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The best kept secret in music


"Jo Harrop Wins Popworld Promotes"

First off congratulations, how does it feel to have won POPWORLD PROMOTES?
It was quite unexpected and felt great to read that people, other than my friends were enjoying the music, and were excited by the song ‘Give it Away’…. I was definitely in the minority, being a solo soul/jazz artist, but we got through and they say I am the 1st girl-soul artist to win so that’s pretty cool.. I have loads more to give, and some great new songs, so hopefully this will be the start of something good!I
There’s a lot of people out there who know you but a lot who don’t, so who is Jo Harrop?
I am a jazz/soul/blues singer, I co-write all my songs with some very talented musicians, I love to play live gigs, as that’s where I make the songs come alive. I describe my music as contemporary-retro, soul-jazz, but some of it does have a pop edge. I have a real passion for all the old school ladies, like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Minnie Ripperton, Aretha Franklin and Carole King…as well as the old guys too, like, Tony Bennett, John Martyn, Jim Morrison, They ARE emotion, passion, blues, real and raw, they lived it, and that is sexy. I want that in my music, I love that magical feeling you get when you hear a song and it gets you right deep down in your heart. That is the kind of music that inspires me, and that I try to write about, the stuff that comes straight from the heart, stuff that you can believe. I hear it in the work of Sting, Jeff Buckley, Prince, and Michael Jackson. I was never trained musically and I play everything by ear, so I had to learn from old records and develop my own sound from that. I love all music, all genres, and I found it difficult to choose one and stick to it at first, but I always knew that deep down, I would go back to my roots of a, jazz/soul/blues lover and that’s where I got my sound from. People like Alicia Keys and John Legend, are the ones keeping that vibe alive today.
Do you think that it is getting harder for solo artists to become successful in an environment that is dominated by band’s?
Keeping on track can be difficult if you are on your own and you don’t have the support of a solid band around you all the time, yes. I think if you stick at it, don’t give in, that there is a chance for everyone… there are so many places now, (especially in London) where you can just turn up, and play and be heard, and people are always looking out for talent. The good stuff will eventually push up through and shine above the not so good stuff, and if it’s good then it should last. You have to do it because you love music and you have to be a bit unique. With good songs, you can get somewhere. If you do your research, then there is no reason why you cant get yourself a slot at one of these great little places that music lovers start up around town, and invite people down to hear you do your thing. If you are good, then people will pick up on it. I started out at The Bedford in Balham, even before it became as successful as it is, and played every Tuesday to a crowd that weren’t really listening, but I made some good contacts and so much happened because of that. You have to get out there and get on with it!
What’s your biggest achievement as an artist so far (apart from Popworld Promotes)?
In music terms, I have done my fair share of cool gigs, been lucky enough to play at The Jazz Café supporting the fabulous Blind Boys of Alabama, and done backing vocals for some pretty cool popstars, but my main achievements would be, never giving up on doing what I love doing, being able to do it every day and knowing what I want, both in life and musically. It feels like an achievement to have found a good sound that I am happy with, to know my voice, what I can do with it, and to work with very gifted musicians and writers. I feel like I have grown as a songwriter and a live performer, and the times that total strangers have come up to me after a gig, to tell me that my voice and music has moved them and that a song sticks in their head, is the best feeling. No matter how hard it has felt at times, I am still here doing it and intend to be doing so for a long time to come. Those are my achievements so far!
How did you hear about Popworld Promotes and what made you want to sign up?
I was contacted by the Popworld Promotes team through myspace, to promote one of my songs, and I went for it.. Popworld Promotes, is a really good idea, with a supportive team of people working behind it, who genuinely love music and have made me feel really excited to be part of it all. As an artist, it can be very hard to have your music heard by the right people, to promote it in the right way, and to have it taken to the next level, so this kind of help is so valuable. Some people are very good at the business side of things, and others need a bit of help with it.
Which other bands/artists do you rate on Popworld and is there any advice you can give to them about getting to the number 1 spot - popworld promotes

"Popworld winner"

Popworld Promotes Winner: Jo Harrop
2 February 2007

Taking her seat on the throne of Popworld Promotes this month, Jo Harrop is crowned the winner of one of the biggest music initiatives ever for unsigned talent and what’s more, she is the first female artist to do so.

It’s lights, camera and action on the next stage of the jazz/soul singer’s journey as she now enters the Popworld Elite and set to appear on the national TV show, Popworld. And if that’s not enough, being part of the Popworld Elite also comes with a hefty promotional package including live events, photo shoots, touring plus the opportunity to be mentored by a top music consultant and all that jazz!

