Johan Sara jr. group

Johan Sara jr. group

 Vadsø, Finnmark, NOR

Johan Sara Jr.’s unique blend of traditional Sami yoik and contemporary elements has solidified his position as a vital, refreshing and genre-defying innovator.


Johan Sara has been active in the sami yoik scene since 93, and is today one of the most recognized sami artists. He is among the sami yoik artists the one that goes the furthest in experimenting and developing the traditional yoik with regards to voice technique and tonally, but at the same time maintaining the solid roots in the traditional yoik. He has also made compositions within classical music/chamber, theater, film and multimedia. The last 9 years he has been active with performance/conceptual concerts. Part taken and released several CD’s Related music projects as performance concerts, concerts and CD. He has co-operated with musicians from all these countries: Turkey, Spain, Germany, Russia, Buryatia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Gree


Orvoš Apriil 2009
Mino/Mano 2008
Boska 2004

Set List

1 set
70 min.
0. Dolla 6:00
1. Lihkadusat / Stir 5:29
2. Činga 6:00
3. Imaštallat / Wondering
4. Jo-Ari 5:42
5. Lagasvuohta / Closeness
6. Nuoskkideapmi / Pollution
7. Orvoš / The peak from where you se all
8. Guoskkahit / Touching
9. Guhkes mátki / Long journey 8:32