of all, you need to pray
Give it up to him, and he will make a way
he'll make a way ... (for you to)

Chorus (twice)

Chorus (Adlibs during chorus and on exit)

You can make it
If you give him a try
He won't let you down
He won't leave you behind
He'll walk with you
Rain or shine
Get right with the saviour
And you'll find (it's so easy to)

Just let go
Give it all to him
You won't regret it
Just let go
Just let go
Just ... let ... go



We haven't released a thing ... YET!