Jóhann Kristinsson

Jóhann Kristinsson


This is sort of an acoustic, folk music.


Modern lo-fi Icelandic folk music, mostly acoustic, but with haunting atmospheric touches.

Jóhann Kristinsson a 20 year singer/songwriter from Iceland. He makes haunting and atmospheric Lo-fi/Indie/Folk music of a primarily acoustic nature, but as an artist with an experimental streak, he will employ what ever instrument calls him. His debut album, Call Jimmy, was recorded over a period of two years, and finds Jóhann playing instruments such as piano, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, fun machine (home organ), synthesizers, xylophone, and others. His good friend, Þórður Hermannsson also plays the cello on one track.

Jóhann and Þórður recently worked together at making a soundtrack for the short-film Hux, by Arnar Már Brynjarsson. The film won the annual short-film contest in Reykjavík and is scheduled to be shown at the Cannes film festival.

Jóhann lived in Germany with his family until he was 5 years old, then moved to Iceland. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 when his mother bought a cheap nylon-string guitar, which is still one of his favorites (actually used on Call Jimmy).

As of 2008, Jóhann has performed in Iceland, done a small tour in France, and continues to study at the college of Kópavogur (near Reykjavik).


2008 - Call Jimmy

Set List

The setlist can be from 20-60 mins.

I usually have it random, but sometimes i write one down on a peice of paper.

-The Trip
-Lose Control
-Ear Drops
-Waiters & Bellboys
-Átt Þú Loftið
-Throw me into the sea
-Digital Transport
-The Fugitive Song

and so on if you like..