Johan the Angel

Johan the Angel


Its instrumentation, focused around orchestral percussion and folk-influence melodies, manifested through thick, rich tones, became something we came to describe as "epic folk."


"Comprised of Britt and Brett Pedersen, the married couple offer a sound of celestial folk. They've taken a different approach to the typically stripped down genre with a sound that is much more grandiose and orchestral." A quote from Brave Morning Records highlights a special feature of our band, in that its sole members are a married couple that, after two weeks of friendship, became engaged to be wed and tied the knot two weeks later. Thus began Johan the Angel. Directly thereafter, they commenced their own project under the musical moniker Brett had chosen during his previous sojourn in Sweden: Johan the Angel.

With ranging influences from indie, classical, and folk alike, they are ever more concerned with trying to take and create beauty in music, rather than loop familiar beats and melodies.

Described by CD Masterer and technician Axel Oberg as “a more lush Sigur Ros; a kick-butt album,” we invite you to Johan the Angel.


Great Big Whale

Written By: Britt Pedersen

Great Big Whale

::Dedicated to Karoline von Günderrode::

What you read remotely
leaves no fine impressions
of what that hand carved anxiously,
scripting nameless ghosts.

A name to be remembered.
Supplant that surface image
that they've known you by.
Revolt in high red hue.

What beaches a great big whale
but fishing around in the shallow end?
They're terrified because they know you know
what you're doing now.

Mortality must pressure
the adventure of isolation.
Who you are you cannot know
until you've been alone.

But red is legendary;
a tendency to fade.
Her self-determined exit still
speaks from foreign graves.

Train: A Tune for "Latched Shoes."

Written By: Brett Pedersen

Train 1: A Tune for "Latched Shoes."

Once, two kids were waiting for the train;
but when it showed, the boy pulled back to wait.
And he sure knew what he was doing,
finding time to try and confess.
But when he saw that she would wait for him,
he knew that this time was the best.

Reaching for the cheek, he kissed her soft and sweetly.
Then lovingly and bravely he whispered,
"Darling, stay with me."
And he sure knew what he was doing,
stalling hard to save this time.
But then two tears formed in his eyes
while he watched his love step quietly back on the train.

Train: Isaiah 5:26-30

Written By: Britt & Brett Pedersen

Train 3: Isaiah 5: 26-30

Conductors share a friendly row
while the iron spoke mercurially,
"Latched shoes:
Tracks can be treacherous,
guiding sleepy oncomers to a head-on."

Searching cinder blankets;
the debris is speechless.
Can you still breath, my darling?
What of our grand adventures?


Johan the Angel LP - self-titled

Set List

Our usual set consists of about 9 songs.
Set List:
1. Train: A Tune for "Latched Shoes."
2. Train: That Euphoric Glaze
3. Train: Isaiah: 5:26-50
4. Train: Somewhere We Used to Know
5. Great Big Whale
6. Hymn: O'er Frozen Caps
7. Hymn: Rejoice!
8. Hopi
9. The Pushman
10. General's Son

Our set ranges up to 45 minutes.