Jo Hikk

Jo Hikk


Known for their great vocal sound, energy and playful antics, Jo Hikk has a proven track record as a real crowd pleaser.


Hailing from Calgary Alberta, Jo Hikk, is a well established country rock act that has been making an impact in the music scene across Canada. With their 3rd release 'Sweet City Woman' hitting the #21 spot on the R & R Charts across Canada, 2 CCMA nomination's and a WCMA nomination under their belt, they have earned the right to be called one of Canada's top drawing “live” acts in the club and concert scene.

The band is comprised of brothers Kelly (lead vocals/bass), and Kenny Sitter (guitar/vocals), Al Doell (guitar/drums/vocals), Don Jorgensen (keyboards/mandolin/vocals), and Al Rheaume (drums).

Performing shows from Canada to Kandahar, Jo Hikk has shared the stage with some of the music’s biggest names. Known for their great vocal sound, energy and playful antics, Jo Hikk has a proven track record as a real crowd pleaser.

As songwriters, the band has been developing their own material over the years and as a result, released a five song EP produced by Bob Foster (Jan Arden). The buzz generated by their original tracks attracted not only many new fans worldwide, but also the interest of several music industry professionals.

Early in 2006, Jo Hikk began working on their new full length CD with multiple award winner, George Canyon and Rick Mizzoni from MCC signing on as producers. The album was recorded in Nashville’s famed Masterphonics Tracking Room, and at MCC Recording Studio in Calgary.

The album titled "Ride" features songs penned by Jo Hikk, along with fellow Canadians A.J. Goodvin, Randy J. Marten, Gordie Sampson, Sean Hogan, Cyril Rawlson, Ron McNeil, Wayne Sheard, Ron Kerr, Nicole Higgins and George Canyon. The album also includes songs written by some of Nashville's top writers Pete Sallis, Neil Thrasher, Ritchie MacDonald and Bo Allen.

In 2007 Jo Hikk was honored to be nominated for the “Chevy Rising Star Award” at the Canadian Country Music Awards held in Regina. They were chosen to participate in the popular Tom Jackson seminar where they received a great response from fans and from the industry alike.

2008 has been an exciting year for Jo Hikk being nominated for ‘New Group or Duo of the Year’ at the Canadian Country Music awards in Winnipeg. Accompanied by an honorable WCMA nomination for 'Outstanding Country Recording' for their 'Ride' album at this year's WCMA awards held in Edmonton, Jo Hikk performed a WCMA showcase at the Oil City Roadhouse on October 18. The band has a great fanbase in Edmonton who have helped Jo Hikk chart 2 'top 10's' and a #1 for their first single, 'Closer'.


Closer - October/07 Charted - #40
Pimp My Tractor - April 4/08- Charted - # 72
Sweet City Woman - July 20 /08 - Charted # 21
My Kind of Radio - Current Release

Set List

18 Originals and Country Rock cover tunes

Jo Hikk performs 60 minute to 90 minute shows at Festivals and Concerts.

In clubs or special events - 3 to 4 - 45 minute shows