Johan Roa

Johan Roa


dancing music played with accordeon electric bass drums , guitar and more percussion. Energetic, alive and sticky. Original from Valledupar, Colombia


Johan Roa is a singer that found his own music path after spending two years deciding whether pursuing an MBA or following his true passion. Obviously, Johan decided to leave all his school projects to engage in his first music album, "Mi Primera Vez" " My First Time" in 2005. As the name of this album describes, this was johan's first experience with the fascinating world of music recording. From his hair styling position in a prestigous Hair salon in New York City, Johan promotes and sells his music.
This first album was intented to open doors in this difficult industry. Recorded and produced in Colombia, "Mi Primera Vez" album compiled 12 original songs where seven were written by Johan and the rest by Colombian song writers. Although, all songs are sticky and easy to identify, they did not make it due to lack of promotion. Only a couple of songs were played for a while and this gave Johan the oportunity to meet key people in the field. In 2007 Johan travels to Colombia to start a new music project with a more focused and clear vision. Johan meets Alex Villaba and a group of top producers in Barranquilla Colombia and together produced "Cae La LLuvia" "It's raining". This new album comes with a new and modern style within the Vallenato Genre. There was more enphasis on string and percussion instruments. This gives to Johan new album an international appealing, which is the main goal of this Aritist that resides in New York. Open minded and determined, Johan uses his
creative skills to look for rithms and music blends in order to bring to his performances and future music projets a new concept on the Vallenato pop music. "There is always room to create". Johan's quote.


el poema

Written By: rafael simon meza

i am going to write a poem
that takes to the stars
and also write my feelings and my happiness
to write my tenderness and the love that i have inside of me

just give me the moon to inspire my talent and i will write some letter and send them with the wind


1. Mi Primera Vez (album)
2. Cae La Lluvia (album)
1. Cae la LLuvia (video & track)
2. Dime que si
3. Tu Primera Vez ( video & track)

Set List

Cae La lluvia
Dime que si
Tu primera Vez
Viva Colombia
Estamos Enamorados
De Esta No te Escapas
Ay Ombe
Cuatro Rosas
Nina Bonita
La Colegiala
Matilde lina
La reina
La Plata
and many more upon request
Sets 1 to 1 1/2 hour long