Jo Harrop

Jo Harrop


Jo Harrop is a singer with a sublime voice and great songs - described as retro soul, she is currently playing the London live circuit to great acclaim.


Where she has come from .......
In honing the sweet, sultry richness of her voice, Jo Harrop has paid her dues and discovered her true musicality. And the first song released into the public domain from Jo’s forthcoming album has had an extraordinary impact. Reaching no.1 in the Popworld Promotes chart, ‘Give It Away’ is a sign of things to come.

“I grew up listening to all the greats, researching their styles and techniques to create my own sound,” Jo says. “I’d sit in my room with Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Cleo Laine, John Martyn… the list goes on and on.”

As an artist whose work is so faceted by the diamonds of the past – albeit retooled and recut for a distinctly modernist setting – even Jo might consider her earliest gig a tad out of time. For Jo – born in Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham – began her professional singing career at 18 with courtly, lute-laden balladeering for the Elizabethan banquets held regularly at nearby Lumley Castle.

Escaping with her head not only intact but abuzz with musical ideas, Jo studied for a contemporary arts degree at Nottingham University, continuing to write songs and to sing with various local bands.

On graduating she moved to London. With no aspirations other than music, no job, contacts or place to live, the future was uncertain. However, she had an outstanding voice and an abundance of talent. And her drive to pursue whatever musical options were available to her was all-consuming.

Recent Past .......
Answering an ad for an artist who could ‘sing in colour’, Jo began working with a production company. For two years she co-wrote and recorded her first songs, all the while developing her writing skills and her bitter-sweet, richly evocative voice.

Her increasingly confident and disciplined singing won Jo session work with stars such as Enrique Iglesias, Rod Stewart, LeAnn Rimes and Westlife.

Jo next reconnected with the songs made famous by such inspirational deities of vocal jazz as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. Quickly up to speed with some 50 jazz and soul standards, she secured a Tuesday night residency at The Bedford in Balham.

Soon Jo was a regular at jazz spots throughout London, including the hallowed Jazz Café. Joining a 15-piece musical collective stoked her creative juices still more. “Souljazz provides a great springboard to bands for all types of gigs,” she notes. “We play bars, restaurants, parties, weddings, corporate events and so on, sometimes as a duo, occasionally with all 15.”

What's Happening Now .......

Jo is currently working with songwriting partners Ian Barter (co-author of ‘Give It Away’ and Al Mobbs & Tom Howe, and Jamie Norton.

For Jo, “Writing and performing is an organic process, combining the essentials of a good commercial song while maintaining musical integrity.”

With music described as ‘retro soul’ and a voice that’s been variously likened to dark velvet and honeyed chocolate – all matched to a sunny, upbeat personality and her will to succeed.

The future ....for this versatile and stunning artist has never looked more assured.


Give It Away
Not ready For Love
Coming Home

all available on iTunes

Set List

set list 30 minutes:
Give It Away
Hold On
Coming Home
Not Ready For Love
Keep The Feeling
What Would You Say
Cant Love You Anymore
Sweet Little Mystery