Johan Sara jr. group
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Johan Sara jr. group

Vadsø, Finnmark, Norway

Vadsø, Finnmark, Norway
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This band has not uploaded any videos




Boska DAT O.S DATCO-36
Just when combining Sámi joik with technology
seemed to be played out, along comes
this. Not ambient. Not dance, not pretty, but
harshly, explosively full-blooded and wrought
with a command of the medium thal's right
inside the twist and turns of the joiking.
rather than overlaid on it.
I remember Sara and group live at
Umeå festival at least ten years ago and they
where promising and no-nonsense even then.
In 1995 came their impressive but litle-known
album Ovcci Vuomi Ovrta Veaiggis, in the
early days Sara played guitar, and the band in
effect was doing joik·rock, bul with Boska, on
which the group line-up has change completely.
he forsakes guitar, working just with
his joiks. Geir Lysne's wind instruments, Knut
Aalefjær's percussion and Erik Halvorsen's
synth. The use of rhythms and textures is
extremely sophisticated. Ever-changing with
no cliches. been-there beats, nor easy ways
out. The very strong production is by Sara and
Lysne, and it must have helped that the
recording and mixing engineer was Reidar
Skår, synthist and programmer with Nils Petter
Molvær, Karl5eglem and others.
Though Sdra is Sami. he came to joiking
relatively late. after a musical education centred
on guitar. His joiking developed with an
awareness of the possibilities of instrumental
settings; nevertheless it is very fully.formed,
real joik, of which he has great command and
uses a range of vocal sounds that make him
sound like severaf different people. includlng
occasional flashes of the styles of other weUknown
joikers. On a couple of tracks, Buryat
throat singer Sayan Zhambalov joins him. his
guttural grinding and ringing harmonic
sounds a natural companion to the joiking,
and in Ai/en to the soaring hard-edged
female voke of Erzhena Zhambalova.
This is no feeble striving for iIIusory
dance-remix success, but something all its
own, full of ideas. extremely present-day and rich with real joik culture.
Available in the UK via Cube Roots: sami label and book
plJblisher DAT's big catalogue can be tracked
down at N-9S20 Guovdageaidnu, Norway.
Tel: +47-78-48-67-72, W'
Andrew Cronshaw
- Roots


Orvoš Apriil 2009
Mino/Mano 2008
Boska 2004



Johan Sara has been active in the sami yoik scene since 93, and is today one of the most recognized sami artists. He is among the sami yoik artists the one that goes the furthest in experimenting and developing the traditional yoik with regards to voice technique and tonally, but at the same time maintaining the solid roots in the traditional yoik. He has also made compositions within classical music/chamber, theater, film and multimedia. The last 9 years he has been active with performance/conceptual concerts. Part taken and released several CD’s Related music projects as performance concerts, concerts and CD. He has co-operated with musicians from all these countries: Turkey, Spain, Germany, Russia, Buryatia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Gree