Jo Harrop won the public’s votes with her track ‘Give It Away’, an ultra-cool, funky song with magical vocals and words straight from the heart. She can often be found in London venues performing classic soul and jazz songs, interpreting them with captivating style in her chocolatey, rich voice. Inspired by Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, smooth, sultry and seductive is what she does best with her performances described as sensual and moving.

Jo Harrop has worked as a backing vocalist to pop stars such as Leann Rimes, Enrique Iglesias, Rod Stewart, Westlife and has collaborated with songwriters and producers Mike Stevens, Leo Abrahams, Ben Gallagher and Ian Barter most recently. One of her many live shows included Sir Cliff Richards annual charity event at Hampton Court Palace and also supported The Blind Boys Of Alabama at London's famous Jazz Cafe. She is currently working on an album of original material with a soulful, magical vibe and now with her new found Popworld Promotes fame.. watch this space!

Popworld Promotes is a gold mine of unsigned talent with over 2,200 bands and artists now registered to The initiative spans well beyond the internet with the best of the Popworld Promotes talent being selected to play at various events across the country. Don’t miss the Popworld Promotes Valentines Day Party at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday 14 February with DJ’s Pierre Green and DJ Decoy. Or if you are heading up north, the Popworld Promotes “The Music They Should Play On the Radio” Tour is set to hit Sheffield on Sunday 4 March with the homecoming of the very best of the Popworld Elite. Tickets are available from

Popworld Promotes also offers a comprehensive gig guide giving the low down on who will be hitting the local live music scene. In addition, you can now receive all the latest updates on Popworld Promotes straight to your mobile with the launch of the new Popworld Mobizine – jam-packed with daily news, reviews and gossip five days a week.

At the beginning of every month the process begins again on Popworld Promotes with bands battling it out to win the highly acclaimed place in the Popworld Elite. Plus the bands have the opportunity to start earning money from day one! So if you have serious musical ambitions what are you waiting for, log on to and you too could see yourself online, on tour, on national TV - who knows how far you can go, only the public will decide! - Easier Lifestyle Magazine

"Radio Contact"

Radio Contact
Acoustic Alchemy

Radio Contact is the latest release from the original creators of the smooth jazz genre. This CD is a return back to basics with more of a concentration on the original acoustic vibe of the group. You?ll hear the vibrant pairing of the Carmichael?s soft nylon strings with Gilderdale?s edgy steel in ?No Messin.? The folk-tinged vocals of Jo Harrop in ?Little Laughter? are pure delight. - All About Jazz

"Jo's ready to take centre stage"

Published Date: 12 February 2007
Source: Sunderland Echo
Location: Sunderland
Jo's ready to take centre stage

SHE'S helped make the big stars sound better, now Jo Harrop is set to step into the spotlight.
The 26-year-old has spent the past few years singing backing vocals for the likes of LeAnne Rimes, Rod Stewart and Enrique Iglesias, but now her voice is taking centre stage after being voted number one on an unsigned artists music chart.
The singer/songwriter got the most public votes on music website Popworld Promotes, after a recommendation from former Blue singer Simon Webbe.
Now she's set to appear on C4 show Popworld next month in the hopes that she will bag a record contract when music executives hear her jazz/soul voice.
Jo said: "It was great to get voted number one, there were a lot of Indie bands on the site so I didn't expect it. It's really hard to get your stuff noticed so for people to be listening to my song is great."
Jo's song, Give It Away, may have hit the right note with music fans, but it's not the first time that the singer has tasted success.
After moving to London seven years ago from the family home in Dene Villas, Chester-le-Street, Jo began work as a successful backing singing.
Some of her most memorable gigs were singing with Latin superstar Enrique Iglesias on his number one single, Hero.
She said: "I worked on and off with Enrique for three years, usually when he was promoting his singles in the UK.
"We did Top of the Pops and all the daytime programmes like This Morning. He was a really cool guy and very gorgeous."
She's now focusing on her solo

career and performs at venues
across London.
Her many live shows have included Sir Cliff Richard's annual charity event at Hampton Court Palace and she's also supported The Blind Boys of Alabama at London's famous Jazz Cafe.
It's a far cry from her earlier years singing at Lumley Castle's banquets, but she says it was this, and listening to her parents records, which got her interested in music.
The former Park View Community School pupil said: "I was never trained musically and I play everything by ear, so I had to learn from old records and develop my own sound from that."
She added: "I love all music, all genres, and I found it difficult to choose one and stick to it at first, but I always knew that deep down, I would go back to my roots of a, jazz/soul/blues lover and that's where I got my sound from."
l For more information visit or listen to Jo's songs on her My Space
Last Updated: 12 February 2007
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- Sunderland Echo (feb2007)

"Soloist Set For Fame and all That Jazz"

Soloist set for fame and all that jazz

07 February 2007

A BACKING singer to some of the biggest names in music is set to make it big herself after winning the top spot in an initiative for unsigned talent.

Jo Harrop, 26, of Cedars Road, Beckenham, is the first female solo artist to win Popworld Promotes and is due to perform on the Channel 4 show next month.

And she has former Blue band member Simon Webbe to thank for getting her noticed after he reviewed her winning track Give It Away on the website.

Miss Harrop said: "I got a really nice review from Simon Webbe which put me to the top of the charts and started to get me noticed.

"It made me realise that people like my original tracks, rather than covers, and it has driven me to write more of my own songs.

"I think if you are getting noticed and are listened to, you are half way there and you have every chance to succeed.

"I always thought that my style of music would appeal more to the older audience but Popworld has made me realise that there is some younger interest which is great."

The jazz and soul singer, who is inspired by music by Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, is now part of Popworld Elite and is set to be doing live events, photo shoots, touring as well as being mentored by a top music consultant.

But Miss Harrop is no stranger to the limelight, after working as a backing singer to Leann Rimes, Enrique Iglesias, Rod Stewart and Westlife.

She said: "Enrique Iglesias was one of the most fun artists to work with and I did that on and off for three years, so it was a really nice team, like a really nice family.

"But LeAnn Rimes was just amazing, she could sing like an angel at seven in the morning!"

Now, the musician, originally from County Durham, is looking forward to her solo career growing.

She added: "I just want to carry on writing and grow more as a writer. I want to be a credible artist like Norah Jones and get a band behind me, producing albums, not just singles."

l For more information on Jo Harrop go to To find out more about Popworld Promotes, go to - The Bromley Times (Cover Story)

"Prince Harry @ The Troubadour"

Prince Harry shuns the heirs and graces
The London Lite (22/02/07)
Prince Harry's behaviour wasn't, well, very princely last night. He turned up out of the blue for an O2 undiscovered gig at Earls Court bar, the Troubadour, to watch an unknown singer, Jo Harrop perform.... - London Lite


Give It Away
Not ready For Love
Coming Home

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Where she has come from .......
In honing the sweet, sultry richness of her voice, Jo Harrop has paid her dues and discovered her true musicality. And the first song released into the public domain from Jo’s forthcoming album has had an extraordinary impact. Reaching no.1 in the Popworld Promotes chart, ‘Give It Away’ is a sign of things to come.

“I grew up listening to all the greats, researching their styles and techniques to create my own sound,” Jo says. “I’d sit in my room with Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Cleo Laine, John Martyn… the list goes on and on.”

As an artist whose work is so faceted by the diamonds of the past – albeit retooled and recut for a distinctly modernist setting – even Jo might consider her earliest gig a tad out of time. For Jo – born in Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham – began her professional singing career at 18 with courtly, lute-laden balladeering for the Elizabethan banquets held regularly at nearby Lumley Castle.

Escaping with her head not only intact but abuzz with musical ideas, Jo studied for a contemporary arts degree at Nottingham University, continuing to write songs and to sing with various local bands.

On graduating she moved to London. With no aspirations other than music, no job, contacts or place to live, the future was uncertain. However, she had an outstanding voice and an abundance of talent. And her drive to pursue whatever musical options were available to her was all-consuming.

Recent Past .......
Answering an ad for an artist who could ‘sing in colour’, Jo began working with a production company. For two years she co-wrote and recorded her first songs, all the while developing her writing skills and her bitter-sweet, richly evocative voice.

Her increasingly confident and disciplined singing won Jo session work with stars such as Enrique Iglesias, Rod Stewart, LeAnn Rimes and Westlife.

Jo next reconnected with the songs made famous by such inspirational deities of vocal jazz as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. Quickly up to speed with some 50 jazz and soul standards, she secured a Tuesday night residency at The Bedford in Balham.

Soon Jo was a regular at jazz spots throughout London, including the hallowed Jazz Café. Joining a 15-piece musical collective stoked her creative juices still more. “Souljazz provides a great springboard to bands for all types of gigs,” she notes. “We play bars, restaurants, parties, weddings, corporate events and so on, sometimes as a duo, occasionally with all 15.”

What's Happening Now .......

Jo is currently working with songwriting partners Ian Barter (co-author of ‘Give It Away’ and Al Mobbs & Tom Howe, and Jamie Norton.

For Jo, “Writing and performing is an organic process, combining the essentials of a good commercial song while maintaining musical integrity.”

With music described as ‘retro soul’ and a voice that’s been variously likened to dark velvet and honeyed chocolate – all matched to a sunny, upbeat personality and her will to succeed.

The future ....for this versatile and stunning artist has never looked more assured.